Rejoice! Anna Kreider a.k.a Wundergeek quits her blog after years of paranoid-conspiracy nonsense.

There are time when the universe seems cruel, random, hostile. One cannot help but stare at the ignorance, violence and self-destructiveness of modern man and wonder how it ever got so far. Today is not such a day. Today we are shown that good things can happen.
Anna Kreider a.k.a wundergeek a.k.a the wicked witch of the rpg community has thrown in the towel. Wundergeek was featured earlier on this humble hobby blog after she attempted to pin the horrific Orlando shooting on white males (or white male gamers or the evils of our cishet white male patriarchical society or Skeletor or the invisble purple elephants that will only stop their mocking laughter if all portrayals of all 925 different genders in rpgs are equally represented etc. etc.) and use it as a pedestal for her own delusional crusade against elfgame-players and by extension, elf-game designers. Her last post is entirely in character, an incoherent mewling and self-pitying rant where she blames her misfortunes and unhappiness on others, rather then searching for strength, improvement or perseverance within herself. A miserable creature at her best, Kreider waits forever for help from the very people she rails against. Her telling list of “accomplishments” amounts to nothing more then entryism, her only notable deeds of arms the injection of her feminist agenda where it is neither wanted nor needed. We mourn her passing appropriately.

I think today we should reflect on the state of the hobby as a whole. We should consider that the enemy, and it is an Enemy, no matter how ineffectual, delusional or worthy of mockery, is as mortal as we are, if not more so. It means that the operatives of the FunPolice can be defeated, if people merely rise up and call a spade a spade (or alternatively, just saying No to any crazy batshit demand on occasion would be a good start). It means that the hobby, and by extension, the world, has become a slightly better place.

It will take time to undo the damage she has inflicted, the division she has sown and the nonsense she has spread. It will take time to wipe away the stain and just let designers design and creators create. But in the end, the darkness will pass.

It is unlikely this marks the end of Kreider’s elfgame activities as a whole but we can always hope. A lack of content will likely cut into her patreon account earnings, for which we can do a little hop-skip and click our heels together in celebration.

Calooh-Calaay! Rejoice oh elfgame sons & daughters! Gather ye mugs and drink deep of ye delicious Spite.  Today the hobby got a little better and you didn’t even have to do anything about it.


6 thoughts on “Rejoice! Anna Kreider a.k.a Wundergeek quits her blog after years of paranoid-conspiracy nonsense.

  1. The only thing that would have made this better is if she withdrew because she suddenly saw clearly how wrong and hateful she is. Alas, she is still blaming everybody else, even erstwhile “allies,” for her inability to go on.

    But truly, this was looking inevitable. I mean, how many fucking hairs can you split looking for ever-greater offences against everyone who is not 100% male? I saw her recent posts on Ravenloft and how viciously racist the treatment of the gypsies and the mongrel-men was (“Othering!”) and it is just mailed-in Reactionary 101 stuff.

    I do feel sorry for her, she truly needs help, but you are right that this is a good day for gaming.


    1. [Withdrawal]

      I think her passing is apt and poetic. In character, blindfold on, with the same dejected defeatism that nevertheless caused her to run headlong into walls for years. Instead of redemption we get the last confessions of a tired zealot, crushed by the rising opposition, too tired to lift her sword and with her every utterance a despair-laced surrender. Beautiful. Conan would approve.


      Agreed, but the way this shit is set up is that you can essentially keep griping indefinetely since the goalposts are never firmly set to begin with. This type of pseudo-activism thrives on the damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t gambit beloved of demagogues and Alinsky-deepthroaters around the world. We can see the fruits of this worthy mentality in the rise of such luminaries as our mutual friend and benefactor Vox Day, who copies many of the more effective strategies of our social justice pals whilst forsaking its worst flaws. I know nostalgia is for faggots but whatever happened to compassionate liberals vs skeptical/principled right-wingers (or american conservatives). Why is everything so shit? Wundergeek that is why.


      I think the mentally ill deserve compassion but I do not think that absolves them from guilt. I do not even truly believe her and her loathsome ilk are truly mentally ill, just terribly, destructively wrong and forever unrepentant.


      Impurity shall be our Armour! Hate shall be our weapon! Immortality our Reward! Death to the False Emperor! Death to the Weakling Imperium of Man!


      Tits added to acceptable content policy.


      1. Sorry, amigo. “Von-level” does imply some kind of grading system. If it helps, read it as being an intellectual level, that I am simply jealous of. Many of us Virginians are Swamp-German adjacent.


      2. Oh, I see… Von-level is something to which one might aspire, or at least you’re allowing me to believe such and correct the error induced by neurosis on first reading.

        Your life will be spared.

        (I can’t judge a man by his origins nor by his place in the world. I am Cornish, and therefore at least one part Deep One and one part inbred tin-eating pilchard-fucker…)


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