Update + Hiatus

This is Prince.

Real life: As some of you might be aware, I got a new job recently which involves an intensive 3 week training in America. That means my posting during this time will likely be non-existent but I will occasionally check to respond to comments. Be advised that response time will be slow.

Elfgames: I didn’t make my self-imposed deadline to get Palace in fighting/kickstarting trim before I left which sucks but on the plus side I did get my driving licence. Aaron’s done great work on the maps thus far, the encounters of the last level are in quick draft version and we still need a map (there’s an encounter which requires specific geography to function as intended). After that its polishing things up, playtesting/editing and then off to the kickstarter mines to get some art done. Malrex has opined that open source in an Age of Dusk module would be a travesty and I agree with him. Kickstarter budget will be limited, maybe 500-1000 bucks at first, with the possibility of additional expansions or a follow up adventure (the already planned Vaults of Oblivion) if I can get enough people interested.

Party Members: Long story short, Aaron’s region of the states suffered some pretty severe fires over the past few months and a lot of people got their shit destroyed. He himself is fine but he’s raising some money to help them rebuild. If you are interested in checking out some of the Merciless Merchant’s stuff that he has been putting out and you want a nice deal or if you are a warm and caring individual looking to combine his passion for charity with his compulsion to pretend to be an elf with dice, now is your chance. Click on the link to check out the Charity bundle. If you don’t feel a hankering for adventure merciless merchants style but you have a far more embarrassing craving for elfgame blogging, a shoutout is always appreciated. Even Californians need houses.

Reviewing: Obviously reviewing will be a bit slow the coming 3 weeks. I got a flood of donations, rest assured, I have not forgotten any of them and I will get to them. This includes a bizarre follow up to Meatlandia, a rules light Dnd-inspired retrogame, A Mists of Akuma expansion and CHA’ALT.

That’s right. My hardcover for Cha’alt came in. Wrapped in stylish purple bubble-wrap and exuding eldritch weirdness from each gorgeously illustrated page, expect an in depth review with pictures as I go over it with a fine-toothed comb, pointing out where I could have consulted better. It will be like that stage in every fighting game where you have to do a mirror match before you fight the final boss, only this time, the final boss is the pressures of a social life.

There’s a partially completed review of Elves by Role Aids waiting in my cue. Finally a product that allows me to utilize the full potential of the caps lock key.

Moar Real Life: I had a coffee with one of my regular readers a week ago. It was good to talk incessantly in fantasy references and find out y’all are not all catpissmen. Gives a man hope.

Books: Illiad, Faust, Children of Hürin. Read!

This was Prince. See you all in a while.


9 thoughts on “Update + Hiatus

  1. Looking forward to hearing more, and congrats on the driver’s license! As painful as it is to hear the Age of Dusk adventure will be delayed, I’d rather that than an unfinished product. Like an opposite video game studio. The wait for a polished product is worth it


  2. Damn by my calculations you should be home now. Where are my reviews ? Dusk is upon us and we need one more good story and laugh to ease us into the final night.

    But if right now you are busy trying to persuade your American collegues to find a job for Wundergeek that does not expose h/i/r to any risk of “love” or “friendship” (cf her latest breakdown), then please take your time.


    1. Fuck I am back. Wundergeek has risen from her depression induced stupor and is pouring her menstrual rage all over the internet. I met Bryce and Melan and we have made a plan to conquer the OSR. My reviews are ready and waiting, as soon as I find a window in this presentation laden hellscape I will pull both triggers and deliver them into your hands.

      America has made me fat but the theme park environment has galvanized me. I met living cartoon characters and stalked the pubs of athens Ohio till the early hours of the morning. I watched Eagles soar across the corroded hellscape of the rust belt, lit by a thousand franchise signs. I staggered under the weight of a thousand screaming soda-pop commercials in a brobdignagian wasteland of outlets and fastfood chains and the human vermin that sustain them. Chad Ferguson, Humanoid Eagle, haunts my imagination. My optic nerves have been branded by McDonalds M’s and the mocking, empty smile of a Colonel of Chickens.

      I am back. I am reborn. Let the world take heed of my rebirth.


      1. It sounds like Roy Batty in Blade Runner might have been luckier. Still, similar statements for my life would be worse.
        “I’ve seen things you people couldn’t imagine. Piles of scripts with bungled calculations that make your eyes bleed. Admin tasks piling up higher than the Tannhauser Gate in my inbox. Writing reports that no one will ever read. All these moments will be lost in time, like turds down the drain. Time to cry.”


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