The Tempest: Of Shattered Gods and Dead Empires

The most prominent feature of the Lands of Autumn is undoubtedly the Tempest; A churning vortex of sorcerous energies, miles wide, whose unearthly radiances bathe the surrounding lands in perpetual twilight and whose eldritch fields twist and shape the earth and sky for miles around. Those who bask directly in its un-light are gradually sapped … More The Tempest: Of Shattered Gods and Dead Empires

The Lands of Autumn

An Overview of the Lands of Autumn. The Lands of Autumn are to encompass one area no larger then a hexmap. This is essential(not really). As to what size of hex is most appropriate in describing my humble campaign setting, I leave this for other, greater men to decide (16 miles for starters). I made … More The Lands of Autumn

An Age of Dusk

These are the last tales of humankind. It is an age of great wonder and dying sorcery. The world writhes and spasms in the aftermath of the wars of ages past. Magic itself is now a tattered thing, twisted for millennia into shapes ever more complex and potent. It heaves and quakes under the strain, … More An Age of Dusk