Mörk Borg Cult review: The Artpunk Crusade Continues

Once upon a time there was an old man named Prince who was travelling back to his home after the evening sermons. Tall, statuesque, old before his years, a leonine neck of hair, calamity had only tempered him, for above all he loved the OSR.
When he approached his home through his back yard he paused. “What is that putrid stench,” he rumbled wrothfully. “What is that infernal cacophony, as of autistic pigs rutting?”
And he shifted his grip on his ironwood cane and made his way to his shed, only to be assailed by sights normal men were not meant to know. There, within his shed, amidst puddles of semen, excrement, blood, cigarette butts, empty star-bucks cups and dirty polyhedral dice, he faced the resentful glares of the Artpunkmen. The stench was indescribable.
Five there were, the tallest reaching no higher then Prince’s chest, their androgynous faces, cruelly hooked noses, sharp-teeth and needle-pointed chins holding the looks of robbers caught in the act.
“What is this?,” growled Prince.  
The tallest of the Artpunkmen raised its chin and brandished his cup of star-bucks coffee belligerently, and stated, “We are playing Artpunk DnD. Behold our punk and defiance of authority.”
“What are you guys doing in my shed?,” asked Prince, deathly calm.
 One of the Artpunkmen started screeching and crying, while the rest gasped in incredulous hatred and feigned outrage. The tallest trembled, and tears ran down its cheek as it screamed “You have misgendered us. Transphobe!”
“My shed looks like a mess,” continued Prince unabashed. “It is really quite awful. You have to tell me why it looks so bad. Also there is a replication crisis in the humanities.”
One of the Artpunkmen threw up and started shaking hysterically while others restrained it. “He does not abide by the mutable consensus morality dictated by anglosphere media, academia, entertainment and most corporate HR policy,” the tallest of the Artpunkmen shrieked. “And he has not respected our proper pronouns.”
“I am being harassed,” cried an Artpunkman as it struck at Prince with a bicycle-lock, but the blow glanced off as he had only rolled a 5 and reading 80% of Appendix N gives you AC 0.
“Quickly! Cancel him!” gasped another Artpunkman. And the Artpunkmen brandished their phones and started tweeting their hateful bigotry against the Prince all over social media. A single tear ran down his cheek as he contemplated the inconvenience his readers would suffer if they had to buy his adventures at one of many other webshops, tiny publishers and online distribution platforms. He fell to his knees and prayed to St. Gygax for a Miracle. Golden Light spilled down through the wooden planks of the ceiling. The Artpunkmen screeched in pain.
“I have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct,” wailed one.
“I have been cancelled by my own following over an ambiguously worded tweet,” screeched another, ripping out clumps of its dyed hair.
“I have failed to deliver on my kickstarter promises,” bemoaned yet another of the Artpunkmen, rending his face.  
“Playing too much Troika has given me aids!” lamented the last.
And all but one of them disappeared in a puff of ash.
A last one remained. It trembled, but Prince smiled kindly, and looked up, and a beam of heavenly light lanced down from the sky, and enveloped the Artpunkman in heavenly radiance. And lo, underneath the patina of grime and soot and hairdye, there was a normal guy. The man wept tears of gratitude and shame as he turned to Prince and asked “What happened?”
“I have prayed to St. Gygax and he has removed your gayness,” stated Prince wisely.
“Will you…will you teach me to play DnD like a regular person?” asked the normal guy, who was still gay, but in a cool way, like your Uncle Barry.
“Yes,” stated the benevolent Prince. “But first you are going to clean up my goddamn shed.”

Alright. Fish in a barrel season 2: Electric boogaloo. I wanted to give Mörk Borg a fair shake and just looking at the 3rd party products doesn’t do quite that. Fortunately for me Mörk Borg has its own curated label, Mörk Borg Cult, that contains submissions by fans, laid out by the creators, that they consider to be particularly worthy of their brand. The quality is somewhat higher but still bad, but there is hope as there was at least one decent adventure in here. Let the Artpunk Crusade continue.

Bloat (2019)
Greg Saunders (Mörk Borg Cult)

I have a rule of adventure design. One pagers suck! It’s probably not always true, but its pretty true. The premise is good. A hermit stumbles onto a tomb of some bacchanalian harvest goddess and finds a magical cutlery that allows him to eat anything and is compelled to do so. He soon grows too fat to move, and is fed by ceramic automatons that render the meat down into goop and cart away his poop to a connected river. Halfway through a gruesome weird premise so not terrible.

This could have been an Lotfp adventure and at 10 pages probably would have been on par. 6 rooms, the creatures are creative, (although animated poop is a Raggi original for anyone keeping score) and the atmosphere and imagery is decent if unpleasant, but the problem is again the interaction. Straightforward combat all, any weird stuff just has bad effects, disincentivizing exploration, and you can cheese the boss by standing in the entrance and firing shots at him. The cursed cutlery isn’t really worked out either or given a basic gold piece value.  

There is one good indication of design. A moldy curtain hides a tripwire trap that can be searched for, either via roll or interaction. If you want to do Mörk Borg and do gross adventures you can at least study the Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine adventure for a tasteful one. And isn’t this body shaming? **

Devil’s Tomb (2019)
Johan Nohr (Mörk Borg Cult)

1 page.

A 9 room dungeon by Johan Nohr, generated using the Mörk Borg random dungeon generator. It feels like it too, random creative elements jumbled together without regard for verisimilitude or coherence. The eyes of an idol have been taken to The Devil’s Tomb in Graven-tosk. You must retrieve them. There is a bottomless pit to hell, and a sewer of fish people worshipping a mind-control plant.

Hoo boy. You can do rooms that have no bearing on eachother and rely on the strength of individual encounters to carry the day which is essentially a funhouse dungeon. You better have DAMN good encounters boi. Three goblins arguing over a magic sharp sword, and Nohr has taken the trouble to describe where they shit too. There’s also a bit where he goes into how the fish people worship the corpse of one of them on an altar thrice daily? On a one-pager you really can’t afford this sort of digression. Everything needs to be tight. This is not tight. Straightforward combat with the fish people, no tactics, then you find the eyes, which allow you to find a door somewhere in the shaft to hell, so you can maybe find and beat up the magic lifeplant, despite having no incentive to do so and no reward either. If you are going to make everything into a dadaistic videogame you can at least reward players that find cryptic parts of your micro-dungeon.
I look at this and I don’t get who its for. It’s too incoherent to be atmospheric, it’s too sloppy to be really challenging for the gamer crowd and its not quite bizarre enough for that Rugose Kohn vibe. What the fuck happened man? You did Optic Vaults once right? Jesus. *

Death-Temple Szkun (2020)
Pelle Nilsson (Mörk Borg Cult)

A two page pamphlet, the hooks are nice? The creator of the game wrote this. There’s a whole page of randomly generated hooks, why you came, some rumors, what you want to drink the fountain with odd holy water for and possible effects. For only 2 pages that’s almost excessive but all those effects, the mention of plague-flies, or soot cough spreading across the land, that’s kind of atmospheric, I like that. Good atmospheric lines too, punchy, with each floor.

Ancient and evil. Something is wrong. The smell of death is overwhelming.

Okay, 3 floor, fifteen encounters. Atmosphere starts off good, fighting skeletons to get in, weird 7-eyed pool monster with a key inside that you can use to open the door. Poison statue of a begger, hands outstretched, blocks way to a treasure chest. Great! I thought. There will be some clever way to avoid him or you have to put something in his opened hands. WRONG BITCH. Placing anything in his hands means it crumbles to dust and smashing the statue fills everything with poison. A waste man.

2nd floor, Occult face, interacting with it will GAAAAH DR 16 PRESENCE CHECK OR IT WILL REVEAL YOUR SECRETS TAKE DAMAGE NOOOOH. Then A PIT TRAP IN THE MIDDLE OF A NORMAL HALLWAY. THEN COMBAT WITH TWO STONE PIGS. If it’s going to be straightforward combat do it for a game that has a complicated battle system at least. C’mon man.

Third floor. Random event on one room. Why is that random? Vestigial muscle memory from OSR origins. Then a group of madmen tied together with a golden rope in a ROOM with a monster, out of reach, that turns you to gold with a gaze. Massive loot for a golden body, fountain underneath. The madmen don’t make any fucking sense but this room is at least interesting because you can’t fight so some sort of solution, creative, gameplay perhaps, will have to be found if people want to drink from the fountain. The people don’t make sense, I’d expect like, gold statues so ominous foreshadowing and the rest of the loot is just odorless poison and junk but this is ALMOST ALMOST saved by this one, complex, not combat encounter and some of the atmosphere but you GOTTA follow through. Avoid basic mistakes. Tomb atmosphere is solid in this one. **

The Death Ziggurat (2019)
Carl Nibleaus (Mörk Borg Cult)

Praise be to Odin. Johan Nohr and Pelle Nilson, if Carl is at the Allthing with you, don’t let him leave. Commission Gleipnir from some nearby dwarves in exchange for the Apples of Immortality and a night with your wives, chain him in a cave and challenge anyone who tries to get him to write for them to the holmgang. Don’t let Raggi steal this guy away.

This adventure is helped immensely by its length, a voluminous 11 pages, so it can walk around in its cage and stretch its fucking legs. The presentation is excellent, cryptic reversed triad, skeletons, black finish, but there is some actual substance to go along with the gorgeous presentation for once.

A tiny hex crawl, you are drawn to a frozen valley in the woods of Sarkash, where the demi-goddess Ankühn has been freed from her prison in the realm of death by the ending of the world. Good atmosphere, good encounters. You go through a cave filled with undead, slow and easily avoided but unkillable, moaning, accursed. Then a big group of murder cultists before that, probably too many to fight, meaning you will have to use trickery or sneak past. The ruins proper are a little light, a lot of random events and tables, but there’s something here. There are rot-priests with gaping maws in their chests…but they are not automatically hostile, instead pondering the meta-physics of existing within two realms…THIS PAYS OFF. You cannot enter the Death Ziggurat that holds the Heart of Anühk unless you wear their amulets since it is locked in the realm of death. You can encounter the goddess but she can only be killed temporarily…in multiple ways! There is a, cryptic, alternative way to kill her but that’s good! That invites exploration!, radiant crown hidden in some landmark. It’s dangerous but not entirely useless! And the former advisor of the lady, a long-tongued devil ghost thing, THAT DOESN’T ATTACK IMMEDIATELY. Hideous horn beasts, rot-priests, skeletons this is all good stuff.

This is still very light. There’s no dungeon map of any kind, the random treasure in the ruins is just esoteric object worth oh so many gold pieces and certainly do not expect a complicated logistical, roleplaying or tactical scenario, but on a basic level this succeeds where all the others fail. This, not Rotblack Sludge, should have been in the back of Mörk Borg to showcase the point of the game.


50 thoughts on “Mörk Borg Cult review: The Artpunk Crusade Continues

    1. This is a line I certainly didn’t see coming 😛

      While much of writing has been enhanced for comedic effect, and I tend to pass as normal because of a background in sales/recruitment and extensive practice, it is true I, like many DnD nerds, am on the spectrum. I think you are doing good work. This age with its coercive demand for empathy and bewildering morass of shifting social landmines is particularly tough on the autistic. Email me if there is anything I can do to help.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I commiserate. All my friends were on the Spectrum, which was especially hard on me since I was on the Amstrad, which was supposedly the same thing but was not, Dad, not at all !

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  1. (Bloat)
    But… Morkborgish politically correctness shouldn’t apply to over weight people too? I’m disappointed


  2. If I wanted to “cheese the boss” by sniping from a doorway I would play Skyrim, and I am now wondering how many of these adventures rise from the corroded, stunted nodules of vidyagame brains. All of them seem to have that aesthetically driven action-adventure combat “feel” (and I agree that a simple combat is at its best in a system that has its tactical wargame taint on show, giving the players something to bite on in their build rather than the encounter).

    Do you think this is something to do with their lack of sophistication – an expectation that a machine should be able to run RPGs for you?


  3. Gentlemen. A little bird has informed me that I have provoked the anger of certain powers of the OSR subreddit by half a decade of shitposting and their fu(r)ry will descend upon me with the intensity of a thousand sons. If I am to be cancelled this day, let it be said that I enjoyed my time upon this mortal coil among you, doing what we loved, where passion and knowledge of DnD and passion and knowledge alone was the measure by which we were judged and that I will never stop making adventures of quality, challenge, beauty and power and getting them to you.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Ah come on… you’ll be fine.
      From what I can gather the OSR-Subreddit seems like a beast without teeth to me (though I might be wrong about that 😉 )

      Your comments about the intensity of a thousand sons (did you mean suns?) made me remember this quote from Gandalf regarding the moral downfall of Gondor.

      “Kings built tombs more splendid than the houses of the living and counted the names of their descent dearer than the names of their sons. Childless lords sat in aged halls musing on heraldry or in high cold towers asking questions of the stars. And so the kingdom of Gondor sank into ruin, the line of kings failed, the white tree withered and the rule of Gondor was given over to lesser men.”

      Though it doesn’t quite fit the situation…

      ““Writers” built high concept Artpunk-modules more splendid looking than the Adventures of the living gamers at their tables and counted the names of their followers dearer than the names of their friends. Creators without talent sat in censored subreddits musing on political correctness or in high cold Discord-Servers asking questions of the woke Idols. And so the kingdom of the OSR sank into ruin, the line of Gygax failed, the white tree withered and the rule of the OSR was given over to lesser men.”

      There… that’s better 😛


    2. I hear these very problematic review blogs are soon getting replaced by Soy & Sorcery, a new alternative site that will finally address contemporary aspects of module design:
      – Instead of Jaquaying the dungeon (trans erasure), it will champion rich, diverse backstories (lived experiences).
      – Instead of long-form adventures (ableism), they will focus on one-page scenarios suitable for the mentally handicapped (accessibility).
      – Instead of expressive terseness (Donald Trump tweets), it will grade pronoun use (inclusivity).
      – In place of Appendix N (white colonialism, and that guy who called his cat …. who had a very unfortunately named cat), it will reflect the changing face of fantasy literature to appeal to a broader demographic (J.K. Rowling [1]).
      – Instead of random encounters (heteronormativity), it will rate scenarios on the strength of boxed text (LGBTQIOP inclusion).
      – Instead of the GP-to-XP gameplay loop (toxic masculinity), it will praise adventures where everyone remains poor, and neither GP nor XP get handed out (socialism).

      Roll over, Beethoven!

      [1] The name of You Know Who is only listed here to make sure the reader is sufficiently up to date. If you did not respond immediately with a hearty “Boooo! Hisssss!”, you are behind the curve, and probably a sneaky bigot.

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      1. im sorry am i seeing correctly? you did not change the nature of dungoens & factions to NOT be colonialist caricatures? you dont see the inherent problematic being of going into a dungeon, beating people on their head and stealing their treasures? this is exactly what we americans did to the indians! (I never visited another state in my life and actively dislike talking about other countries)

        but im glad you mentioned the ableism of longterm campaigns. i have a condition called Lazy-Flake that mixed with my ADHD forces me to only play oneshots at times of my own choosing. IM glad you have respect for at least that but you still have a lot of growing to do melan.


      2. @trying my hands at shitposting, ew the smell
        I actually worked on a setting for a while with the premise of “What if d&d but even more explicitly colonial?” A campaign would start with the pcs getting off the boat in the new world and then trying to find ancient ruins, get involved in colonial wars, try to get their village to survive in the shifting wars and alliances of colonies, natives and empires. An issue I ran with as far as “would I get called a bigot or something by woke libs” was my idea of not basing the natives off american natives at all. It would be more immersive if they’re an alien culture that the players themselves don’t have a frame of reference for. Place multiple native cultures down but start the players in complete ignorance and have playing natives be something that’s unlocked through play.

        idk, people get offended as fuck when you point out parallels to early american history with d&d settings and it just seems overly sensitive to me. Hell, d&d has enough DNA from westerns that while north american history is more influential, an even more “d&d but in real life” era would be the conquistador wars. Collapsing empires leaving grand ruins, treasure hunters, warlords, it’s got it all.

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      3. @osvelt

        I actually did argue against this but after playing B10 it’s obvious that those elements are there in the form of a sort of frontier spirit and I was being obstreperous. I think its more that grogs are tired of the old “this has colonialist elements therefore it is causing great material harm and if you disagree you were working in the ovens with Hitler” line of reasoning, which always happens by people that have never played the game and curiously only focuses on one particular aspect of the game that might be harmful. It’s the satanic panic, video-games-are-making-you-worship-satan argument rebranded.

        One thing that was unexpectedly vivid and D&D-like when I read it was Blood Meridian, a recommendation from Edgewise, which takes place near the border of mexico and follows a band of absolute scumbags that degenerate slowly into lunacy across a boschean hell of salt-flats, piled bison-skulls and villages of clay and mud.

        That being said, your more explicit-colony idea sounds very science-fictioney, and could maybe work? Hasn’t Crawford done something like this with Red Tide?

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      4. It seems that the only guaranteed way to make a game that does not provoke offence from the woke crowd is to make one about a transgender furry pedophile grooming children on a discord server.

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    3. But ALL available doctrine indicates that the OSR is ALL reactionary catpissmen who sit up and beg when the dogwhistles are blown! You were entirely on brand for this – how can this be? Surely there is no nuance among the damned?


  4. Well imagine my shock!

    The worst kept secret is out, and another virtue signalling Discord owner has been outed for “abuse, emotional manipulation, and grooming”, and removed from faer (correct pronoun use, folx!) position. https://oblidisideryptch.blogspot.com/2021/03/allegations-against-auratwilightpaimon.html

    Whoa! Who could have seen this coming? I mean, after THE PREVIOUS owner was outed for THE SAME FUCKING THING. It just keeps happening.

    And of course, another pit of the Woko Haram has been proven to shelter sex pests. These claims were not new. They were around for months. Yet these fine people did FUCK ALL until now, while posting glibly about the problematic elements in the OSR. How nice. I may be a crusty old white man with bad views, but I am sure as fuck happy I am not part of THAT crowd.

    Yiff in hell, motherfuckers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 5e last thing I saw about you in there was they discussing if you were Romani or not. And this dude was in the middle of it. It was hilarious to read, can’t say otherwise.


  5. oh no! there’s more! I can actually talk about these (lately comment sections get really intense don’t they).
    Bloat is very gamey with this weakness thing but it was fun when going for the grossout (which I did, Halloween game). The party was also a crew of starving peasants who were previously under the domain of this lord so it all turned into a lovely revenge story. It would’ve probably paid off better if it had been properly set up in a longer-running game but what can you do if you only got an evening.

    Death Ziggurat was the intro to my campaign (my first actual one) and it was great. The whole thing lasted nine Sessions and three were spent in the sinkhole (first two and last one). I expanded it beyond it with demon officers looking for Anküh for running away, adding in a small cult-dungeon I stole from skerples and also an entire city in a parallel world where Anküh’s father reigned. I blogged about it but ended up deleting it unhappy how lolrandum I made it appear in text.

    Death Temple was originally made for the release-party in Stockholm a year ago and handed out for free. Maybe that’s the best place to play Mörk Borg, drunk in a loud club with doom metal droning in the back? You won’t mind the linearity as much then.

    (the 23-room dungeon I promised is still WIP. I only need to playtest then one-more look-over and I’ll shoot you a mail. Take care til then and allow yourself a break or two. I heard you were getting cancelled after all)


    1. The rumors of my cancellation are exaggerated :P. In the OSR, if you are below a certain weight class, people very rarely bother. Most of the cancellation going on here is usually self-inflicted, on the very crowd that tends to throw the first stones. Adam Kobol on timeout, Kiel Chenier self-inflicted etc. etc., now people are warily eyeing Daniel Fox. Controversial figures like Pundo and Venger are still not cancelled and they get into it for sport so I am not overly worried.

      The only person in the OSR who got super-cancelled was Zak, which was only possible because of how many enemies he had made. I think a concerted effort by Lotfp could have kept him going but its all about speed and reaction time in a MeToo scenario. As time drags on people get a little more skeptical at the accusations thrown about so if there are enough people on your side pressing people to investigate but take no premature action the momentum of the attack tends to dissipate. Getting kicked off of Drivethru is pretty severe and everyone, conscience clean or foul, leapt aboard the condemnation train for Zak. I wrote an epic poem about it here:


      I don’t know what to think of the accusations currently. I did some reading on autism and it strikes me that Zak is probably autistic too. His responses, his style of argumentation, the obsessive focus, the weird lack of self-reflection it all fits better then any sort of sociopathy. But this ultimately does not matter. He was a proponent of the culture that killed him, and even now he lurks in his den, eternally hatching plots of revenge and cancellation in halls half-empty with deleted comments.

      I am glad you are taking my challenge 😛 I’ll be sure to check it out. My tip is to get a consistent handle so I can tell you apart.


      1. @prince
        Pendejo and venger figured out what 4chan types figured out forever ago. Never apologize ever, always double down and if you have control of your product then you can weather the storm. It might not be the best thing for society if this is the most logical action after being “problematic” but such is the way of the world. Just don’t get obsessed with whatever you got accused of and end up like the father ted guy.

        Zaks issue was he was a sex pest and a relentless asshole so he burned through every ally once the accusations got to be too big to ignore imo. Pretty simple. Sex harassment was part of the reward of being a successful man even just 15 years ago. Especially lusting after teens was way more acceptable 20 years ago. People having their career ruined over credible abuse allegations is part of a cultural shift that’s bigger and more recent than most realize imo.


      2. @osvelt
        Thanks man. Yeah I know my Alinsky and my SJWAL. If you don’t apologize you are usually alright, though its easy to get trapped if you try to defend yourself too much. Ignoring it is overall the best tactic, though aggressive responses can be an effective deterrent.

        I’m not sure if I agree with you that sexual harassment is something EVERY successfull man does, since there is a natural interplay between powerful men and women that causes powerful men to be more attractive to them also (thus theoretically bypassing the need for harassment), but there is a subset of creepy guys that will absolutely abuse their power once they get there totally.

        I’m not optimistic about the current cultural shift. I think y’all are living in Louis XVI days. Hopefully I am wrong.


      3. It’s not so much that every successful man does sexual harassment I thinkk but that being successful puts someone in a better position to get away with it than an average pleb. As far as it being a perk of the job back in the day, that’s more my observation from talking to geezers. The broader cultural change behind the recent metoo stuff is the same cultural change driving the right to accuse everyone of being a sex trafficker imo.

        I’m not too optimistic about the trajectory of society though the internet isn’t at all capturing what I’m seeing irl. I’m seeing more people getting armed and creating mutual aid societies on the premise that we’re entering an era of violence and economic collapse rather than liberal triumphalism. One good thing though, I think culture is going to stop being in the stagnation it’s been in since the 90’s and we’ll at least start getting more innovation happening.

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  6. Between you, Bryce, and even the Fear of a Black Dragon guys, have the Borg Morks been slipping money out to get extra reviews of their product? Maybe it is just synchronicity but it seems like a trend.


    1. If they have I would not know. I always put a disclaimer out if I review something that was sent to me, and Bryce doesn’t take donations. I think the ArtPunk Crusade might be gathering some momentum, one hopes.


      1. It kind of depends on what you are into, but if you want the type of lingering horror I’d figure out a way to get corruption points into your oldschool game. I know Veins of the Earth has a decent table for mutations that you pick up while traversing the veins. I used to run a lot of the Dark Heresy RPG and that had a complicated table for both corruption (which were these fucked up stains on the soul that meant you could never spare an enemy, or all your food would taste like ashes so you were perpetually fatigued, or you’d see people rotting around you etc. etc.).


  7. When I came home yesterday my POD of Palace was waiting in the mail. A few drops of blood fell on it as I had cut my finger opening the package and it moaned with satisfaction. I put it on my shelf, for I needed to be rested and in full possession of my faculties before I dared perusing it. This morning I found my copy of Lion &Dragon lying on the floor, eviscerated, its scattered pages twisted in unholy terror. Should I put my family in a hotel for the next few days?

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  8. AHAHAHAHA Fuck my life Prince. Unlike most of your detractors, you are actually funny. I laugh out loud, like an electrified hyena at inappropriate times while reading your posts (at work, on the can, waiting in line at the hipster coffee place, etc). I have often thought that a good sense of humour might be an important dividing line between ‘types’ of people.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. These are strange times, JK being cancelled, years of gratitude for the work she did on that name, being lost like tears in the rain. Greg Gorgonmilk, once cancelled himself, extolling the virtues of Jeffery Catherine Jones over on MeWe. And Donald Trump standing in the middle of a fucking Odal rune! I’ll say this, my mother’s name was Churchill so fuck that guy. I do remember one line from The Half Blood Prince “The problem is Prime Minister, the other side can do magic too”


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