[Hype] Palace of Unquiet Repose Successfully Funded!!!


We did it. My thanks to all of you for believing in my grimdark dream.

So let’s to business shall we:
* Text is done, barring final editing and any playtesting changes
* We are currently toiling away at the DCC conversion, there’s some tricky parts involving magic item conversion since some spells don’t exist in DCC, but it should be alright.
* Major art pieces have been commissioned, but we are still in the process of contacting additional artists to fill out the roster. Suggestions can be mailed to princeofnothingblogs@yahoo.com
* Uyu-Yadmogh has a whopping 184 hit points as a result of your backing, so practice rolling natural 20s.
* Screaming Caverns needs to be written for the deluxe PDF. The outline is done. I am starting on introduction this week.

Time to get busy. Have a great weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “[Hype] Palace of Unquiet Repose Successfully Funded!!!

  1. And so your actions have wrought an unimaginable terror upon my home. Once walking down a crowded street a man spontaneously combusted leaving behind an ash colored homunculus. On the other side of this street, a woman tried to haruspex her own organs. A man’s head swelled up and released a horde of scorpions,while two twin ladies melted together to form a horrific new abomination. Above this scene,the sun turned into a asp’s eye and stared down onto to this blasphemy.

    I curse you, horror onto your house and every member until the eighth generation. Your descendants shall curse your name for the hex you brought upon.

    Can’t wait to play, Prince.

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  2. Splendidly done, and updates are very welcome. I have a small complaint, however: 18 Reborns and 86 Pilgrims should mean 190 more hit points for Uyu-Yadmogh. Surely he was not assigned -6 to start with? I would settle for 202, so that he surpasses Demogorgon in 1E.

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