Heresy! SocJus launches treasonous assault upon our Benificent God Emperor.

2016 is thus far a very tempestuous but interesting year if you are in the mood for mockery and targets with -8 size modifiers to AC. BellofLostsouls, tabletop gaming news site, is apparently sick of retaining credibility and its audience and thus decides to weigh in on an important topic that no doubt concerns us all!

C’mon 2016. Not 40k. I can buy you making Baldurs Gate; Spears of Dragonspear a political battleground since the Forgotten Realms has reflected a somewhat liberal fantasy mindset for years and Malifaux has a fanbase riddled with troglodytes (from what I could glean from my short perusal of the forums) but 40k has always been a Grimdark Nightmare Distopia of Intolerance and Only War! and driving over refugees with your baneblade superheavy battletank since they will not clear the gate (ref. Bleeding Chalice Soul Drinkers novel by Ben Counter) and an almost erotic fixation on skulls and things with chains in them. Identity politics have as much of a place in 40k as they have anywhere else (e.g none), but surely a fanbase consisting mostly of hairy metalheads and nerds with disposable income sufficient to feed several african families that like games about overmuscled power-armoured super soldiers bolt-gunning daemons and flamethrowering aliens would be a poor target for such a blatant attempt at puritanian pearl-clutching and divisive scaremongering? We shall see.

For this exercise we will go through the statements as they go in what I believe is termed “fisking.” We will ignore the first rambling parts of the article about anime and comics since they are largely irrelevant to his convoluted message.

It Was Acceptable In The Eighties

One of the most difficult problems facing any long running narrative is how values change over time. Reed Richards is a kindly patrician in the 1960’s; those same comics read today make him come off like a borderline abusive spouse. Batman is a darkly gothic hero in the 90’s; in our modern era of sickening inequality, the idea of a billionaire beating up poor people becomes a little more difficult to cheer for. An Imperium made up of exclusively white men is pretty much par for the course in the 80’s, but as we progress through the second decade of the 21st century, it looks more and more backwards.

Ah yes, the classic  “omg its 2016 get wif da program wrong side of history” claptrap. This opening paragraph, other then identifying the personal politics of the author in question like a vast, whiny claxon with a dissapointed father makes two assumptions that require further examination.

1. All entertainment must reflect contemporary values only (which would explain why counter-cultural media like his aforementioned Vertigo titles had no success or impact whatsoever. Sandman? The Invisibles? Hellrazer? Never heard of them!).
2. Regressive leftism and PC culture represent the majority viewpoint (which explains why the new ghostbusters was hailed as such a roaring triumph of feminism and no one objected to it in the slightest. In addition, this explains why Spears of Dragonspear did so fucking great).

The opening paragraph is of course, also shockingly misrepresentative of its source material, because progress. Batman does not beat up poor people, he beats up horrible criminals and thus protects poor people from being preyed upon.
So too is the Imperium is not “exclusively made up of white men” (see Atillan roughriders, Salamanders, White Scars, Tallarn Desert Raiders, Sisters of Battle, various female inquisitors, the Gaunt’s Ghost Series, Elizabeth Bequin and so on). This is of course, never enough to the progressive, who will hurl accusations of tokenism in his most hectoring voice whenever these are brought up. He is shocked, nay, outraged, that a fictional universe cobbled together by britts following an exaggerated heavy metal/gothic aesthetic would have the gall to be anything but the multicultural utopia that has yet to actually manifest itself in reality.

And then we come to Slaanesh.

Dear sweet merciful Zeus, what a can of worms Slaanesh is.

One can almost hear the pearls being clutched in limp, immaculately manicured hands.

I mean, it’s easy to see where Slaanesh comes from, especially as Age of Sigmar has completed Warhammer’s journey to ‘Generic Eighties Heavy Metal Album Art: The Game’.

Age of Sigmar is wretched. Thank the Emperor for 30k.

As every model gets so much more muscular, so much buffer, so much more tanned, so much more steeped in the GLORY OF CARNAGE all you need to do is look at the album art for bands like Manowar to see what’s going on.

The naysayers will probably rant about how AoS is the root of this, but that’s bollocks. ‘Warhammer’ has always been rooted in that very specific heavy metal counterculture of torn denim waistcoats, greasy mullets, bum fluff moustaches and band patches that infested the UK in the eighties. Cheesy album art was always a huge part of that culture, and so many of the aesthetic choices have pollinated the look of both Warhammer and 40K.

Other commenters have pointed out that the general aesthetics of fantasy went beyond metal covers in the 80s but for the sake of argument let us accept the above statement as entirely accurate.

And what do heavy metal bands like more than muscled wrestlers wielding swords?

One can follow this line of reasoning and thus infer Warhammer players must then logically also like muscled wrestlers wielding swords. But they are on the wrong side of history dontcha know so who gives a fuck about them?

So obviously, when the nascent Ruinous Powers are being invented, they each tap into a different heavy metal idea. Khorne is every album cover of a generic red demon; Nurgle taps into people like ‘Cannibal Corpse’, what with their addiction to zombie imagery and rotting stuff; Tzeentch is the remnants of 60’s and 70’s psychedelia, where bands experimented with magickal imagery and Slaanesh… Slaneesh is the god of nekkid chicks. Because 90% of getting into a band is the nekkid chicks.

Horribly simplistic reductionary explanation of why some factions have certain aesthetics. Slaanesh is the god of Excess and sensuality is a big part of that, hence the aesthetics. It should also be pointed out many of the models and art have characteristics of both or neither sexes, like for example the Keeper of Secrets. To illustrate;

Greater Daemon Slaanesh.jpg
Older model, surely a condensed form of institutionalized mysoginy.
Slaanesh Horse Thing.jpg
Armour dude on strange long-tongued dinosaur thing. Caused the wage-gap.
Horrific Boob Thing
One cannot look at its crab claws and five left boobs and not think “Rape Culture.”

Thing is, a ‘god of pleasure’ sounds fine and all, but it’s actually a very difficult thing to pull off (no pun intended). In-universe, the Chaos gods are inherently corrupting, and when you mix that with ‘pleasure’ what happens is you get all kinds of Unfortunate Implications. If the god of pleasure is a corrupting power, then any pleasure is potentially corrupting. Sex becomes, by its nature, morally dangerous… which is only a short hop, skip and jump to things like slut-shaming, homophobia, transphobia… And that’s before we even get to ideas like drugs, which, again, is a very dangerous area to look at. Issues relating to addiction require huge nuance, because these are real-world issues that have real-world consequences.

I know. A real person that resembles you or me in broad physical form wrote this. Presumably on a computer that he was intelligent enough to use. Shocking.

Again, he is being either woefully ignorant or deliberately dishonest (why not both?).
A god of excess is not the same as a god of pleasure. Excess is pleasure taken to ridiculous extremes, it is the persuit of pleasure to the exclusion of all other considerations. It represents narcissism, senseless, self-destructive, hollow self-indulgence and depravity. All of the Chaos Gods represent fundamental aspects of existence and all of them are inimical to humankind because these aspects are taken to such extremes. The idea that this concept will somehow lead to the various secular heresies he so carefully outlines is just dumb.
I also find it entertaining that he takes the time to bemoan the portrayal of drug use (which has been proven to have potentially disasterous consequences) because real world consequences, but is perfectly alright with depictions of horrific graphic violence (we all know real-world violence never has any consequences).

Now, I’m not going to get caught up in a discussion of drugs or sex here; the only point I’m making is that these are by nature, sensitive issues: they’re ones that require maturity to discuss, confront, or represent successfully… Which is why I think that maybe they’re ones that are perhaps not best explored through the medium of tabletop wargaming.

Unlike violence? I was under the impression people played Warhammer because they like wargames and guns, not a desire to explore the deeper implications of drug use or sexuality but then again my parents loved me.

For me, wargaming is a fun little game of plastic soldiers. I roll dice, I make pew pew noises, I smile with my friends as we salute the Emperor.

Jesus you make wargaming sound really gay. Clearly depicting drug-use is bad but saluting the figurehead of a fictional theocracy that thrives on murder, constant war, the purging of all discontent, the exploitation of entire planetary populations and the
extermination of entire species is fine. Idiot.

Ideas regarding the pursuits of dangerous pleasures are absolutely worth discussing, well worth telling stories about… But those stories require incredible maturity to avoid selling people’s humanity short, and Warhammer 40,000 isn’t really the place for that.

Only if you are an emotionally crippled lungfish-man. If Warhammer 40k is too triggering for your feelings you should probably find another hobby, instead of trying to ruin it for everyone who is fine with it.

Not to mention, it’s a tabletop wargame that by financial necessity, needs to be aimed at children as well as adults. A faction where you can legitimately joke about how they main pure heroin into the bulbous veins of a noise marine’s leathebound nine-inches really isn’t appropriate in a game that has always marketed itself at the young. Certainly not enough to justify their inclusion, which is why I think it makes sense to slowly pull the limelight from Slaanesh.

Think-of-the-children! Its okay if they play games about harrowing trench warfare but god-forbid they should see a needle somewhere! Prove that it is harmful or have the common decency to leave the hobby and civilised society while we are engaging in wishful thinking.

Not to mention the deeply regressive imagery of ‘seductive Daemonettes’. And that’s before we even mention the clear homophobic/horribly transphobic stuff that’s going on there as well. Ultimately, a lot of Slaanesh’s stuff, while potentially cool, is clearly going to alienate a lot of potential customers, and I’m not just talking about women here. Plenty of guys I know scoff at GW because of the Daemonette nonsense.

Why are hemaphroditic depictions of a god that per definition would appeal to both sexes transphobic? Because your gender studies class tells you so? Not to mention the whole ‘would eliminate potential customers’ nonsense. I would dare to suggest that the hobby as a whole is probably better off without an influx of hypothetical otherkin that allegedly swoon at the first sign of an exposed boob. I would also suggest that if you are easily triggered, by which I mean that you throw a temper tantrum at anything that does not conform to your weird, deeply dysfunctional and narrow worldview that Warhammer will probably not be to your taste anyway.

So I can see why GW is scaling back Slaanesh where possibly. Exactly like the excessive swearing in ‘Cybercity Oedo 808’, it fails because it fundamentally misunderstands what maturity is. Even taken on its own ‘trying to be disturbing’ terms, Slaanesh isn’t sexy, or seductive, or – most importantly – ‘mature’ at all. What Slaanesh is? Is a collection of embarrassing ideas about sex and sexuality written by a person who’s never experienced any flavour of ice-cream other than vanilla, and who isn’t really interested in understanding the ideas they’re discussing, just describing some weird personal fantasy.

Ascribing social justice motives where sound buisness decision making will do. GW makes decisions based on profit, not your cult-like beliefs. Slaanesh is exactly as mature as the other gods, no more, no less. And people like it that way. I also like the resentful stab at GW for daring to suggest that there is such a thing as sexual deviancy. The dude is probably a furry.

Actual Maturity

This will be good.

Maturity is the ability to respond to the environment in an appropriate manner. This response is generally learned rather than instinctive. The outdated ideas about sex and sexuality – and they are outdated – that Slaanesh represents are simply not appropriate for the game any more. They’re not appropriate for younger gamers; they’re insulting to women, to trans and intersex people, as well as to any man whose sexuality extends beyond five quick pumps whilst thinking of England. The mature response would be to acknowledge this, and avoid the instinct to avoid change. Change terrifies people, especially members of the geek community, who loathe retcons with a passion that could eclipse suns.

Sorry, no. Nowhere in this sophmoric whinefest of an article have you demonstrated anything like maturity. You grasp at straws and concoct elaborate conspiracy theories without providing any evidence. You claim to speak for all women, gays, trannies and intersex (I assume he meant to say Interex, a Great Crusade era human civilisation that was wiped out by the Sons of Horus after botched peace talks in M31) and any man who is several standard distributions away from normal (that is to say, the norm or average) sexual behaviour. Why would you assume that everyone is a thin-skinned whiny pseudointellectual like yourself?

The people are correct to fear retcons, and social justice retcons most of all, since they tend to be done for the wrong reasons (to avoid offending emotional children).

But, in my opinion, Slaanesh shouldn’t be part of things as they are. So how could we deal with this?

We deal with it by expelling socjus losers like you since you are unable to live and let live.

Well, contrary to what you might think, I don’t actually believe we should Squat it. For better or worse, Slaanesh is a longstanding part of things, and it’s would be simply unfair to those gamers who’ve got Slaanesh armies. As well as this, 40K isn’t just a wargame any more; Fantasy Flight Games’ excellent lines of tabletop RPGs enable the discussion of some very mature themes, especially in more investigation-based games like ‘Dark Heresy’. A Slaanesh cult could be an intriguing way for an appropriately mature group of gamers to look at all kinds of ideas to do with the aforementioned sex, sexuality and other adult issues.

If you like exploring deep-seated sexual issues might I suggest Tumblr? Dark Heresy is awesome and about slaughtering heretics (and doing so via investigation and getting executed by your own inquisitor for having seen too much). If you want to indulge in pretentious navelgazing I suggest storygames or the worst of world of darkness supplements.

So what to do? Well, in my opinion, the best solution would be to ‘retire’ Slaanesh as a GW-produced faction and make the army Forge World’s property. If you’ve not read any of FW’s books, I can attest that they have demonstrated time and again that they can do nuance. Not to mention, FW’s models are NOT targeted at children, but explicitly as adult collectors, meaning it’s possible to completely ignore that issue of inappropriateness. GW as a company can completely take advantage of this, having its cake and eating it, and they should. Obviously, this does nothing to overcome the inherent problems of sexist models, or the deeply embedded homophobic and transphobic imagery, but that’s something which can be looked at over time in Black Library books, Forge World supplements, and FFG RPG supplements.

I love the casual way he describes historical revisionism and his crackpot cultural marxist lunacy. Clearly the entire category must be picked over with a fine comb for any signs of badthink. How else will we destroy misoginy for good? We have always been at war with Oceania! What a cunt.

Slaanesh has already been replaced by the Horned Rat in AoS, which clearly shows it can be done in 40K too. To be honest, this is the ideal opportunity to do something exciting and new for Chaos players, giving them a whole new Chaos power to deal with. They could bring back Malal, or they could choose something else to fill the gap more naturally. Either way, it would be a step towards turning 40K into an actual, truly mature environment, and that can only be a good thing.

Hint; Age of Sigmar Sucks! Sensuality and Excess is such a fundamental part of human nature to omit it would be a glaringly dull. The lithe sensuality of Slaanesh is a perfect compliment to the animalistic brutality of Khorne, the twisted and spindly deformity of Tzeentch and decaying corpulence of Nurgle. Perhaps we should remove Khorne too! Think of all the african child-soldiers scared off from playing Warhammer 40k!

In a world where you have literally dozens of miniature wargames to choose from there is no excuse to simply not play one if you do not like it. As a short glance at the comments section reveals, a lot of people seem to like Slaanesh or have no problem with it. As I have previously stated, if in order for you to enjoy a game it is neccesary that you curb my enjoyment, you can fuck off. There are plenty of miniatures games, surely at least one will be able to live up to your bizarre cultural marxist standards.

Progressivism is not maturity. It is the opposite. It is the whittling down of all edges, corners, irregularities, quirks, concepts and ideas that a creature from the protected classes (i.e anyone who is not a white male) could conceivably find offensive until what remains is a sterile hodgepodge of nothingness. It demands, ultimately, that everything confirms to its (vague and constantly mutable) worldview, and anything that does not is evil.
By contrast, entertaintment media, especially media that seeks to provoke an emotional response like horror or grimdarkness, works by finding boundaries or representing a unique artistic or aesthetic vision. By demanding everything conform to your twisted worldview, it is in fact you madam, that is curbing diversity, not I.

We already have a perfectly effective way of measuring the Zeitgeist and what people may or may not find appealing. It is called the free market. If people like something they can buy it. That way, if enough people like something, more of it gets made. If no one likes it, less of it gets made. See? I do not for the slightest instant believe these tales of hordes of lungfishmen and easily offended members of the protective castes standing at the gates of a tabletop game, just waiting to jump aboard the moment the models of one faction are altered slightly. Giving in to this sort of hysterical nonsense ultimately COSTS customers, it does not gain them.

There is room enough on the market for all tastes, all preferences, all aesthetics. There is room in this hobby for both sexes and all ethnicities (excluding Native Americans for obvious reasons). There is no room for pearl-clutching lungfishmen or minority-grievance mongers that will not rest until all that is under the sun confirms to their irrational beliefs.
Co-existence or exclusion Socjus. You are not the majority. You were never the majority. You will never be the majority. You can still repent. Your move.

10 thoughts on “Heresy! SocJus launches treasonous assault upon our Benificent God Emperor.

  1. Eurgh.

    Yes, the Warhammer aesthetic, politic, and lots of other things ending in -ic are very mid-Eighties and yes, some of the Slaanesh stuff is a bit weird, and yes, removing that leaves you with a very weird, sexless, and even-more-immature world in which all the gore and boltguns are A-OK provided nobody gets their baps out. The thing is, we could have gotten off Mr. Kirby’s Wild Ride at “mid-Eighties” and left it at that. Warhammer is dated. It is a shambling zombie of a setting which has arrived at ‘evolve or die’ too late for its own good, and its desperate attempt to reinvent itself sounds like Diablo fanfiction to me. I am bored with the conversation about how we can make Warhammer ‘correct’ or ‘relevant’ or ‘modern’. It is none of these things and that is its charm and its saving grace alike. We can call it problematic if we must but we run into the good old Baldur’s Gate issue again: IF we are trying to make some sort of social progress THEN we need a sense of our own history to show us what we’re progressing away from and how far we’ve come AND that means old texts need to be left to die, that they might become memoria.

    “In a world where you have literally dozens of miniature wargames to choose from there is no excuse to simply not play one if you do not like it.”

    If it were any other wargame property I would agree with you, but Warhammer, specifically 40K, has been the wargamer’s universal locator and translator for long enough that people are justifiably unable to let go. 40K was, for a decade or so, the only game in town – the definitive craze that got all the twelve-year-olds into wargaming and from which they came to branch out. A decade later it was still the common ground on which one could meet people who played whatever flavour of the month skirmish game with a much smaller market share. How does one make new gamer friends if not through 40K? Many of us do not know, because it has been the ur-game for so long that we know no other way to be. Battered Gamer Syndrome is therefore very common among wargamers – whether they like it or not, 40K is the way to find people with whom to play absolutely anything else, and so they keep crawling back to their abusive spouse ’cause at least they get to visit her sister now and then and she’s a lot better looking.

    That’s not my best metaphor ever, but hopefully you get the idea.


    1. First, I wish to genuinely thank you for commenting. We dont agree on everything, but I appreciate your point of view.

      [First block]

      WHY I NEVE…wait a minute I completely agree with everything you have said. There is a group of people that enjoys anachronisms. One can still find fans a plenty of Star Wars, Star Trek and Conan the Barbarian, all of them reflective of a cultural outlook that is no longer prevalent in significant parts of the population.

      [Second Block]

      It is still the eight foot gorilla in the room, true. But I would say its numerous sub-games, dozen factions and library of canon gives one plenty of wiggle-room to find things that are in coherence with one’s personal aesthetic preferences. I think, for example, that Spacewolves are stupid and make no sense. So too does Matt Ward turns to shit everything he touches. While this does mean I will not be basing any characters on Spacewolves or Matt Ward’s various blasphemies anytime soon there is so much stuff to like my interest remains.

      We have the internet nowadays. It should not take overmuch effort to find a different miniatures game and players in your region. If not, find some friends and get them started/ hang out with the Warhammer players that share, in general, your general outlook.


      1. Men need not agree to gain something from conversing. Such is law.

        [First block]
        Fancy that. It’s almost like gamerkultur has done this debate to death over and over and over, and BoLS is a fucknuckle clickbait site that nobody actually reads unless they want to rake up some old coals or get on board/stand in front of the hype train.

        [40K and wiggle room]
        True enough. I think Space Wolves are possibly the most interesting Space Marines who don’t come with spiky bits, while I would happily push the modern Muscle Orks off my conceptual bridge and Mat Ward has earned a karma point by giving the Necrons a cool “deranged remnants of an ancient civilisation” vibe which stops them being metal Tyranids.

        [Single Male Wargamer Seeks Similar]
        We do indeed have the Internet and so on, but what I am trying to say is that to gamers of a certain vintage, the Internet is a tool for arguing about 40K, because their entire gaming experience has been defined by 40K and the Games Workshop Hobby (TM) (hawk, spit, curses and blasphemies upon Tom Kirby and all his works etc.) and the idea that 4oK can be bypassed takes a while to percolate. Viewed in a certain light my entire history as a Serious Wargame Blogging Person chronicles this process of recognition, and then of weaning oneself off the Workshop tit for longer and longer periods of time.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. [hype]

        You might be on to something there. While this horseshit has been done to death since the 80s, it IS a reliable if short-term way to generate delicious clicks and stir up controversy. Until it is chopping block time that is.


        It’s the werewulf aspect I find incredible and hard to stomach, even in a universe with magic genetic technology and tyranids. It’s a bridge too far suspension of disbelief wise. Conversely, Chris Wraight’s take on the White Scars was very interesting (I am aware of your instinctive loathing of the HH series but I assure you they mean you no harm and you have but to drink this cup of anomalous chemicals and see the light).
        Ward’s revamping of the Necrons was one of the few reboots I’d give him credit for. They work far better as the half-mad immortal inheritors of an empire from the dawn of time. Virtually all-powerful yet damned all the same. The erosion of memory by the long ages, the gradual fall to the Curse of the Flayer or the path of the Destroyer, those make for some nuanced characters. And they even kept some hintings of the C’tan still C’taning (the C’tan were a great invention though).

        [A/S/L/1500 point Catachan Death World Veteran army]

        I see your point, but is not then the pc-ifying of the largest franchise a square peg for a round hole? Preach it my friend. We need not be slaves to ossified convention. We are the vanguard of a new age. Rise!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. [BoLS]

    I know I’m right. I know them of old.

    [that last bit]

    … I’m not sure what that has to do with what you’re replying to. It’s as though someone slipped a Euro in a belch-by-numbers machine


    1. [that last bit]

      Silly Von, the whole Internet is a belch-by-numbers machine. But I was lauding your attempts to catalogue the learning process of GW-independence without being too much of a fag about it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. An interesting read. I am not a big 40k guy (or even a small one) so my opinion is shit for this specific topic. But since this is the internet, of course I have a take.

    In your rant you go too often to standard right wing metaphors and memes (“pearl-clutching,” “Think of the children!” “sjws are destroying us” “regressive left”), ultimately blunting the power of your arguements by Pundejo-isizing them – you even threw in a “cunt” there. Hopefully you were not smoking Rhodesian Blue as you typed this.

    I mention this because I think you are largely correct in your assessment, and you do not need to resort to sounding like a slightly deranged equal-but-opposite pundit to make your point.

    But I despise ideology, as it always blinds people to the degree of the accuracy of their arguments. Political discussions are now entrenched people screeching cherry-picked examples at each other while failing to see the larger picture.

    However, you and Von are not spitting at each other from Hell’s Heart, so all is not lost. The specific mechanism allowing you to converse civilly is your respective intelligences; the majority of adherents to any ideology do not have that luxury (or privilege – heh!).

    Anyway, I see your point and largely agree how ridiculous this dude’s screed is.

    Also, is 135 pumps while thinking about the glory of England (ie Emma Peel) too indulgent? Am I an unconcuious devotee of Slaanesh?


    1. Hey dude!

      [standard memes]

      I must apologize. I shall strive to upgrade my repertoire. Laziness is unforgivable and I can do better.

      [sounding like Pundit]

      I shall endaevour to enhance the quality of my vitriol for maximum lulz.

      [political discussion]

      I have followed some of it in America and its a little more insane there then it is here but only by a thin margin and it will get insaner since we will soon add a minority grievance party (spearheaded by a counter-intuitive alloy of armenian genocide-denying turkish muslim nationalists and a former music channel presenter and psychic channel spokesman black feminist) to the political spectrum, making for much impending train wreck lulz. That is not a joke btw, that is a factual description.
      I must admit I have lost considerable respect for my ideological counterparts over the past year and i find it harder to empathize with anyone too left of centre. I agree its fucked beyond repair. I must truthfully state I do not see the vast chasm between the two sides (or if you will, the nodes of two clouds of datapoints representing imaginary positions on matters pertaining to such things as multi-cultural society, immigration, freedom of speech, goverment heroin, equating orcs with niggers, what Gary would have wanted, gene wiegel etc. etc. etc.) shrinking any time soon.


      I have immense fondness and respect for Von even though he is a cocksucking faggot but we must never let him know that. Trust tree. In truth the internet makes matters worse. Face to face I am quite capable of civilly discussing my point of view with the densest feminists but that may just be my dreamy eyes and basso voice as I gesticulate wildly and deny women have self-awareness or free will.


      Wrong blog bitch! Masturbation questions (intellectual or otherwise) are for Kent’s blog!


  4. Thanks for the warm re-welcome. I am here to break your heart.

    [Using these gay brackets]
    [Not that there is anything wrong with that.]


    I think I am tone po,licing here. Express thousef as thou wilt, that should be the whole of the law. Sorry.




    There wS no reason to bring this up. I sound like a sanctimonious fuck. But sincde I did bring it up, I obviously used to be closer aligned with the left. I used to laugh at the right wing radio dudes ranting about what was being taught on universities. Maybe they were right. This whole microaggresion-priviledge bullshit, it is tough to take it seriously. I am kinda an old school feminist, an egalitarian. But that is verboten now, replacd by a strange narrative. I am drunk and rambling on yer shityy blog that has minimal content abou tits title. More Age of Dusk, less lands of Carblowsa, faggot.


    …is pretty sexy. He used to post on YDISS, on older threqds, weeks after a new thread had started. Glad he finally got contemporaneous.


    No Emma Peel in the Age of Dusk. Highly disappointing.


    1. Broken hearts are for the young. I am Iron.


      Is this going to be like one of those threads where both of us admit our mistakes and then tearfully embrace, probably in some sort of meadow with a setting sun and a unicorn in the back?


      S’allright. I too started out fairly left-wing albeit with an intense hatred for the leftwing tendency to be lenient towards criminals (I hate and despise criminals) and a bemused skepticism at various feminist claims. My ex was an old-school feminist, but we got along nevertheless. Over time the glaring contradictions piled up and I just don’t buy it anymore.
      A lot of the stuff that is accepted as common knowledge nowadays makes no sense if you look at the facts. I strive to maintain a skeptical attitude towards the (I guess you could call it alt-right, its bizarre that we have a dutch alt-right analogue, only without the christianity and with a tendency to oddly poetic sneering) alternative media but as far as I am concerned they are no less credible and probably more so then the drivel I can barely sit through on the news or many of the papers I used to read. I am certainly no longer warned off by the mark of ‘raciiiiaaaast,’ placed by the High Lords of Truth and Virtues to mark the spawn of satan.

      [Age of Dusk]

      I’m working on three articles at the same time and at least one concerns AoD. The dopamine-reward of views and comments pushes me in the direction of reviewing rather then creating. But I will remain strong. I feel like I am making something cool and will strive to actually playtest and run it before very long. Carcosa is dope in a broken bicycle no prep sort of way and I like learning to GM again from the ground up. Call me a masochist.


      Tell Kent I said hi!


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