About Prince

Want mijn is het lot…
De trots…
De strijd…
Het lijden…
Bid niet voor mij Sint Gygax…
Maar wend uw ogen af…
Hier is slechts geween en het geknars van tanden…
Een horde van zondaars en ellendelingen…
Verwrongen en bitter…

Bastaards, hoeren en bedriegers…
Zinloos vechtend en verradend to in de eeuwigheid…
Om uw twintig-zijdige troon

OSR. Reviews. Play reports. Setting Material. Fear. Booktalk. Merciless Annihilation.

A former YDIS shock trooper with a checkered past, as of March 2018, Prince officially joined the gentry of the OSR by teaming up with The Merciless Merchants and writing a kickass adventure. You can check out glowing reviews here, here and here.

In 2019 he served as Creative Consultant for Venger Satanis’s Cha’alt.

In early 2021, Prince & Malrex published the legendary Palace of Unquiet Repose. You can also check out glowing reviews here, here and here.

In late 2021, Prince organized the universally celebrated No Artpunk Contest, which raised 1300 dollars for The Autism Research Institute, and sought to strike back against the ugly banality of contemporary OSR products through discipline, tradition and craftsmanship. It can be downloaded for free, and many of its entries would go on to win the coveted ‘The Best’ from tenfootpole.org or ***** ratings from the inimitable Gabor Lux.

Inquiries, blessings, pleas, offers of arranged marriages and role-playing games one wishes to submit for a review may be sent to princeofnothingblogs@yahoo.com for careful consideration. I can not promise you mercy, but I can promise you fairness. All is not lost. There is hope. I am here.

Interviews with Prince
Zockbock Radio
Mala Weis (interview in english)

What people are saying about Prince.

PrinceofNothing is a miserable pile of awful.
– Unknown Furry (angry)

Absolutely vile in all forms.
-Dandyman, OSR Discord dweller of sub-moderate intelligence

“Let’s be honest again, Gary romanticized the genocide of millions of North American Aboriginals, or “Indians” as you’ll call them, as a great achievement for all of mankind in the “settling of the West”. That’s pretty fucking repugnant if you know some Indians bro”
– Unknown 1st year social science student (literacy not verified).

Interested? Check out some submissions thus far!
The Atheneum of Yearning (Steven Oswalt)
Monkey Business (Disoriented Ranger)
Zweihander Pt. I(the dreaded Daniel Fox and his loyal Host, would-be inheritor of the Throne of Darkness and Grimness)
Flower Liches of the Dragonboat Festival (Kabuki Kaiser)
The Chest (Aaron Fairbrook)
Dark Fantasy Basic (Eric Diaz)
Mines, Claws & Princesses (Steven Oswalt)
Battle for the Purple Islands (Venger Satanis)
Horror at Milltown (Donald MacVittie)
Dusty Door (Shane Ward)
Alpha Blue (Venger Satanis)
THOT Audition (Venger Satanis)
Girls Gone Rogue (Venger Satanis)
Universal Exploits (Venger Satanis)
An Invitation from the Blue Baron (edited by Shane Ward)
The Return of the Blue Baron (edited by Shane Ward)
Black Maw Pt. I (Craig Pike)
Saving Saxham (Joseph Robert Lewis)
The Magician’s House (Ray Weidner)
Universal Exploits (Venger Satanis)
Beings From Beyond (Ben Evans)
– Pt. I 
– Pt. II
Mehliu; Blood ‘n Bone (Marcelo Paschoalin)
Black Blade of the Demon King (Ahimsa Kerp)
Wormwitch (Ahimsa Kerp)
Cistern of the Three-Eyed Dwarves (Grützi)
The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia v2 (Ahimsa Kerp & Wind Lothamer)


22 thoughts on “About Prince

  1. I like your blog, quite a bit, it’s interesting even though I haven’t played most of these games and probably never will.

    But, respectfully. I really hate the theme. It’s possible that I have terrible taste and you should keep it the way it is. I have been known to choose themes and color combinations which make people from the eyes bleed because they make me happy.

    Maybe seek some feedback from people with better taste than I have.


    1. Welcome.

      Thank you for your kind words. I think it is the doom of the prolific RPG reviewer to ruminate on games that will mostly never see play so I’ll take that as a compliment.

      I chose the theme mostly so its easy on the eyes, though I am sure it might have some aesthetic deficiencies. I have not looked into the possible psychological effects of this particular color combination so if find yourself frequently nauseous after a visit it’s possible that isn’t just my writing. I’m bad at graphic design and fashion so I’ll take your feedback under honest consideration.

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. Mate, I am reading “The Palace of Unquiet Repose”.

    It’s pretty good but for fuck’s sake learn the difference between THAN and THEN.

    It’s kinda embarrassing on a commercial product.


    1. To be honest though I found that editing, spelling and command of the English language are pretty consistently embarrassing across the indie RPG scene, be it OSR or otherwise.


    2. Hey Matt.

      Glad you liked it and thanks for your honest feedback. Editing 3 different versions without version control turned out to be a hassle for a team of writer and editor, and I didn’t want to spend an additional 2 weeks going over the manuscript before deciding to publish. If I ever do a Revised edition, I’ll certainly clean it up.

      The OSR exists on a strange plane between commercial and hobby-ist. I think the commercialization has produced some interesting stuff but if you want to state that a vast portion of the hobby should probably be driven back into the actual hobby-segment you won’t find anything but roaring applause from me.


      1. I apologise about being too vitriolic (you know, a new day brings a new perspective).

        I believe that 90% of the OSR products should be free. People sell without shame stuff that wouldn’t make the cut in primary school just by slapping some pretty artwork in it.

        Also, don’t be mistaken, despite my criticism I admire you for passion towards the hobby and having the balls to publish stuff.

        I felt it was right to criticise you because I believe you have enough talent to rightfully sell your stuff.

        The mood you set in the module is fantastic.


  4. Had to leave a message after loving how you set up Palace and loving your hate for the Giovanni Chronicles. Thanks for both!

    I’m trying to make a Vampire:Dark Ages campaign that is Not Suck, and it’s good to know that I’m not alone in considering White Wolf’s ‘modules’ unusable. Or maybe the OSR ruined me with crisp, immediately useable info that wasn’t paid by the word. Either way – going through your reviews now and not always fully agreeing but always finding good insights. Keep it up!


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