Horrors of the Age of Dusk: Dragons of the Age of Dusk

Remembered as little more then myths of bygone days, the original dragons have long been hunted to extinction; their diamond-scaled hides flayed from their still warm carcasses to form armour for war-hungry kings or adventurers drunk on glory and slaughter. In the long aeons since their demise, various powers have attempted, through the black arts of alchemy and necromancy, to recreate these horrors of ages past for their own nefarious designs. So it is that the things men call Dragon in the Age of Dusk bear only superficial resemblance to the noble beasts of old, for each recreation is an imperfect duplication of the one that precedes it.
The Dragon of the Age of Dusk is a truly loathsome creature; a distorted, warped reflection of half-remembered legend, a duplicate of a duplicate, with alien mind and murderous temper, a pale thing birthed in foul alchemical mixtures, a grotesque echo of ages past.

The Dragon is a fearsome sight to behold. Standing on six legs, it towers over the largest bull elephant, though unlike the elephant it is impossibly fast and graceful like a cat. Its hide is soft as silk and white as marble, though only weapons touched by Sorcery have a chance of piercing it. Its reptillian maw opens into 4 distinct mouth parts, with needle teeth the length of a man’s forearm. On its graceful back it has two pairs of insect wings, allowing it to hover like a hummingbird. It has 4 pairs of eyes, like moonstones, that enable it to see beyond the visible spectrum and into the hearts of men. Woe to those who meet its gaze for they are overcome with a sorcerous fear that will sap their strength and empty their minds.

Though its claws may be sharper then a barber’s razor and its reflexes quicker then a Gal’Alorian pursecutter, its most devastating weapon remains its breath, a corrosive spray of gnostic toxins that scar the very soul. So too does the cautious warrior fear its tail, tipped with a fearsome stinger filled with the most heinous of poisons, which paralyse and mould the flesh like clay.

The less is said of the habits of the Dragon, the better. It is quite intelligent and can match wits with any Sorcerer, though it is incapable of working or understanding sorcery(surely a sign that the Old Gods have not abandoned us). It communicates by whistling through a series of orifices that run along its spinal column. Though it is fluent in all the languages of man, its speech is often plagued by strange compulsions(speaking only in rhyme, riddles, question-form, three word sentences, lies etc.). While it takes great pleasure in killing and causing agony and fear, it is capable of diplomacy and will often bargain for magical trinkets or fair maidens.

A communal creature, the Dragon lives in groups of 3-8, in great hives made from the detrius of cities and the corpses of slain foes. As soon as a hive is established, the Dragon will go out and terrorize local villages, demanding fair maidens as tribute in exchange for protection. These fair maidens are an important part of its reproductive cycle. The Dragon requires 9-28 fair maidens, which it will fuse together, using its polymorphic toxin, into a still living incubator, in which it will lay its eggs. After a period of several days, during which the incubator remains alive, its eggs will hatch and the newly hatched Dragons will gnaw their way out of their incubator, which will serve as their meal.

It is perhaps understandable that everyone in the Age of Dusk really fucking hates Dragons.

HD: 12
No appearing: 1 (3-8 lair)
AC: As plate +2
Speed: Twice unarmoured man or 240 feet flight(average maneuverability)
Int: 14
No. attacks: 4(bite/2 claws/sting)
Damage: 2d6/1d8/1d8/1-4+poison.
– Any creature meeting the Dragon’s Gaze must save vs paralysis or be paralysed for 1d4 turns. A successful save makes one immune for 24 hours. Creatures under 3 HD do not get a save.
– Breath weapon drains 1d6 levels. Breathe every 1d4 rounds, save vs breath weapon to avoid. 60 ft cone.
– Tail sting save vs poison or be polymorphed/paralysed into a formless goo.
– Alien mind: Susceptible to charm person, but any commands issued to the dragon must confirm to its unique mode of speech. The Dragon gets a second saving throw to resist giving up its maidens.
-ESP at will.
Morale: 10.


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