[Review] Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate Pt. VII (Core Game); Building Blocks

An important, but in this day and age overlooked part of every game is not just its ruleset but its library of Gygaxian Building Blocks (the term was originally coined by Settembrini in a now defunct RPGsite post), meaning the monsters, items and arguably spells that exist as instantiations of the games rules. There is … More [Review] Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate Pt. VII (Core Game); Building Blocks

[Review] Baphomet’s Son (Lotfp 3PP); Hostile Takeover

[Adventure]Baphomet’s Son (2023)Markus Schauta (Gazerpress)Lvl 3-4 Disclaimer: Sponsored content There is an interesting dichotomy between the american and european Lotfp fanbase in how the stated premise of grimdark historical weird adventure is approached. To the american the loud, garish, blood-splattered spectacle is best served with a half-ironic horned-salute and a wink so it and the … More [Review] Baphomet’s Son (Lotfp 3PP); Hostile Takeover

[Review] 13 Weird One-Shots (OSE/5e); Transplant

[Anthology]13 Weird One-Shots (2022)Joseph R. Lewis (Dungeon Age)Lvl “around level 3” Disclaimer: Sponsored Content There have been a handful of module writers that have made the leap from 5e to the OSR and Joseph R. Lewis has been one of the more succesfull ones. A frequent beneficiary of the coveted tenfootpole ‘The Best’ award, his … More [Review] 13 Weird One-Shots (OSE/5e); Transplant

[Review] Curse of the Daughterbrides (Lotfp); Catharsis

[Adventure]Curse of the Daughterbrides (2022)King James Edward Raggi IV (Lamentations of the Flame Princess)Lvls ??? (Because fuck you etc. etc.) If the OSR has one artist it is James Raggi. Not an artist in the sense of being able to paint a pretty picture with perspective or to write a poetic turn of phrase to … More [Review] Curse of the Daughterbrides (Lotfp); Catharsis

[Actual Play] Like Unto Gods Pt. VIII (2e); Serpents Brood

And so it was the Six rested for a day, and with magic healed their wounds, and using divinations once more asked the gods to reveal the mysteries of the strange Glyphs. The answer was that they indeed formed the key to further unravelling the secrets of the Labyrinth of Madness. Brandoch stayed behind this … More [Actual Play] Like Unto Gods Pt. VIII (2e); Serpents Brood

[Review] Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate Pt. VI (Core Game); Setting

Pt. I, II, III, IV and V. We have departed the crunch area and starting to get into the crystallized setting of Wandering Heroes of Ogre gate and this section opens it in grand style, with 50 pages worth of setting information about Qi Xien, with most of it centered on the fully developed Banyan … More [Review] Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate Pt. VI (Core Game); Setting

[Review] Fever Swamp (Lotfp 3PP); Surface Mimicry

[Adventure]Fever Swamp (2017)Luke Gearing (Melsonian Arts Council)??? (mid-level) It is at this point pretty clear that me, Artpunk and the rest of the hobby are not going to get along. So why keep doing it? Sheer bloody-mindedness? BDSM? The sweet promise of government heroin? The Will of St. Gary? I enjoy seeing my predictions confirmed. … More [Review] Fever Swamp (Lotfp 3PP); Surface Mimicry