Europe in Flames; where art thou oh golden country of my youth?

When I started out on Age of Dusk I resolved to use it for elfgame purposes only. A hobby blog, meant as a deposit for musings and whimseys and gaming material. It is today that I shall do away with my intention.

The reports of the Brussels terrorist attack are still coming in. What transpired today was nothing less then a cowardly attack on our civilisation by fanatical savages meant to undermine the very foundations it was built upon. I wish to express my condolences to family members or friends of those that perished in this act of repulsive barbarism first and foremost.

And I wish to talk about what caused it. I wish to talk of the undercurrent of barbarism and anti-western hatred inherent in the islamic communities in the west and the middle-east and the poisonous lies of the modern progressive authoritarian left that have allowed it to fester, unchecked, unopposed and undeterred and have, by their weakness, idiocy and suicidal  degeneracy, actually vastly increased it by allowing unchecked, unrestricted mass migration from the very petri-dish wherein the contagion is cultivated. I am done.

I wish to question the wisdom of allowing the religious expression of views that are fundamentally antithetical to our (by now thoroughly poisoned, by our own hand) concepts of democracy, freedom of speech, equality and secular government. We have brought in migrants and when we detected from those among them the stench of sharia law, the madness of honour killings and jihad, the horror of genital mutilation and the fundamentalist intolerance of wahabism and salafism, we gave them carrots and kindness where they understood only sticks and hatred. Thus, as is the natural response of the barbarian that understands only strength, our kindness and tolerance was seen for what it has now actually become, simpering weakness, delusion and willfull blindness.
Rather then stamping it out before it could gain root and forcing reformation with a heavy but firm hand, we questioned ourselves and decried those that doubted the promise of a multicultural utopia that now seems an opium-induced fantasy. There is a vile, abhorrent undercurrent within europe’s muslim communities that cannot now be rooted out through means other then brutal, violent culling, wholesale repatriation or means even more unnamable and, if not a few years ago, unthinkable. The promise of a reformation seems ever more distant as the new generation grows more beligerent, ruined by a Left that treats them like innocent victims and a Right that has increasingly little patience for nuance and precision where bitter grudges are nursed and previous wrongs will not be forgotten.

It is easy to point to immigration as the cause of this horror but it is not the only cause, nor, in retrospect, the most important one. The cause may be found in the self-flagellating ideologies of the modern progressive and authoritarian left, in the contradictory and man-hating dictates of 3rd generation feminism, the poison of the soulless EU-bureaucrat and corporate interest and the high-pitched reality-denying wailing of the social justice warrior. It is difficult for one such as myself to look at the Progressivist responses to the rapist migrant violence in Germany, or the attrocities in Sweden and see in them anything but malicious madness or suicidal ignorance. Oppose them but do not hate them overmuch gentle reader, for who can say they have watched the gilded dreams of their past turn to fool’s gold and fairy dust before their eyes? Denial and censorship remains the only possible recourse for the fanatic, who attaches to these wild imaginings more unlikely then the most speculative of fictions all his heart and soul. And if you are among these Dreaming Dead, know that there is still room for you in the cold, harsh wintery realm of reality. It is a place of pride and humility, of cold facts and colder conclusions, where justice is not always to be found. But in it one can find a measure of pride in one’s accomplishments, self and the history of one’s civilisation, rather then an endless projection of self-loathing unto all others and the mirthless laughter of people brought low to alleviate the gnawing hatred of all that one is that characterises the modern progressive.

It is with the bitterest of amusement I watch my fellow Dutchmen wail against the perils that Geert Wilders [dutch populist politician and go-to punching bag for Hitler-comparisons by the dutch left] poses to democracy because of his (emminently sensible if admittedly racist) view on moroccan immigration, while our government removes voting booths for a referendum that they oppose, Geert Wilders faces a show trial under dodgy legal grounds (“hate speech” of course of course), Geert Wilders and not in fact his opponents must be guarded 24 hours because of a serious threat to his well-being by the muslims he critisizes, Geert Wilders receives death threats from (muslim/leftist) government members and the only post-ww2 dutch politician that got murdered was in fact, a populist by the name of Pim Fortuyn, with, you guessed it, ideals not unlike Geert Wilders. And so on and so forth.

Where does the future take us? Whether it takes us to the new dark age of a european caliphate, the continued reign of a brobdignagian EU that has replaced ineptitude with viciousness and lenience with repression, the hopeful resurgence of a nationalist europe or the revenant spectre of fascism never truly extinguished, I cannot say. But I see dark times. Interesting. But very dark. But despair ye not kind reader. For we will meet it together, head on and unbowed, to whatever end. And weep not for the golden country of our youth. For we will build a better one.

From the ashes.


2 thoughts on “Europe in Flames; where art thou oh golden country of my youth?

  1. Dear Prince,

    It fills my heart with joy to finally see your writing transcend the topic of elfgames. I’ve known for a long time that you were meant to do much more and now you have taken another important step in fulfilling your destiny. Also, you’re still a fag.

    Since you asked so nicely where the future will take us I’ll take some time out of my busy day and tell you:
    -Britain will leave the EU. This will start a chain-reaction with more (previously rich) countries leaving as they realize an exit will not lead to their economies going much more bust then they already are. The Union will not disappear completely but in ten years it will either be a husk compared to its current state or a more compact, effective version. My money is on the former.
    -Whether coming from the left, right or center (insofar as those adjectives still have any meaning in the political sense) nationalism will continue making a political comeback. It’s already happening in Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Austria, France, The Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Actually, scrap Swedistan from that list. Not because ethnic Swedes aren’t becoming more nationalistic (they are) but because by 2030 it will be just as relevant as all the other 3rd world countries which names end with stan. It’s a matter of triage and they’re simply too far gone. Still a great motivator for the rest of us, if not a predictor of what will happen if we do nothing.
    My point being, cynical career politicians can only use ad hoc aliances to keep nationalists out of power for so long.
    -There is no easy solution to fighting the enemy within. Make no mistake. We are at war, and have been for a while. The only difference is that people are starting to take notice. Casualties are unavoidable and just like during every conflict after WW I the majority of those casualties will be civilians. The major differences being that this conflict will be of lower intensity and drag on for decades if not generations. However, this will only start to sink in with the majority of the population after the first dirty bomb attack. Just like the Israeli’s, we’ll simply have to get used to a constant state of war.
    *Bonus prediction:
    – Merkel will go down in history as worse than Hitler. Oh sweet historical irony, how I love you.

    Alternatively, we will see revolutions and possibly civil wars. When the most indoctrinated and docile people of the west, the exemplars of white guilt, the Germans, are starting to vote and march for nationalism you know shit is getting serious. There is only so much shit people are going to take.
    This might seem gloomy but I have never before seen so many previously apathetic people (including myself) realize there is still something worth fighting for.

    We will adapt, we will prosper and we will keep playing elfgames.

    ISIS delenda est.


    1. Hahaha essays begat essays,


      An thoughtcrime fag we are indeed. Better not tweet about it lest we provoke the ire of the Goverment Sardaukar (I’m thinking the proposed Anti-racist cops would do the trick).

      [Of Foretellings and Prophecy]

      – A Brexit is a possibility but a brexit does not mean an altered britannian migration policy. Britain is actually one of the worst areas. Britain has sharia courts, a bizarre concession that will not so much hinder integration as render it entirely impossible. One may as well absolve one’s goverment and say to every community a law of their own making. Absurd.

      – Sweden and Germany are effectively replacing their population. Ive read some estimates that say in 2030 the working population (age 20-35 or something) of Germany will no longer be German. Some native germans in the actual goverment welcome that. Absurd.
      The net effect is either war or more goverment power to repress this war. A multi-cultural or more exactly divided population is easier to control. Or maybe someone will unveil some kind of multi-cultural ray beam and we can all learn to love our cultural marxism.

      -Nationalism is on the rise, but nationalism has been tainted by two world wars. It will not be easy. It will have to get worse before it gets better. Clever juggling by the EU could keep it from growing out of control before the appropriate kinetic repression devices have been put into place. Also, did you hear the radio today? People are calling for a joint European intelligence service. I see no way that could possibly backfire.

      – I sadly cannot find fault with your gloomy prediction. Generations seems a little steep. It might blow up earlier then that.

      – Unless the EU plays it safe, in which case we have always been at war with Eastasia, and the ArchTraitor Emmanuel Goldstein must be defeated at all costs!

      Thank you for your support my friend. Elfgames 4eva.


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