100th Post; Prince Congratulates Himself and You! the Reader

Still reeling from the sinking of Albion as divine punishment for leaving the Greatest Union that Ever Was and Will Be (RIP Von!), it is difficult to put into words the raging torrent of emotion churning through me at the achievement of my 100th post. Horniness, self-satisfaction, burning hatred, hunger, envy, self-satisfaction, heroin deprivation, indefinable emptiness, more self-satisfaction and indeed, the fatalistic mirthfullness of the damned and the confidence that one gains from realising that nothing really matters or is even real. In short, the entirety of the rich tapestry of human experience. I stand transfixed as I read my own words back at me because they are just that great, and I wrote over 100 posts worth of them.

To congratulate myself on this momentous achievement I have decided to take some time off from my habitual setting posting, rpg reviewing, carcosa playthroughs and ranting at social justice in gaming to take some time off to talk with you, the unwashed proletariat that is my brown dwarf star to the vast black interstellar gulfs of loneliness of the internet.
To thank you, indeed, humbly, man to man (or ladyperson), for your kindness, wit, insight, handsomeness and general uprightness. You are my muse and without you I would have had to resort to scribbling my thoughts onto the walls of a padded cell or perhaps in the margins of children’s books stolen from the local library and then giddily returned whilst the librarian who will be old and not like a sexy librarian will look at me with dissaproval and postmenopausal lust in her cataracted bespactacled eyes.

One suffers but one must also endure and in enduring grow strong, as they say in Shrak’kt’lor, and this past year has been bereft of suffering and filled to the brim with enduring. My prose has gotten better with diligent practice, my setting is getting somewhere, I have discovered some awesome games in the course of my reviewing escapades and my readership has increased over the first year, with only occasional Rpgpundit baiting to serve as advertisement. I expect nothing less then an improvement in the years to come.

Since I am nothing if not eager to learn and improve I devote the comment section to you, my lovely readers. Give me your suggestions, feedback and thinly veiled expressions of absolute contempt. What would you like to see MORE off? Please note that all of these will function much like the Dutch Referendum in the sense that it is advisory and I am in no way obligated to do anything with this information.

For now, this has been Prince, signing off. Pop open the champaigne and drink to my good health. I will see you at the 200 mark.

Also YDIS needs a fucking podcast.


10 thoughts on “100th Post; Prince Congratulates Himself and You! the Reader

  1. You thought me dead, but you were and are in error. Toss a splatbook into the maelstrom off the coast, ‘neath whose broiling deeps fair Albion slumbers still, and like the Kraken I will rise to horrify the eyes of men and angels.

    (I didn’t vote for it myself but if we’re out we’re out, end-of, this ‘second referendum’ claptrap is utter horse waffles and it’s amusing to watch Westminster implode as our career pols compete to avoid being the Palpatine du jour. Of the day, rather – I shall have to Anglicise my discourse in the coming years. Still, one lives in hope that the railways will be renationalised, the metric system abolished, the three day week re-imposed and The Professionals put back on the television. That seems to be the motive for a lot of people in this whole embarrassment.)

    Congratulations on reaching the arbitrary milestone and making a Thing of it. Once a man has blogged about his own blog (MEMO NFP: contact Tingle, 3% originator’s fee) he has truly arrived.

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    1. Hah, given media coverage I had expected you to be scrounging out a living finding scrap in the radioactive wastelands of Paignton by now. I am glad to see you managed to trade five shotgun shells and a tank of High-Octane Primo for a communications device of the Before Times.

      (Rejoice old boy, at least you guys are on the right track to liberty. The Netherlands is going to be in it till the bitter, increasingly batshit end. I don’t even think we CAN leave unless the constitution is altered. My personal doom prediction is the EU will be weaponising visa-free turkish migrants into Reverse Janissaries to supress the growing voices of discontent. *tinfoil hat*)

      It is every blogger’s dream to one day emulate Jamal and create works that are entirely self-referential. The content is about no topic but itself. The map is the territory. Nirvana at last.


  2. It pisses me off that you write gooder in English than I does.

    Anyway, congratulations on the comparable milestone. May Corellon Larethian take you into hir eager heroin-induced embrace, and the resulting brood be not too fucked up.

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  3. ==YDIS needs a fucking podcast.

    Yeah, that would be a riot skyping in filthy abuse and sharp analysis while drinking. YDIS has a new life now though with his 14 year old wife.

    =timmy=It pisses me off that you write gooder in English than I does.

    I think PoN writes like Harry Potter.

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  4. Between Brexit-induced end-of-the-world orgies and the grim dark prospect of a not-so-far future of war and only war, I am afraid that the OP’s question is somehow getting lost. Before the party’s over and the EU is reduced to a sinking Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten I want to see reviews of DCC RPG modules ; I also request that the next Carcosa report include rhyming alexandrines.

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    1. [War]

      It is good that you see this too, the subtle signs, the lines in the sand, the acceleration of tension and the degenerate cavorting and desperate scaremongering of the establishment whilst the Narrative burns brighter with each passing day. The old rules do not apply anymore. There is something in the air. The only question now becomes one of whom siding with whom, the modus operandi and how far people are willing to go.

      Interesting times ey? Hope France doesn’t go full commie. That always ends up sucking.


      I need a break from Loftp so that can be arranged.


      A challenge. I shall endaevour to provide but my poetry is lacking.


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