[Carcosa] List of villages beta-test

The negotations for running a game of Carcosa are well underway, i have found myself a not inconsiderable amount of potential players. There is enough shit in the book to get by for a while but i figured i might as well practice by creating some encounters to see if i can get into it. Without further adue, here they are.

Village of 86 ulfire men ruled by Lawful 3rd level Sorcerer “The Voice that Drowns Out all Others.” The village searches for sacrifices to appease its true master, an ancient and insane super computer left behind by the Space Aliens. Blue and Red Men are considered unsuitable, and will be allowed to enter and leave the village unmolested.

Citadel of 13 black Men in secluded valley with magnetic ore deposits ruled by Lawful 8th level Red Fighter “The Master.” A pupil of the Space Aliens, the Master has long since realised the futility and cosmic insignificance of humanity on Carcosa, and realises the only true morality is survival of the fittest. He spends his time in Blue-Lotus assisted suspended animation until visitors enter his valley, after which his servants will capture them, drug them and release them so he may hunt them down. The Master is equipped with power armour, a beam rifle, night vision, a grav-flyer and a coterie of domesticated mutant man-apes that he uses as hunting dogs. He is 1000 years old.

Village of 135 green men ruled by neutral 5th level fighter “the pulse of the abyss.” In actuality the Pulse has switched minds with a member of the Great Race and spends his time constructing bizarre technological devices and experimenting upon humankind. He is very interested in obtaining Ulfire Men. The grotesque fruits of his alien science are released into the wild, to the consternation of the neighbouring villages.

Village of 236 white men ruled by neutral 4th level sorcerer “The Unimpeachable Citadel.” The village is constructed around a great earthen pit and spends its time capturing men to fight in gladiatorial games against its god, a gigantic cybernetically augmented 4-armed gorilla.

Village of 67 brown men ruled by coven of 3 Space Aliens and 1-8 robots. All the villagers have had their heads removed and replaced with crude machine implants. The villagers count as int/wis/cha 3 and are incapable of speech but are immune to insanity and fear. The Space Aliens will offer to replace the heads of any lawful players with cybernetics in exchange for 150 gp. Chaotics will be given the implants for free…madatory.

Village of 273 blue men ruled by 5th level chaotic sorcerer “The Keeper of the Last Gate.” The village is preyed upon by a colony of Mi-Go but they makes no effort to stop this, believing instead the Mi-Go are the inevitable servants of Death, come to take those whose time has come at last. Any effort to persuade them that the Mi-Go should be stopped will be met with incredulity and hostility.

Citadel of 78 Yellow men ruled by chaotic 4th level Sorcerer “The Interpreter of Supreme Wisdom.” The inhabitants of the keep follow bizarre and intricate customs meant to appease the Old Ones. They eat sand and rock, mutiliate themselves, speak only in approved ritual phrases and walk rigid patterns through the labyrinthine hallways of the keep. The interpreter claims to have possession of an ancient tome that outlines these behaviours, but investigation will reveal the contents of the tome have long been ruined by water damage and are entirely unreadable.

Im also thinking of adding some extra monsters, Colours out of Space, space polyps, that weird spaceborn plague from CAS Isle of the torturers, genetically engineered dinosaur-men made by space aliens, definetely plant-men, more brain-parasite monsters, something along the lines of the xenomorphs from alien(Alien and Prometheus might also make for some good Carcosa-esque inspirational material actually), more CAS things in general(that fucked up glacier worm thing), maybe some winged men?


3 thoughts on “[Carcosa] List of villages beta-test

  1. Village of 100 blue men led by lawful 8th level sorcerer known as Papa with 3rd level female assistant with uncharacteristic blonde hair. All villagers wear white pants and Phrygian caps, except for Papa, who wears red pants and cap. Village homes are constructed from hollowed out mushrooms. Individual villagers take descriptive names denoting profession or highest attribute.

    The enemy of the villagers, a 7th level white sorcerer, lives with his cat familiar in a tower in an adjacent hex. He seeks to capture blue villagers for stewpot or for alchemical


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