Interview with a High Level Wizard & General Adress

It’s been a year for interviews. A wizardlvl80, one of my readers, was gracious enough to have me on his channel. Therein we discuss the state of the OSR, reviewing, Artpunk (obviously), the Great Zzarchov Kowolski, Lamentations of the Flame Princess, the State of the OSR, Red Prophet Rises, Deep Carbon Observatory and other stuff. I manage to be audible and semi-coherent despite eating an entire plate of sandwiches.

I love it that I see so many channels pop up and the OSR slowly move to youtube. I think there is ground to be won here and people to reach. It is the nature of a hobby archipelago such as ours that we are all of us tiny fires, flickering in the dark, and that every shout out or signal boost can mean the difference between life and death. Obscurity or Glory. If we want something beautiful, we have to fight for it.

Is the OSR dead? Is something wearing its skin and walking through your garden at night, besmirching litterboxes and molesting family pets? Can all the sour grapes finally gnash their stumpy teeth and flail their gnarled limbs in bitter exultation? I didn’t hear it die, and I wasn’t invited to the funeral. As far as I am concerned that means it is still kicking.

I think the OSR is a lot like the Lotfp facebook group now. You didn’t come here for the likes. You didn’t come here to be popular. You came here because you wanted something rich, something heady, because you are a man of sophistication, and taste, and determination and to enjoy the company of the like-minded, and damn the rest.

I had a weird motherfucking year. Palace did great, the contest was very good (I just sent in the last touches, stay tuned!), I did an apology online and 3 interviews, and a million reviews, probably some of my best ever. Alongside that there’s promotions at work, my relationship is still good, lockdown is driving me nuts, I’m running my group through Screaming Caverns and I slowly become a stranger to the modern world.

And I want to take a moment to thank the people that shared my stuff or supported me over the years or have just been good company; Aaron Fairbrook, Melan, Bryce, Ray Chandler, Grutzi, Commodore, Chamberlain (hmmmmmn?), Dave (the commie with the hammer), Steven Oswalt, Shuffling Wombat, VorpalMace, Bigby’s Affirmative Consent Lubed Fist (I remember well your recommendations of Abraham Merrit old chum), squeen, Ynas Midgard, Terrible Sorcery, Zoid ZX, Will Vernon, ThiefofWhispers, Jonathan Baker, Particularist, EOTB, Settembrini, Venger Satanis, Shane Ward, Beoric (sorry if this puts you on a list somewhere), Bluemenbestmen, Frog Gode, Kent (yes you too, despite everything), KaptainVon, KingBrackish, all you contestants of the No Artpunk contest and the countless others who have placed me on their blog roll (I suppose a special thanks is warranted to Noisms), shared my shit, sent me your donations, commented, bought my adventures (or maybe you pirated them whatever) or just chilled out on Skype or Discord.

This coming year I think we shall attempt greater deeds. I have at least one module more to write, the Vaults of Oblivion (or maybe two), a New No Artpunk to run. I think it would be wasteful to let go to waste such fervour, fury, craftsmanship and ennobling hate, chanelled to such noble ends. So this is where I declare these goals, and be bound by my declaration in achieving them.

A good year my hounds. And a better year yet to come.


21 thoughts on “Interview with a High Level Wizard & General Adress

  1. I am not a hound for I have no name. Yes the tubes are you. But what is colonialism to be won in a world of G ogoleee

    I fear the afflictions are here and we paled for the hoursemen

    War is shit with a small dick currently killing in shadows


  2. Plot twist: my favourite class is fighter.

    It was a great time to talk to you my Prince. This blog is a place where many times I found my thoughts being properly articulated. Keep up the great work.

    PS. I actually messed up when answering your question about finding a dungeon in Red Prophet. We found it. Water trap was so much fun. Proper. Fucking. Dungeon.


    1. I think I should be more lavish with praise regarding the interview: you were well prepared with a splendid selection of questions, allowed a naturally entertaining and knowledgeable guest to speak, and chipped in with your own experiences/points to make it a fun dialogue. Much like Settembrini’s.
      My group also made it down to the dungeon level of Red Prophet Rises, but alas did not meet the Keeper of Names. There is a sense of foreboding, and a creepy atmosphere that is difficult to achieve in D+D.
      I like magic-users (with rangers runners-up).


  3. A fun review! How did you end up with an East Coast American accent? 😮
    You are well spoken, and have certainly had a wonderfully productive year. Congratulations!


  4. Very good interview, nice and wide-ranging. I did really enjoy your setting reviews back when they bundled with systems; you might enjoy swinging by a lesser Crawford like “Spears at Dawn” at some point, I’m considering that system for a Mali Empire campaign soon.


  5. An enjoyable listen. On the subject of settings, I think more details of your Dark Heresy campaign should be released in the public interest. As you state, the possibilities are close to limitless, yet after the promising introductory adventure Edge of Darkness where the party get caught in a Dredd (Karl Urban film) style lockdown, the official material was uninspiring, to put it politely. I’m sure you would enjoy a WFRP campaign (or one of its close relatives).
    Regarding this blog, it is a rallying point for high quality material, and that status will be confirmed with the publication of No Artpunk 1. (Don’t neglect volume 2!) If there is a reason for concern with the fragmented state of the OSR, it might be that excellent work is going unnoticed. In the hobby generally, the mediocre seems to be outselling the magnificent (with a few honourable exceptions).


  6. I remember the frist time I’ve finished the legendary Arrow of Indra review. My first thought was “damn, that was entertaining, is there more of this?” Things only improved since then and I’m glad I could see the epic journey in its entirety till this point. Keep up the good work!


  7. [Venger Satanis stumbles into this corner of the blogosphere, mumbling something about hookers, fuchsia and chartreuse colored blow, as well as, Cha’alt… before collapsing in a disheveled heap.]


  8. Thanks for the groetjes man, appreciated.
    Right back at’ya and your future projects!

    PS: RL interfered hard, and am now catching up by reading backwards.


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