Some love for the Merciless merchants

Froth’s of DnD gives the Merciless Merchants a much deserved shout-out:

One of the harsh lessons of life is that talent doesn’t equal success. Timing, who you know, and so many other variables come into play. Any aspiring musician knows this. I know from my day job that over 80% of all job openings are never advertised. They go to internal candidates or their friends and family members. By the time a job is advertised, you can be competing with lots and lots of people.

This is all a long-winded way of saying that if talent was enough, the words “Merciless Merchants” would be on every OSR enthusiast’s lips.

Aaron deserves praise for being a creative, driven guy and an awesome individual to work with. I can’t count on two hands the number of times he has encouraged, supported or heckled me into outdoing myself. He knows when to encourage and when to let people do their thing, and without his tireless effort an actual Age of Dusk module would be consigned to an outline on the blog. The upcoming Palace of Unquiet Repose is very much a collaborative effort, and I expect it to outperform anything we have done so far.

Jeremy is dead on about the stock art. We are considering Kickstarting Palace of Unquiet Repose once the writing is done but perhaps it is better to release a low art version first.

Palace is…70-75% done and proceeds slowly but steadily, each encounter painstakingly crafted with all the precision and expertise of a samurai blacksmith.

Here’s to lighting those cigars with sweet dollar bills.


7 thoughts on “Some love for the Merciless merchants

  1. You guys are killing me….trying to be all ‘merciless’ and what not and I’m reduced to weeping tears of joy, humbled, and wanting to run around and give hugs all around. Thanks for the kind words Prince. You are a joy to work with as well. The damn guy is hilarious, creative, and really adds the magic to our collaborations. lets get back to work…:)


  2. Thumbs up, although the trilateralist conspiracy against the one-euro bill makes it very difficult for European OSR creators to light cigars with their earnings : they rarely get more than one try. That’s why, various judiciary issues aside, Tarnovski chose exile in Inflationland : he can shower with dirty banknotes just with the change from his third morning donùto.


    1. In the face of recent and future economic development in the greater Euro area, European OSR creators can expect this trend to reverse, and should be investing in combustible cardstock so their modules may be burned for heat and light or even used as emergency rations in times of hardship. Bless Tarno, is he still running?


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