Men of the Age of Dusk, Part Two.

Hereby continues the chronicling of the strange and wondrous peoples of the Lands of Autumn and beyonde.

Jaat Tribesmen (and Il-Jaat Tribesmen)
Characteristics(+1 Dex, -1 Int). Quick of hand but slow of mind are the tribes of the Jaat and the Il-Jaat. The flesh-eating jungles of Gyrr contain all manner of horrors that are best left unseen and uncontemplated.
Benefit: If one wishes to survive in Gyrr one must be perceptive, for the creatures of Gyrr are best avoided, not fought. You add 1 to your chances of hearing noise. If you are a thief and using percentile dice to Hear Noise, you may increase your chance to hear noise by 15%.
In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on saving throws vs poison and disease, qualities Gyrr has in abundance.
Hindrance: The Jaat are a divided people, ruled over by their sorcery-wielding females. To anger a woman is to risk ending up as an unwilling participant in their flesh-eating sorcerous rites. Jaat males take a -2 penalty on all interactions with females that are not of the Jaat, for their cowardly manner and submissive posture does nothing to impress members of the fairer sex.
The women of Jaat are proud, arrogant and ruthless, utterly convinced of their own superiority to the point where it is inconceivable they are anything but superior to the other sex. When confronted with a situation where they must(i.e they are forced rather then enticed) follow the commands of a male they must succeed at a Wisdom check(or save vs spell Whichever is deemed appropriate) or fly into a berserk rage that lasts for 20 rounds-Wisdom score. In their rage they must attack the target of their ire until one is dead.
With the Il-Jaat, these hindrances are reversed. Il-Jaat women suffer the same penalty on interaction, for though in the Lands of Autumn there are many cities and fiefdoms where women are subservient to men, the superstitious fear and instinctive terror the women of the Il-Jaat feel towards men will hinder their ability to interact with them. Il-Jaat men are advised never to set foot in the city of Yarrad.
Starting Languages: snatches of Old Sybarran. Jaat or Il-Jaat speech.
Suggested Skills: Knowledge(The Daemons Above), Knowledge(The Daemons Below). Survival. Track. Swim. Endurance. Hunting. Cooking. Trapping. Drive(Canoo).
Prohibited starting skills: Riding. Etiquette. Knowledge(any).
Favoured Weapons: Spear. Flint-knife. Shortbow. Handaxe. Club.
Skin Colour: Grey/Black/Albino.
Eye Colour: Green. Red. Blue.
Hair colour: Black/White.
Starting equipment: Flint knife. knapsack. 1d4 days of food. 50% of starting gp, must all be spent, no metal objects of any kind.

Characteristics(+1 Wis, -1 Con). Constant malnourishment and hard labour has broken your body and a life under the reign of the Adjudicator has left you jaded, even for an inhabitant of the Age of Dusk.
Benefit: It is said by those few that escape that the fertile valleys and well-ordered villages of Subadar hide more horrors then the heart of the Tempest or the darkness of Final Night. Although many of the Subadarese are eventually broken by their miserable lot, your mind has been tempered like fine steel. You are immune to all nonmagical fear, and you gain a +4 bonus to all saving throws vs magical fear.
Hindrance: You are shockingly ignorant of the Lands of Autumn. You may not begin play with any knowledge skills, and your lack of knowledge on the customs of the Lands of Autumn may get you into trouble(GM’s discretion).
Starting languages: The True and Glorious Tongue. Old Sybarran(learned after you escaped).
Suggested Skills: Farming. Endurance. Muscle. Riding. Animal Handling. Cooking. Any other craft skill except weapon or armoursmithing. Religion(The True and Glorious Path).
Prohibited starting skills: Alchemy. Knowledge of any kind. Singing. Comedy. Juggling. Deception. Detect Deception.
Favoured Weapons: Spear. Club. Dagger. Handaxe. Flail. Nun-chuk. Scythe.
Skin/Eye/Hair colour varies. The last batch of ‘colonists’ was taken from a region near the Glass Wastes and is of noticeably Mazhurian stock. The Subadarese are a mixture of many different races, though the Jaat are noticeably missing, as the Adjudicator ran through its population of Jaat tribesmen in little more then a decade and has not replaced it as of yet.
Starting equipment: Workclothes. Knife. Staff. Clothsack, 10% of starting gp and 1 day of food.

Bleached Men.
Characteristics: (-1 to Str, Dex, Con, +1 to Int, Wis, Cha). As a side-effect of the unknown sorcery that pervades the Bleached Lands, its inhabitants are shrivelled in body but strong of spirit.
Benefit: Your souls are well-anchored to your body. You always get a saving throw vs death to resist energy drain, even if you normally would not get one. In addition, your body can never re-animate as an undead creature.
Hindrance: Your life in the bleached lands has left you unprepared to deal with the lustre of the rest of the Lands of Autumn. You crave brightly coloured objects, and when presented with the opportunity to aquire precious gemstones or brightly dyed fabrics you must make a wisdom check to avoid doing so at any cost. In addition, you are constantly distracted by the colourful nature of your surroundings, take a -1 penalty to suprise rolls anywhere but in the Bleached Lands (or similarly monochromatic environments like caverns or dungeons at the GM’s discretion).
Starting languages: Old Sybarran.
Suggested skills: Survival. Hunting. Drive(boat). Fishing. Farming. Crafting. Religion(The Ascending Spiral of Atun). Knowledge(Daemons Above). Reading/Writing.
Prohibited skills: None.
Favoured Weapons: Sling. Pike. Boomerang. Spear.
Skin: White.
Eye Colour: Grey.
Hair colour: White.
Starting equipment: 100% of starting gp.

The Sial-Atun (“Knife-Palm”)
Characteristics(+1 Str and Con, -2 Cha). A lifetime of training, war and brutal intitation rites have tempered your body. But you are a killer, who has lived his life among killers, and of men you know only that all men bleed.
Benefit: So fearsome is the reputation of the warriors of the Sial-Atun that all human enemies take a -1 to morale checks, provided they can see the brands and scars that identify you as Sial-Atun.
Hindrance: The men of the Age of Dusk have long memories, and they recall that when the dreaded Harrow Kings rose from the ashes of the Calamity and ushered in the Age of Dusk with centuries of atrocity and genocide it was the Sial-Atun who stood with them in return for coin and clemency. Take a -2 penalty on encounter reactions and social interaction with all who remember the nightmarish reign of the Harrow Kings(does not apply to primitive tribes, isolated civilisations, nonhumans and Muirans).
Starting languages: Old Sybarran. High Sybarran. Skraegh(The Language of Harrow Kings).
Suggested skills: Wrestling. Endurance. Knowledge(Tactics), Ancient History, Torture, Martial Arts, Detect deception, Engineering, muscle, Deception, Command, Reading/Writing.
Prohibited Skills: Juggling, Singing, Etiquette, Ride.
Favoured Weapons: Paired swords, katana, half-moon axe, greatbow, staff-mace, chakram, dirk, katar, bare hands.
Eye/skin/hair colour: Depends on parentage, most of the Sial-Atun are purchased from slavers, taken as spoils or very rarely some volunteer their children for service. Less then one in ten of the Sial-Atun still carries within some of the blood of Sybarra.
-Blue, Grey or Black eyes.
-Coppery Skin.
-Black or Blond.
Starting equipment: Bronze breastplate. Shield. Three Weapons of Choice. Dirk. Sandals. Rugsack. 2d4 gp.


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