Men of the Age of Dusk, Part Three.

This documentation of peoples is meant to be representative, rather then exhaustive. There are numerous free city states, hamletts, petty fiefdoms and isolated tribes within the Lands of Autumn that are beyond the scope. To categorize them all would be a task worthy of the heroes of old.

The Riverlanders
Characteristics: As normal men. The shifting tides and mutable circumstances of the war-torn Riverlands demand constant adaptation, rather then specialisation.
Benefit: You have learned to hate the invaders that destroy your land and kill your sons and daughters. Pick one: Sial-Atun, Laughing Knights, Gal’Alorians, Karaashi, Karaashi Warbeasts, Disciples of Szasin, the Transfigured. You gain a +2 to hit and damage against this enemy.
Hindrance: Constant warring has reduced your education to the bare essentials neccesairy for survival. Halve your number of starting skills/non-weapon proficiencies.
Starting languages: Karaashi, Old Sybarraan.
Suggested skills: Survival, Farming, Weaponsmithing, Detect Lie, Danger Sense, Fishing, Hunting, Knowledge(Tactics).
Prohibited Skills: Etiquette, Charioteering, Juggling, Barter.
Favoured Weapons: Flail, Sickle, Scythe, Dagger, Shortbow, Club, Spear, Warhammer.
Skin Colour: Pale or Olive.
Eye Colour: Grey, Blue, Green.
Hair colour: Black or Brown.
Starting equipment: 75% of normal. No heavy armour. Pick one extra weapon.

The Men of the Hidden Empire
Characteristics: Dex+1 Cha+1 Wis-2. The enigmatic sailors of the Hidden Empire are born traders and thieves. Shorn of hair and covered in strange symbols, they come from beyond the sea, claiming loyalty to an Empire none have seen, said to predate Great Sybarra. Lies flow easily from their mouths, and their hands are fine and quick. Behind their amicable facade lies madness and far worse.
Benefit: You are a born sailor. You suffer only half the chance of drowning, do not treat a ship as difficult terrain even in severe storms and you automatically begin play with swimming as a bonus proficiency.
Hindrance: You do not truly know what is real and what is but legend. Every session the GM rolls a d100. If the result is lower then your level * 5 one sailient fact about your background, character or personality is untrue or changes. The same fact may change multiple times. For the rest of the day, you are at +2 to hit and damage but -2 to AC as the dissolution of your identity causes violent rage.
Suggested skills: sailing, navigation, climbing, balancing, barter, lying, sleight of hand.
Prohibited skills: Knowledge(Lands of Autumn), Riding, Charioteering, Survival(any place but sea), farming.
Favoured Weapons: Kukri, Machete, Punching Dagger, Short Bow, Throwing Axe, Throwing Darts, Cutlass.
Skin Colour: Yellow.
Eye Colour: Black or Brown.
Hair colour: None(must keep hairless). If kept from doing so, black.
Starting equipment: As normal. Heavy armour prohibited upon starting.


2 thoughts on “Men of the Age of Dusk, Part Three.

  1. Dude, I missed a few posts (and it extremely difficult to scroll down the page and consult those I may have missed).

    Do have any maps of the Lands of Autumn? All the locations you hint at make me kinda interested to see them in context with each other.


    1. I made a terrible map in paint that i use as a cover image in my 3rd post(Lands of Dusk or something) evar. Most of the relations between different peoples are not explicitly spelled out, with the exception of Muir, Gal’Alor an Karaash.


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