The Great OSR Shitstorm is here

This is some next level insanity, so I suggest everyone grab a bowl of popcorn and make yourself a nice hot mug of coffee and settle in. American politics has cast its loathsome shadow upon the OSR once again. In the space of two days, our peaceful and more or less unified community has been upturned. I had to double check to see if it was Fake news.
Nope. Coming to you live folks. A triple feature:

The noble and gentle James Edward Raggi IV, for committing the unspeakable crime of taking a picture with the immensely popular and increasingly mainstream Canadian psychology professor Jordan Peterson, has been labeled anathema by his prime autistic cashcow pol-pot worshipper Zak S, who has promptly taken his ball and gone home. The revolting swamp mutant creature that is responsible for penning the atrocious Blood in the Chocolate Manuscript and has now been incorporated into my Monstrous Manual Rating scale has waddled off as well, for which we can all thank whatever lunatic gods are in charge of the OSR this day.

Faced with the untenable position of being in favour of free speech yet not a gun-toting, bible-thumping crossbreed of Alex Jones and Vox Day, Raggi is fucked. While Chenier was a talentless nobody, Zak S brought in the fame and the media attention. Provided Stuart and Kowolski remain on the label, he should manage to survive, not taking into account the ratio of crazy social justice lunatics to normal humans in the Lotfp fanbase. Sorry bub, but those who ignore the addage of “get woke go broke” do so at their own peril.

For what it is worth, I wish James Raggi the best of luck. You are responsible for some godawful stuff, but some damn fine adventures too. Don’t give up hope kiddo. I mean, Lotfp fans are really fucking stupid so you can probably trick them into believing someone hacked your account and photoshopped you into that picture and you were actually taking a picture with Caitlyn Jenner or something.

To the hopeful few who pray the topological nervous breakdown that is Zak S will now die alone and bereft in the cold, you may quench whatever small flames of hope you still kindled. Rooted deep within a network of artists and media midgets and possessed of a talent for self-promotion, social media and networking that is his true skill, Zak S will no doubt go on to publish something RPG related, perhaps seeking to migrate into the open arms of Ze New Und Improoved Vite Vulf HAIL HYDRA   New and Historically Inevitable Democratic Peoples Republic of Vite Vulf or make something well edited but ultimately meaningless for 5e and have China Mevielle say something about how it revolutionizes the game despite no one having actually played it.

Also, no matter how hard Zak S virtue signals, he will still be rejected by the Other SJWs (Hicks, SA [1]) that are into rpgs because he did Porn. And because he is probably the most malevolent, spiteful, narcissistic creature humanly imaginable.

Chenier will most likely sustain himself by whining about OSR Nazis on tumblr for patreon donations but on the plus side perhaps that means he won’t be publishing any more adventures from now on, which can only be a good thing.

But also;

Venger has come out and identified as a Za’akier, whatever the fuck that is, it is unclear whether this is a joke or not given the 19th being Trans Awareness Week and Venger being a bit of an odd duck and Google Plus WENT INSANE. Given the responses from his hangouts one would have thought he had barricaded whatever dingy stripclub Trans Awareness Week took place in and personally set fire to it with the trannies still inside [2] and lit his cigar on the flames, the red glow revealing the fascist geometry that underlies the domed facade covering his true face, that of the arch-heretic JORDAN PETERSON. HE IS ALWAYS THERE. OPPOSING YOUR LEGISLATION TO MANDATE USING PREFERRED PRONOUNS. TELLING YOU TO CLEAN YOUR ROOM. EXPLAINING LOBSTER DOMINANCE HIERARCHIES.

It is further unclear whether or not Venger’s new gender identity means that the Za’akier is now a real species and Venger is thus guilty of retro-actively appropriating their culture within his own publication, a question I will leave to Anna Kreider to arbitrate.

And furthermore;

In response to Venger’s buffoonery and people “Joining the chorus of decent people to tell him to go fuck themselves [3]” Stuart Robinson decided his virtue signalling would blot out the very sun and declared the famous “OSR” logo, used by such popular OSR lines as  DCC Lamentations of the Flame Princess Kevin Crawford’s SWN and Godbound,
Hill Cantons,
 Labyrinth Lord,  Swords and Wizardry is a very famous and tremendously respected logo, would now be off bounds if you violated the Canadian Legal Definition of Hatespeech, which I believe involves anything but placid acceptance of anything a Canadian person says, or so my girlfriend informs me.
Confronted with the rather daunting fact that ZERO products that had the OSR logo on it fit just such a definition, he nevertheless sternly wagged his finger and frowned balefully and muttered “…or else.” While the actual number of transpeople whose lives were improved by this eclectic display of totalitarian internet larping remains firmly fixed at zero, it is nice to see Robinson pay homage to Command & Conquer by seemingly basing his entire outlook on life on the Brotherhood of Nod. And we can’t really disagree with him can we, why would we disagree with something that is doubleplus good. That would be Goldsteinism. Kane lives in Death buddy!

Faced with a community that gets increasingly thin-skinned and irrational, it will get increasingly hard for my style of content to take its rightful place without being smeared, hysterically, in just these types of mob attacks. So what the fuck can you do?

You back up your blog. You keep going for all the people that just want to game. You do it because you love it. You do it because you are compelled. You do it because you NEED it.

We will not let this community turn into Reject the hysteria. On my blog you are not rightwingers, leftists, christians, atheists. You are DnD fans. Act the fucking part. Lets review some fucking elfgames while we aren’t killing eachother yet.

As a final ominous event, the Dark God YDIS, once a Power whose scathing wit cast lines of force through all the OSR long thought dead, his body inhabited by Those Who Remain, has risen once more. Welcome back your unholiness.


Update: Fake news everyone! Zak is very much still with Raggi so the few Lotfp investors among you can climb off that ledge. I really should have checked my sources *smacks forehead*. Zak is quick to point out Raggi is a unwitting supporter of the evil alt-right figurehead Jordan Peterson (might want to fact-check that one) but he will be continuing his relationship with the Raggmeister, provided he is suitably demure, submits himself to the Judgement of the Seven, and goes on a pilgrimage to San Fransisco to prove his conversion is genuine.

Nevertheless, I think we can call the days of centrist Lotfp well and done. You had a good run Raggi.

[1] I miss SA when it was still good. Also I may have watched up to 3 hours of Bubsy Let’s Plays so I guess I can’t stay mad. Notice me SA-sempai!

[2] I mean I just used a bad word here to make a crass joke so I might as well start wearing a Red armband and a MAGA hat from here on out for all the fucking difference it makes to these guys.

[3] Always so quick so shroud yourselves in stolen virtue by finding yourselves a scapegoat, lest ye find yourselves condemned by your kin. You are all pathetic children, cowards, degenerates, weaklings. Your cries of accusation fool no one. You have not the zeal to fight true injustice. You have not the courage to resist true oppression. Your anger is spent tilting at windmills and village idiots. You are liars of the heart, misers of the soul. I spit on your fake outrage.


24 thoughts on “The Great OSR Shitstorm is here

  1. “We will not let this community turn into Reject the hysteria. On my blog you are not rightwingers, leftists, christians, atheists. You are DnD fans. Act the fucking part. Lets review some fucking elfgames while we aren’t killing eachother yet.”

    I agree, but you can’t have it both ways. It’s not like you’re apolitical. I mean, that’s totally fine, and I personally don’t have a problem with your politics (agreement is another matter, but that’s how civilization works). But I think you’re being little bit (unintentionally) disingenuous.

    There is a presumption of bad faith by almost everyone, and so many people seem to feel like they have some kind of obligation to attack the enemy and showcase their beliefs. I think you either have to reject it completely or it will find its way in. Or you can just have a monoculture – that seems to be the general way of things, these days.

    I know you feel like filtering your words (e.g. “tranny”) would be like declaring defeat to the SJW’s. That’s pretty much the same logic they use when they feel obliged to confront any perceived injustice. If it helps, think of it this way: adults always filter themselves, anyway. Or as I like to put it, you don’t wear a speedo to church.

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    1. Appreciate the commentary buddy,

      In reverse order


      What about wearing a speedo on your lawn?

      I try to keep my blog at the edge of the Overton window since my vocabulary is subject to the same philosophical problems you just outlined above. If I don’t occasionally ride the line, if I consider the possible emotional repercussions just a little too closely, I will end up trying to render my blog inoffensive, which is ultimately, taking into account the increasing polarization and the dawning Semantic Apocalypse, not simply futile but actually impossible. Thus we make an arbitrary standard.

      Yet I don’t subscribe to a zero impulse control, absolute free speech policy either, I try to approach it as closely as possible because the alternative is an echo-chamber (again, what constitutes an echo chamber is arbitrary, sliding scale etc. etc.).

      I guess even the term elfgames is used in lieu of roleplaying games to remind myself and everyone that this is, ultimately, a very silly thing we are pouring our hearts and minds into. A tiny rhetorical brake on a political dumptruck on a collision course.


      The only possible recourse of such a position is to disengage whenever you are faced with a binary question that can be perceived as political. And what is perceived as political is growing. What is the logical end result of such a position?

      To give a concrete example, do you think people, especially our friends of the Venger Inquisition, would accept it if someone responded, ‘I have no strong feelings on this matter?’

      I can keep my selection of elfgame reviews apolitical and I can differentiate between the purpose and intent of the elfgame and the politics of the owner since there is an infinitesimal overlap between the two. As for the rest, I am only a (sexy) man.


      And you don’t have too agree to like DnD and talk about it. We come from different cultures, different upbringings and probably different socio-economic status. I have no idea why you believe what you believe. I can only perceive what I think the effects will be if certain modes of thought gain wide-spread use and are adopted and carried out to their logical conclusion and attempt to influence the discourse, through rhetoric or dialectic, and for the amusement of my readers.

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      1. Not sure why I didn’t get the notification on this. No matter!

        To be clear, I agree with everything that you say…in principle. But I would apply some of these principles a bit differently.

        [Speedos on your lawn]

        Well, no analogy perfect. I’m not talking about behavior that should be forbidden – I’m talking more about what’s good and proper social behavior. So in your analogy, wearing a speedo on your lawn while the girl scouts pass your home in a parade is totally legal (I assume!), but is it a good way of interacting with the community? Perhaps that’s not the best way to protest the traffic problem.

        Yeah, no analogy is perfect. Anyway, what I’m trying to get at is that I think that trolling, even in small doses, can undermine your message. I really agree that Raggi does not deserve to be exiled. On the other hand, Mr. Satanis is CLEARLY trolling, so he’s only getting what he specifically asked for. Don’t tell me he’s surprised by the reaction…I just don’t buy it.

        You might be surprised how many people agree with your general points above, even on the progressive side of the debate. But when you throw around words like “tranny,” you are certainly making it impossible for some of those people to agree with you. Even if they don’t mind that slur, they would be crazy to publicly state as much for reasons that we both understand. So I’m saying: let them agree with you!

        Anyway, I’d say more, but it would probably be redundant, and my ride is here.


      2. As far as community standards of good behavior go, I am a your house-your-rules-kind-of-guy. The problem with social media is that everything is interconnected and people start gate-keeping and saying what is or is not OSR and now we have this insane persecution mentality.

        I think trolling can have a function within the social ecosystem. Or rather, I think function can resemble trolling. My point with using that word is not to offend deliberately (well okay maybe a little), nor to commit hatespeech against transpeople (whom I bear no ill will), but rather, to outline how absurd the standard of judgement and virtue has become. The first step to restoring some sanity to the debate is to reject the parameters that distort it.

        I think people overreact to Venger’s trolling but I’ll give the offended party this (like maybe 2.5%) much. If I had some sort of condition that fucked me up and some asshole says it as a joke I would probably get a little upset. I wouldn’t start spreading absurd lies that he is a nazi or that he hates [insert group] here but I think I’d call him a dick. At the same time I can appreciate the fact he isn’t mocking transpeople so much as the Progressive Culture that has grown around it and adopted it as its weapon of choice (probably? maybe he is mocking Transpeople I don’t know I’ll ask him I guess).

        [Also new Venger review post, unfortunate timing]


        To anyone else reading this. It’s okay. I understand. Everyone is afraid of losing their jobs or other shit because of a misplaced comment on an elfgame blog because that is what They are trying to make of this place. I do not expect you to agree with my every word and I am just an asshole with a blog that writes like 98% about elfgames. Let my content speak for itself.

        Take care man.


  2. A reasonable adult can say “Hey, that guy’s being an asshole.” without wanting to sue them into poverty, destroy their free speech or start a slander campaign against them. I don’t see a moral issue with critiquing others or deciding not to associate with them. Using copyright trolling, harassment and slander to attempt a tyranny of the community should be opposed at all stops. Keep professional, keep making works, talk about gaming rather than politics, don’t be afraid but be vigilant against threats to the artistic freedom of the hobby. It’s going to get crazier before it gets better.

    I’m not personally offended by words like tranny though that’s from spending time in troll heavy parts of the internet though I do think it’s crass and rude. Being respectful of others and not blatantly offending everyone is a sign of maturity, professionalism, etc. but it’s important with these people to never engage the “You’re a racist.” diversion. You don’t owe them an explanation of why you’re not a bigot or why you have “correct” political views. Make art and let it stand on its own.

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    1. Yo Oswald. Well done on trying to talk some sense into the Kangeroo Court. That was some next level ‘But why are all your arguments always coming from a place of evil’ kafka-esque bullshit. And you are correct that this is not even the start. I hate to be a pessimist but I don’t think the center can hold.


  3. The size of the OSR shitstorm is the proof that most of the community has too much free time. Don’t they have better things to do, like preparing for the next session, publishing content, reading books, writing reviews, painting miniatures, drawing maps?

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    1. None of those things give them the sense of moral superiority, righteous condemnation and catharsis that a good witch-hunt can provide. I think the existence of YDIS points to an underlying truth to the OSR that is not often acknowledged. People might love DnD, but people love drama even more.

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  4. [Departures]
    Good riddance. If nothing else comes from this, then I still getting rid of Chenier and whatever navel gazing railroad garbage he puts out is a win. As to Zak, that’s a bit of a loss, but I’m thinking of some of the older stuff. Plus, he’s still on a bunch of the SJW shitlists, so good luck to him.

    [Robertson dictation]
    Ultimately, nothing is going to come of this. As someone pointed out, this is nothing new to the creative commons license, but what constitutes hate speech is defined under Canadian law, where this comes from, but even so, Robertson or anyone else should have no say in whatever someone else chooses to write. If someone wants to re-write the awful RaHoWa with OSR rules or whatever Mein Kampf garbage because they’re a waste of space window licker, or some virtue signaling SJW realms clone garbage because they want first place at the Special Olympics, it shouldn’t matter. The author is beholden to no one but their own vision. There seems to be this idea that an author or content creator is ‘morally’ beholden to whatever greasy fuck decides to get a hold of their content and whine that it doesn’t include exactly what they want.

    Creators. Owe. You. Nothing.

    If it matters that much, vote with your wallet

    Still relatively new to the OSR scene, but he just kind of seems like a wiener. Trolls gonna troll

    REJECT THE FALSE ONES! DICE FOR THE DICE THRONE! CAST DOWN THE UNBELIE- wait, you meant ‘not’ do the hysterical scream and blood sacrifice on the altar of “objective” morality. My bad


    1. You are alright man.


      As I said, I am pretty confident Zak will land on his feet, the guy is professional networker and has all the right opinions. Now that I mention it, Chenier is going to do worse but I doubt we will have seen the last of him. Working with Malrex on writing my own adventure has given me an appreciation on how important good networking skills are to getting anywhere in this business. You can do the writing yourself but then you’ve got things like getting a good artist, setting up a business, handling promotion, layout, knowing how to get the word out and so on. Its been very interesting and challenging figuring out how to do some of that stuff alongside the writing. Networking is a skill in and off itself and those who know how to leverage the forces of social media, marketing, and the attention of the right people will succeed, talent be damned. Silence kills.

      [Wallet voting]

      That is my ideal too, but that era has passed and it wouldn’t work for SJWs or other types of activism (fringe or otherwise). There is a book called Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky that gives some insight into the activist mindset which I found helpful.

      What the current strategy (or trend) appears to be on the radical left (or fake left or whatever the hell you want to call it, truth be told, I suspect most of my readers are or at least were classical liberals, edgelords, or whatever) is to bypass the market, because the populace at large is mostly apolitical, and take over or coerce distribution platforms into eventually banning or blocking their political opposition from participation, starting with extremists that the majority can agree are assholes and then shifting the Overton window until a fucking troll (or goofball) like Venger identifying as an imaginary thing to stir up shit (probably) is suddenly ‘undermining transrights’ and ‘hatespeech’ and ‘a white nationalist.’

      I am curious whether that will work in the long run. I don’t think it will as long as people can construct new platforms. I suspect the age of the universal platform is at an end until this whole culture war blows over. So far it has all the signs of the fucking Weimar republic in the late twenties and I’d like it if murica makes it through without a civil war or turning into a totalitarian dictatorship.


      I think Goofball or ‘space-cadet’ describes him best. The introduction of Isles of Purple Haunted Putrescence (believe it or not, I started reading it about 6 days ago so the timing is unfortunate) is so weird I am willing to give it 2.5% credence that the guy is genuine. Venger always seemed like a harmless nut and was never confrontational, and his responses are too clueless so either he is into some serious 4D chess or he really actually believes this shit. Trolling is more likely, but who knows at this point.


      Just give them a little more power, then the bad men will be gone and we will have peace in our time. Prejudice has no foundations and thus once wiped away can never return. All differences are artificial constructs of our primitive past. Just a little more. And you will be safe.

      Fuck man I need sleep. Take care everyone.


  5. Zak? At new White Wolf? Perish the thought, homes.

    While you OSR goblins were busy shitting on each other’s lawns (Speedo optional), new White Wolf has escalated matters by daring to suggest for fictional vampire pretend purposes that the tinpot dictator of homo-hating Chechnya is controlled by fictional vampires!

    Now, in and of itself this is trivial. Poor taste, a far cry from the respectable editorial line of early Revised edition in which ill shit was the fault of (real) humans and the (fictional) World of Darkness responded to it, drawing a line (however arbitrary) around any incident still too soon to be mined for vampgame plot-booty.

    But ladle it atop the furore around Zak’s Preludes game… and the deeply divisive “this appendix by Reddit, this appendix by Tumblr” schizoid tone of the V5 core book… and the inevitable edition warring that comes with a product relaunch… and Mark “The Dot” Rein-Hagen himself going into hate-ridden exile because he wrote the offending material and apparently it was a lot less dumb before those Swedish prestige LARP cretins got hold of it and he’s just sick of getting death threats… and the ongoing “WW is totes progressive my dudes” vs. “WW is edgy goth neckbeard hell full of borderline paedophile LARP groomers” tension which has never gone away…

    Oh, and then the Chechnyan government took umbrage and the discussion of V5 as subversive conspiracy propaganda ended up on Russian state news, so The Dot may be literally on the lam for all we know.

    And what you end up with is the White Wolf brand firmly reined in by Paradox Interactive, who must be shitting themselves at the prospect of ever seeing any return on investment. About the only people coming out of this with any integrity are Onyx Path Productions, who continue to truck along producing boring metaplot supplements for boring metaplot consumers for the seventh year running.

    And the crowning irony is that some bright spark suggested, in jest, that James Raggi would be a perfect hire for a relaunched Black Dog imprint. He already has the juvenile “mature content without mature behaviour” mentality and the love of shitty black and white art down pat. But I don’t think either of these degenerate swamp mutants will get near a White Wolf whose investors are actually paying attention.


    1. Hot damn this is why we keep you on son.

      [Zak Vtm]

      Too late Holmes:

      Mediocre storygame bitch! 57% approval rating for n = 145

      “The vampire story is told exclusively through messages exchanged between the characters. It’s a huge incoherent mess, horribly written and delivered, and so grotesque at times that unintentionally hilarious. You don’t care about the characters so when someone dies you’re not affected in any way. Unless it’s the true death of the protagonist which happens all the time. There are little to none choices here. Stray from the path planned by the devs even a little – BOOM random death. Without any explanation or reason. I had to redo various parts of the game so many times that the only emotion I felt at the end was relief that the torture was finally over. ”

      “I love OWoD and VTMBL is one of my top 10 games. This however, I don’t know where to start. Maybe I should start with the vampire tranny who jacks off old uber drivers if they say they hate Trump or rips their throat out if they voted for him? Or the female Mage character who gets fingerbanged teleported after spending all day at a refugee center helping the poor Syrian refugees? I don’t particularly care for this New World of Darkness and would rather go back to being a ♥♥♥♥ing vampire or a master of the arcane rather then talking about how much anyone right of Lenin is a Nazi who needs to get eaten or the plight of the poor Syrians…”

      There was some bullshit but White Wolf cleared him of charges after investigating the kurfuffle. I’m unsure if they’do it again, getting into frequent shit fits with your colleagues is not a good quality to have but it shouldn’t bar him from working on solo projects. Then again, all that shit was A YEAR ago.


      I’m not a follower of the company but what few signs I got through my filterbubble seemed pretty bleak. Strap in for another terrible edition old son.


      1. [The Profound Illiteracy of the Swamp German]

        “… ladle it atop the furore around Zak’s Preludes game”

        “Too late” my entire arse. And, as all good citizens know, I pronounced definitively upon Zakgate at the time. I don’t expect you to hang on my every golden word but the ones in front of your face at the time would be nice.

        [Clumsy ports of mediocre mobile games]

        I actually paid money for the Preludes and couldn’t work out how the hell to play them on PC, because I’m dense.

        Everything I have heard about “Preludes: We Eat Blood And All Our Friends Are Dead” leads me to conclude it’s exactly like an argument with Zak: there is One True Way, and it is Zak’s Way, and any other Way leads you to a bad end and you would have to be Insane to think it would work. Which is, granted, how the classic choose-your-own-adventure format works, in terms of raw decision making at least, but the thing is, those were bullshit too. We didn’t know any better because we were all about seven when we played them, that’s all.

        The Mage one I know even less about. I think someone from the prestige LARP scene was involved with it and it might be the person who ended up as in-house rules developer for nuWW proper? Anyway, fingerbang teleporting seems like right and proper Mage to me but… OK, look. I feel like the Syria plot here and the Chechnya thing in VtM come from the same addleheaded place, a kind of power fantasy of Being Able To Do Something About Atrocities, and maybe there’s no harm in that but maybe playing woke RPGs only *feels* like doing something and it’s not actually of any substantive benefit to real people. And I know which maybe I’m more inclined to believe.


        You want to know the worst part, O Prince? The actual *rules* of V5 are pretty good. Sensible. Streamlined. Taking the needful innovations from Vampire: the Requiem, applying them to Masquerade’s setting, streaming back the most hideously bloated areas of design that nobody dared touch because The Dot came up with them, and focusing the mechanical emphasis and burden on… get this… actually doing vampirism. Using cool powers makes you Hungry and if you leave the Hunger unsatisfied things get messier, so there’s an impetus on actually going out there and putting the bite on people instead of going “nah I’m fine for blood points for another week” and then not doing any vamping. Kenneth Hite came in, bled the sacred cows of VtM, and produced something that’s actually good: the sodding Swedes have just run it into the ground.

        I’m this close to fucking it all off and playing Requiem. First edition, so nobody can release anything and ruin it for me.


      2. [The murky obtuseness of the Anglo-Seperatist]

        The Defence offers only sputtering, indignant denials.

        [Preludes (but not Nocturnes apparently)]

        I’d love to gloat but even on the other side of the pond a 57% approval rating is not exactly a glowing success, particularly because good reviews are fairly prolific. Maybe we can chalk this one up to the evil VtM Alt-right contingent?

        That Power Fantasy to Stop Real World Atrocities made things a little bit clearer. I guess that makes sense and at least it is a step away from wallowing in misery but wasn’t the whole point of Vampire that you explore what it is like to be a selfish predatory monster (and then have katana duels on rooftops)?

        I don’t think games, even Woke games, need be of benefit to people beyond pleasant diversion but I guess if your whole shtick is that your games are fighting the good fight by finally telling the world that girls can be transexual blood-drinking necromancers too then that would be a point in your disfavor.


        If the rules are good then physician healthyself! Mix up the new rules with the old system (see also V20). Retroclone away.

        As a side note, Hite sounds like a guy who knows what he is doing, I have seldom heard a bad word about anything he has written.


        You don’t say…no one would ever be mad enough to retroclone Vampire Requiem. It would be madness. It would be blasphemy. Whoever did it would be reviled in storygaming circles for all time. Grown men would weep like babes. The earth would break open. The sky would grow foul and noxious. Ours would be black infamy like the world hath never seen.

        Brb I have a phonecall to make.


      3. [The Prosecution]


        [The Whole Point of Vampire]

        Fuck knows any more. You’re a selfish predatory monster but you’re also an antiauthoritarian punk rocker who is Less Shit Than The Old Shits In Charge, at least as far as Rein-Hagen’s concerned.

        I’m of the opinion that you can do elaborate sociopolitical metaphors in your games and that might have some personal merit, but it’s all ultimately about you. Metaphor comes secondary to direct theory and direct theory pales next to praxis. Gaming out the plight of imaginary refugees is not going to feed and house any real ones, nor will it address whatever shitty circumstances have brought them to your shores and prevent them from returning to whence they would presumably rather be.


        I have every intention of hacking Hunger Dice, Resonance, Dyscracia and Social Damage into my beloved V:tR 1e. I’ve always taken an abstract “three rounds maximum” level to combat and my game is no stranger to a subtle hand signal indicating that it’s all a bit Much so bully for me, V5 vindicates what I’ve been doing all along.

        [Retrocloning Requiem]

        That’s no way to talk about Onyx Path Productions.
        (I’ve played their in-house Requiem revival. It’s all right. Lacks the archetypal simplicity of the first edition but Touchstones are a nice enough system, I suppose.)


  6. The Minister of National Policy, External Relations, Press and Information of the Government of the Chechen Republic, Dzhambulat Umarov, accused the creators of the fifth version of the board role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade, which described “Chechens-vampires” led by “Sultan Ramzan” in the ideological genocide. The Minister said this at a press conference NSN.

    “Now we see the ideological genocide of the Chechen people. It is still not clear what is worse, physical or ideological. It is ideological, spiritual. People do not want anyone to come to us. People want the map to not have Chechens at all. I very much hope that my state and international law will help me and every Chechen in deservingly, fairly and severely punishing these villains, ”said Dzhambulat Umarov.

    Recall that in NSN a press conference was held, dedicated to the scandal around the game about “Chechens-vampires”, released by the White Wolf studio in the company Paradox Interactive. After the release caused outrage among representatives of the LGBT community, the company announced the disbandment of the studio. However, the Chechen press minister said at the NSN press conference that this is not enough to apologize to the Chechen people for “the greatest insult.” Umarov said that the authors of an insulting game could, as an apology, publish a new book about the merits of the Chechen people and their region. The minister also expressed hope for an apology in monetary terms.

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    1. Each of us has a central truth that forms the firmament of our thinking, the sourcecode of the software we use to navigate the universe. Beyond its event horizon we can be masters with eyes like hawks and our very gaze can yoke the world. Within it we are slaves to things that come before.

      Thank you for this.


    2. He’s off base about WW though. The Dot is behind The Times. To pretend that a work should always rest with its creator and not with the dozens of others who have carried it forward and improved upon it is… well, I’d expect an artist who lives or dies by the association of his name with his work to hold such a fallacious belief, that’s all. As the originator of the dynastic vampires Rein-Hagen deserves due credit for his fine work but not an indefinite and sole authority over them. After all, for the first year or two of his reign Justin Achilli did a better job of showing the game’s working than his predecessor ever did, and even the new edition makes mechanical innovations that would not be tolerated in a world that treated every syllable of Rein-Hagen’s design as golden. I take the broader point about serving the interest of corporate IP holders, but the biggest problem with V5 isn’t risk-aversion: it’s competence.


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