[Actual Play] Lost on Carcosa, Pt II: A Grim Harvest

On this most auspicious of sundays your Prince is once again proud to present you with stirring tales of adventure and sorcery on the accursed world of Carcosa. An interesting session, the nameless archer was taken over by the benevolent and merciful GM, for the player himself was absent, but a new player joined our merry band, thus all was well. This time around a great toll was levied on our band of heroes, and four of them were returned to the earth this time around. Three of those were characters from a single player. This is their story.

When we last left off our band of rogues and ruffians was locked in lethal combat with the Lord of All Carcosa, who had just activated a switch on his throne, slowly raising the floor of his pit-trap so the hideous amoeboid monster trapped within could be set loose. The two servants of the Lord had since been dispatched by the arrows of the Nameless archer and the mettle of the Sorcerer Mithos in our previous session. Foreseeing complications in the future if the monster was unleashed, Mithos and T’chk did rush forth and took upon themselves the unenviable task of finding the correct switch to turn off the ascending platform, whilst preventing the calcified demagogue from interfering. Frentic yelling took place as the platform rose ever higher, and Mongo the Red did take it upon himself to sever the hand of the warlord, thus removing one threat. Arrows proved futile againt the thing of the pit. Mighty Jaxxon, in his blind rage and furious anger, was very wroth at the yelling and did smite Mithos upon the mouth with his pommel, chipping his teeth and knocking him out. Still roaring as he vented his rage upon the Lord, he was heedless of the danger of the thing in the pit. For though it was trapped, it could propel the teeth of its circular lamprey-like mouth at great speed( your Prince is aware that Amoeba do not normally possess teeth, therefore he asks you to suspend your disbelief for the duration of this narrative). While the platform had been stopped, they could not abandon their position near the throne with the Lord still alive, and thus they faced the barrage of the Pit Thing. Mighty Jaxxon and Cunning Mongo were slain by fangs, T’ck narrowly avoiding death. Things looked grim for our noble heroes.

It was at the urging of our noble heroes that the Nameless Blue Man did take from the feasting table of the black men pitchers with alcoholic refreshments and with shorn off tablecloth and torch, did fashion the tools by which to banish the Pit Thing. By banish i mean douse with pitchers of booze and set it ablaze. And there was much rejoicing. The Lord of Carcosa, bereft of his right hand, sighed and held his breath until he died.

Meanwhile, our heroes were joined by a band of prisoners that had heard the ruckus and escaped shortly afterward, doing some exploring in the meantime. The prisoners were the bearded yellow sorcerer Kakarot, whose name just grazed my imaginairy acceptable name event horizon, the simple-minded Klak, an ulfire man from the same village as T’ck, banished for his lunacy, and the enigmatic Sago, a red sorcerer similar to the previous Red Sorcerer, some might say suspiciously so, others might say the character creation process gained in efficiency what it lost in diversity. The bands met up and after Klak and T’ch had performed their ceremonial greeting dance the two sullenly ignored eachother and a new pact was formed. Titled the Band of Yog-sothoth, they adamantly refused to disclose to Your Prince just what kind of music they made.

After examining the ancient fortress, our band of heroes discovered a treasure map made from tanned human skin (of course), a female mummy with the trappings of a sorcerer and a mysterious brass gong covered with inscriptions. Mithros wanted to turn the fortress into a temple of Yog-Sothoth, the rest was eager to help themselves to the riches embedded in the floors of the throne room. The strange pull that the mummy exerted upon the three sorcerers and the horrific nightmares everyone suffered whilst attempting to rest within the fortress did not dissuade them in the slightest. Under the dissaproving gaze of the hundreds of snake-men statues, Mithros gave in to the pull and attempted to kiss the mummy, which promptly embraced him, burning knowledge of the Invocation Ritual of the ACCURSED SOUNDING OF THE VOID into his mind and unwittingly infecting him with leprosy after a failed saving throw. Then she turned to dust, as is only right and proper. Sadly Midros’s dreams of empire-building ended when dim-witted Klak sounded the gong, heeding not the warnings of Sago about “banishing the mists of sleep” and “guardians.” A hundred calcified snake-men statues sluggishly animated, ready to murder any intruders within the fortress.

A headlong rush towards the main entrance was enacted, with noble Klak staying behind to distract one of the Statues that was blocking the entrance. Seeking to appease the wrath of the Snake-man, he juggled like he had never juggled before. No doubt a purveyor of finer arts, the animated statue was not impressed by this gauché display and promtly smote him down, ending his existence by jamming its basalt thumbs into his eyesockets. And that was three.

The band, now well-fed but still bereft of supplies and any cash, slept in the open before making their way to the nearest signs of habitation, and met Crystal, a brutish Ulfire amazon lady, who was permitted to join because one can always use more bodies between oneself and the foe. The band travelled to the edge of the swamp and discovered quicksand. Faced with a choice of rescuing either Crystal or Sago, the Nameless archer placed familarity above his loins and helped Sago, ending Crystal’s short career in a most ignoble fashion. Finding a village with multiple skulls impaled upon its palisade walls, the band displayed uncharacteristic caution and travelled north to a different village, hopefully more amendable to visitors. A short battle with a three-eyed, many-beaked avioid later, they arrived at the village, set in the ruins of an old snakeman temple complex. What perilous secrets lurk within? Find out in the next exciting installment!

Total Deaths: 5
Rohnan (specialist 1) – Eaten by giant spiders.
Jaxxon Windwaker ( Ftr 1) – Impaled by spawn of shub-niggurath
Mongo the Red (Sor 1) – Impaled by Spawn of shub-niggurath
Klak (Spec 1) – Crushed by Snake-man statue
Crystal (Ftr 1) – Drowned in quicksand


5 thoughts on “[Actual Play] Lost on Carcosa, Pt II: A Grim Harvest

    1. Aye, the tiny psychopathic enclaves described in Vance’s Dying earth are a great muse for the villages in Carcosa, albeit with a few buckets of blood dumped on them. I must exercise discipline in not making every chaotic village a band of psychotic cannibals. However, sometimes a book may very well be judged by its cover. The farce and whimsey of Vance might work to make the horrific aspects all the more unnerving.

      In this case the second village is a jolly hospitable agrarian community that relies on slave labour and the threat of sorcerous retribution from its omnipotent sovereign for safety.


    1. As i pointed out in my review of RaPl, i think if you find the right mixture of atrocity and comedy the comedy itself takes on a fucked up aspect (I call it the Auswitsch sitcom effect). I hereby cross my fingers and swear to die that i will find a way to get that village in there, in a way that does not utterly break versimilitude, which is my first and rightful king.


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