Palace of Unquiet Repose Now For Sale!

Get it here.

Or if you want another version just click on it you will be okay.

To all of you readers, kickstarters, gangbangers and road warriors, I salute you. The past couple of months have been pretty damn wild, and I am blown away by the postivity, generosity, patience and support that we have received during this project, not just financially (although I do want your money), but also in the form of encouragement, feedback, postivity and support. I trust the final product is worth the wait and so far the signs are looking very positive.

What’s next:
Not all the reviews are in yet, so I expect to be lost in a month-long fugue of drunken debauchery until Aaron recaptures me and the resulting debt forces me to write another adventure. I couldn’t possibly hint at that already could I?

Not all of Tzyan was lost…

In this cold and silent place, we have made our dominion…

For aeons, we have bred for evil and sorcery…

We have gazed into the Abyss until our spirits became a mirror for it…

We have forgotten more then you will ever know…

You have the key to our gaol…

The Abyss also gazes…

In the Vaults of Oblivion…

In the meantime, if you have not exhausted your kickstarter budget, you might want to check out Venger’s Kickstarter. I am not affiliated with this one, but, well, its more Cha’alt.

Update: The High scores keep pouring in. And this is not even my final form.

Tomb of Horrors delivered a trap filled vaguely vanilla dungeon with a demi-lich at the end to stab. The mausoleum in Rappan Athuk wanted to deliver a mournful kind of place that served as the threshold for parties to enter the Dungeon of Graves. Various other dungeons have tried, and generally failed, to evoke a kind of quiet horror that comes from graveyards. Many adventures speak of long-dead empires of evil magic users and attempt to transport you there, in spirit, through the dungeon that is related to them. This, though, does a great job of conveying the vibe that those adventures are trying for. This is this sense, in almost every encounter, that this place IS the legacy of a long dead empire of evil magic. The sense of dread is never very fall way. A sense of the cyclopean. Of ennui. Of forgotten things. It’s all in there.

Bryce has done God’s work in fighting for a world where adventures are well laid out, have factions, have flavor, don’t waste your time, aren’t railroads, and are meant to be played not read. I started reviewing adventures back and his standards have been a powerful influence on my gaming and writing. We don’t always agree, but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t know gold when he sees it.

5 thoughts on “Palace of Unquiet Repose Now For Sale!

  1. Hi there,

    My friend very much liked The Red Prophet Rises and ran it for our group. He was curious of your next adventure and… here it is. I immediately told him about your release and propably soon we will check it.

    I would totally get this one, but you know… spoilers and stuff.

    Have a nice day.


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