Horrors of the Age of Dusk; the Wolves of Final Night

Message found scratched on curiously aged mausoleum walls under deserted city (name unknown) within the Eastern Lotus desert.

“…is important to set it down where TIME cannot easily erase it. TIME is their weapon. Parchment crumbles and memory dies but WORDS carved in stone last long enough. We forget the lessons of the past like THEY know we will. We have done it before and we will do it again if we don’t learn. We are TOO CLOSE now and THEY are coming for all of us.

…wrested through torture from the lips of the sailors of [the Hidden Empire] and my scrying into the Tempest’s Heart I have located the tombs of the Kurai. They are REAL. Miles and miles of sand-choked ziggurats, drowned by the sands and FORGOTTEN by time and history. ALL THE TOMBS ARE EMPTY. The Kurai thought they could control THEM but THEY only pretended to serve and once there were enough of THEM THEY swept them up and devoured them and made us FORGET th…

If you study the murals in the forbidden vaults of the [City of the Twin Emperors] you can see Sybarra did it too and none of them KNEW of Kurai. How did (…) fall so quickly? They bargained with THEM but (…) canno(t) bargain with THEM. THEY know us better and THEY do not forget, in their dark realm beyond TIME and DEATH.

THEY have been there before the stars burned and THEY are there where they go out. Curse the sorcerer and his lust for power and knowledge. I have SEEN them. The Cult of the Wolves still exists. Why do historians not speak of their involvement with (…) and the worship of faceless idols and blank icons in (…)? THEY made us forget.

…teeth of shadow and flesh of midnight. THEY can only exist in absences, the shadows cast by matter and life. THEY need our realm to exist but THEY hate existence. That is why the LIGHT of the [sun] banishes them. Blades crafted from the substance of that accursed [Weapon God?] will sunder them but THEY cannot truly die. THEY are DEATH. You cannot touch them with sorceries but you can TOUCH the spaces AROUND them. If THEY catch you YOU will be taken and NO ONE will REMEMBER.

STONE is the key. THEY cannot touch STONE and IRON. They move straight THROUGH. RECORD what you have learned and keep it HIDDEN. REMEMBER.

Sun has set. I can hear THEM coming from the spaces between. It is getting colder I can hear their scratching you must remember…”


One thought on “Horrors of the Age of Dusk; the Wolves of Final Night

  1. I could have sworn this post wasn’t there a moment ago.

    Also, it’s funny, but “what dwells in the spaces between?” was the hook for a nWoD game I ran once. Started out as accidental investigations a la CoC, ended up as Mage.


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