Vorpalmace raises the Red Banner

And has a damn fine grasp on what inspired it and made it tick. Lest I sully the noble hungarian’s honeyed words of praise with my own vulgar hooting, here is the gib from the horse’s mouth:

The first part of the adventure is Khazra’s canyon, where the People of the Bull took camp. The place evokes a barbaric sword & sorcery theme effectively: it’s a barren environment with violent savages, which can be summed up as Frazetta’s Conan the Barbarian meeting the warriors of Khorne from Warhammer. Until their Gateway to the Crimson Paradise opens (at least that’s what they believe) they spend their time having raids, bull runs among slaves, duels in the arena, ritual sacrifices, drunk revelries. Being thus occupied provides a good opportunity for the adventurers to get into the camp, but that doesn’t mean there is no chance of getting caught. Besides the barbarians there are jaded slaves, a wereboar looking for his wife, a curious doppleganger, a bugbear archer, and the three champions: the treacherous gnoll Gorelaugh, the blinded basilisk Drak, and the mighty centaur Velan. My favorite is the head-shaman Luvag, who conspires against Khazra. Even if the players ignore him he has a chance to get Khazra assassinated, or start a civil war that ends with him dueling with the chieftain on the large obsidian slab in the middle of the camp. All in all the camp not only offers an excellent sword & sorcery feel, but it’s full of moving parts that turn it into a dynamic, living setting.

The Red Prophet Rises is an exemplary product that should have a place on your shelves. It’s a brilliant example of when the authors understand the topic they are working it. Instead of delivering a pretentious gory spectacle they managed to capture the essence of Howardian hard fantasy and do it justice. This adventure begs to be used. Interestingly if I will ever run this piece it’s going to be under ZWEIHÄNDER or Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – because Blood for the Blood God!

Tamás picks out Khorne and Conan the Barbarian as prime sources of inspiration for the module and his appreciation for mine and Malrex’s efforts brings warmth to my blackened ice-bound heart. The guy is correct to call us out on not crediting our playtesters, which we will certainly remedy in subsequent publications. ALSO DAMN YOU YOU ARE CORRECT THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A REFERENCE TO HIGHLANDER. And on that note: You heard it from the Dark Overlord children. Red Prophet Rises will be getting a conversion for Zweihander, with other conversions being considered.

If you are yearning for a bout of pure, unadulturated Sword and Sorcery with Riders of Doom blowing in the background at ear-shredding volume whilst your occipital lobe is rewired to project images of Frank Frazetta onto every available surface but you think AD&D is for little girls your pilgrimage through the wasteland days are over. Zweihander Red Prophet Rises is in the make.

This was my first outing into writing for publication rather then just faffing about on my blog or reviewing and it was great to collaborate with Malrex, who has more experience with writing adventures but is less versed in the catalogue of available adventures and is not as much as a horrible S&S/Warhammer nerd as I am. It was fucking great and I am going to do it again.

If you want to check out what all the fuss is about you can check out here.

I wish to thank Tamas for taking the time to purchase and review our adventure. I hope it brings him much gaming pleasure at the table. Blood for the Blood God!

2 thoughts on “Vorpalmace raises the Red Banner

  1. You are welcome. It’s always good too se an honest and well written old-school adventure instead of an overrated artsy nonsense or a half-assed crap that’s basically the same old thing over and over again. It was also a pleasant surprise to learn that you are working on a Zweihänder conversion. Others doing the dirty work for you when you have two running campaigns is always welcome, so kudos for that.

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