Horrors of the Age of Dusk: The Grey Maidens

(Feeling productive/Anti-productive so double post today guys)

Banished to the deepest labyrinths and darkest chasms abandoned since time immemorial, the Grey Maidens were said to be the concubines of the Harrow King Ashardath. Affronted by the attempted murder by one of their own, he worked upon them a foul and nameless sorcery the world has thankfully forgotten.

They flee from the light, for it is one of the few things that can hurt them. The maidens appear as comely women of all races, bleached of colour and chain-veiled with links of cold iron. Scantily clad in rotting finery with embedded gems worth a small kingdom and deformed with Great Horns and Claws of Iron, they shamble through catacombs in time-dilated agony. Immortal, yet cursed to watch the world go by in an eyeblink, the Maidens are cursed to the company of ageless stone. The solitude eventually drives them mad, causing them to hate those that time still holds within its motherly embrace.

If ever a creature approaches too closely these horrors, they too will be momentarily stuck in time, forced to crawl while all the world is a blur. Those whose allies have strayed too close to a Grey Maiden often have to watch them get torn apart in hideous slow motion. The Maiden’s time-displaced nature gives her some rudementary control over time.

HD: 10 MV: 5 feet/round. AC: -4 (0 against those in Slow Time) ATK: 3 (Claw/Claw/Horn d10/d10/2d6) [only other Slow Time targets]. No appearing: 1

* Grey Maidens are almost blind. Hide in shadows succeed 90% of the time. Attacking a Grey Maiden automatically attracts their attention. Paradoxically, though Grey Maidens are almost blind, they can see Invisible creatures and are never fooled by illusions.
* Paradoxically, Grey Maidens have excellent temporally accelerated hearing and it is almost impossible to sneak up on them. Halve move silently chances
* Anyone approaching within 20 feet of a Grey Maiden must make a saving throw vs spell or be drawn into Slow time. Their movement speed is now 5 feet/round until they get at least 30 ft away from the maiden. This effect occurs automatically if anyone comes within 10 feet of a maiden (no saving throw). Maidens may only attack those under the effect of the Slow time effect.
* A Grey Maiden may cast Slow 3/day on anyone that attracts her attention. Treat as Slow spell only movement becomes 5 feet/round and the target is now in Slow Time for the duration of the spell.
* Anyone struck by Grey Maidens must make a save vs death or age 1 year per point of damage.
* Grey Maidens have 60% magic resistance to any spells not cast in slow time, require magic weapons to hit and regenerate 1 hit point per round unless the wounds are inflicted in slow time or by a hasted or slowed character.
* Haste inflicts d6 per caster level on a Grey Maiden and does not allow her magic resistance or a saving throw. Sunlight will kill them instantly (save vs death, 10d6 if successfull).


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