An overview of works that have been judged thus far. Grades are to be taken as an entirely objective estimation of quality and wholesomeness based on a platonic vision of elfgame perfection. Ordinal scale as follows;

0 – Storygames
1 – Literally Worthless
2 – Without merit but with one element that is executed competently so as to avoid a perfect 1
3 – Either utterly unremarkable or so ridden with crippling flaws that it is not worthy of a purchase
4 – Competent execution of  tropes that have been done dozens of times without innovation or worthy of praise but so flawed it requires a considerable amount of time to save it
5 – Either entirely average or flawed but useful
6 – A decent product. Either somewhat new and exciting but with some flaws or a good execution of previously familiar tropes
7  – The standard a new product should aim for. New and exciting or Old and Has Stood the Test of Time.
8 – Exceptionally good
9 – Exalted/Singular and likely to affect subsequent design decisions.
10 – Platonic. The standard by which all others are judged.

On rare occasion, grades will be altered to reflect new insights or a change in judgement.

Update: In the midst of a rating system overhaul. Future rating system based on the five star system. Major overhaul expected with the new year.
* – Trash.
** – Bad, mediocre, unexceptional, some redeeming elements but not worth running etc.
*** – Acceptable standard for a decent adventure/product. Everything from barely acceptable to good.
**** – Exceptionally good.
***** – A masterpiece/Platonic/Foundational

I overhauled my rating system halfway through, but don’t worry about it, it’s an indication, you will be fine.

Elfgames are categorized by genre, system and publisher:


Basic DnD
I have played more Rules Cyclopedia D&D then any other oldskool system. While it is not without its flaws, it’s even learning curve, elegant simplicity and overall very solid core makes it my system of choice. It’s no coincidence most OSR games use Basic and not AD&D as a base.

[Adventure] B1 – In Search of the Unknown (Mike Carr): ****
[Adventure] B2 Keep on the Borderlands (Gary Gygax); *****
[Adventure] B3 Palace of the Silver Princess (Jean Wells); ***
[Adventure] B4 The Lost City (Tom Moldvay); ****
[Adventure] B5 Horror on the Hill (Douglas Niles): *****
[Adventure] B6 The Veiled Society (David Cook); ***
[Adventure] B7 Rahasia (Laura & Tracy Hickmann): ***
[Adventure] B8 Journey to the Rock (Michael Malone); **
[Anthology] B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond (Harry Knuckols): *
[Adventure] B10 Night’s Dark Terror (Bambra, Morris & Gallagher); *****
[Adventure] B11 King’s Festival (Carl Sargent); **
[Adventure] B12 Queen’s Harvest (Carl Sargent): ***

[Adventure]  X2 – Castle Amber (Tom Moldvay); ****

[Campaign Setting] Gaz 1 – The Grand Duchy of Karameikos (Aaron Allston); ****

[Adventure] CM1 Test of the Warlords (Douglas Niles): **
[Adventure] CM6 Where Chaos Reigns (Graeme Morris, Jim Barbra & Phil Gallagher): ***

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1e)
All things considered, probably the most complete and perfect edition of Dungeons & Dragons that ever was and will be, though the plethora of options and rules might seem intimidating to a novice GM or player. The adventure catalogue contains many classics penned by the Immortal Gygax itself. Every man who calls himself OSR should try it at least once.

[Adventure] S1 The Tomb of Horrors (Gary Gygax); *****
[Adventure] S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks (Gary Gygax): *****
[Adventure] S4 The Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth (Gary Gygax): ****

[Adventure] G1 Steading of the Hill Giant Chief (Gary Gygax); *****
[Adventure] G2 Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl (Garl Gygax); ****
[Adventure] G3 Halls of the Fire Giant King (Gary Gygax); *****

[Adventure] D1 Into the Depths of the Earth (Gary Gygax); ****
[Adventure] D2 Shrine of the Kuo-Toa (Gary Gygax); ****
[Adventure] D3 Vault of the Drow (Gary Gygax); *****

[Adventure] Q1 Queen of the Demonweb Pits (David Sutherland III): **

[Adventure] C1 The Hidden Shrine of Taomachan (Harold Johnson & Jeff. R. Leason): *****

[Adventure] EX1 Dungeonland (Gary Gygax); ***
[Adventure] EX2 The Land Beyond the Magic Mirror (Gary Gygax); ****

[Adventure] T1 The Village of Hommlet (Gary Gygax): *****
[Adventure] T1-4 The Temple of Elemental Evil (Gary Gygax): ***

[Adventure] I6 Ravenloft (Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman); ****

[Adventure] WG4 Forgotten Temple of Tharizdun: *****
[Adventure] WG5 Mordekainen’s Fantastical Adventure: ****
[Adventure] WG6 Isle of the Ape (Gary Gygax): ***

[Adventure] H4 Throne of Bloodstone (Douglas Niles): **

Dungeon Magazine
While a comprehensive run of all the issues can really only be found on the inimitable, reviewing TSR’s official Dungeon Magazine has become something of an idle pastime. Dungeon Magazine collected, with minor editorial control, submissions from the audience and is instructive in studying the interpretation of official D&D through the eyes of its player base. Text bloat, generic settings and some experiments with railroading leave the occasional foul taste in the mouth, but most issues have at least one adventure that is ‘OK.’
Dungeon #1
Dungeon #3
Dungeon #5
Dungeon #10
Dungeon #15
Dungeon #37
Dungeon #41
Dungeon #76

Judges Guild (AD&D 3pp)
By far the most famous of the old 3rd party publishers and the publishers of the first campaign setting (Wilderlands of High Fantasy), as well as the pioneers of the Hexcrawl, there is little not to love about Judges Guild. Jaquays is of course the most famous 3rd party designer ever, and there are a host of good offerings from other authors also.

The Dungeoneer
F’Chelrak’s Tomb (Paul Jaquays)
The Fabled Garden of Merlin (Merle Davenport)
Borshak’s Lair (Paul Jaquays & Mark Hendriks)
Pharaoh’s Tomb (Jim Ward)
Night of the Walking Wet (Paul Jaquays)
#7 & #8
#9 Morkendaine (Paul Jaquays)
#10 & #11

[Sandbox] Wilderlands of High Fantasy (Bob Bledsaw & Bill Owen); 8
[Adventure] Tegel Manor (Bob Bledsaw); 7

[Adventure] Dark Tower (Paul Jaquays); *****
[Adventure] Caverns of Thracia (Paul Jaquays); *****

Role Aids (AD&D 3pp)

One of the more proliferate, and perhaps ‘infamous’ publishers of 3rd party material in the silver age of the hobby, Role Aids material doesn’t enjoy nearly the reputation of Judges Guild and with good reason, but there are some interesting entries here, and at least one masterpiece.

[Adventure] Swordthrust (Shirly & Greenberg); *****
[Adventure] Deadly Power (L.Nicholson, J.Keefe & D. Nicholson); ****
[Adventure] Shadows of Evil (Stephen R. Bourne): ****
[Adventure] Pinnacle (Dan Greenberg); ****
[Adventure] Crystal Barrier (Cory Glaberson); ****
[Adventure] Clockwork Mage (Susan Stone & M.E Allen); ***
[Adventure] Beastmaker Mountain (William Fawcett); ***
[Anthology] Dark Folk (Various); ***
[Anthology] Elves (C. Fitzgerald & D. Carr); **
Pt. II
[Adventure] Ice elves (B. Humphrey); **
[Adventure] Quest for the Nanorien Stones (Jim Gallagher & Steve Morrison);**
[Adventure] Lich Lords (Lynn Sellers): **
[Adventure] War of Darkness (Mark Perry): **
[Adventure] Shipwreckers (S.Stone); **
[Adventure] A Question of Gravity (Jerome Mooney); **
[Adventure] Evil Ruins (Stephen R. Bourne); **
[Adventure] The Keep (Greenberg, Shirley, Maples & Jaffe): **
[Adventure] Beneath Two Suns (Troy Denning); *
[Adventure] The Throne of Evil (Stephen Bourne); *

[Adventure] Fez I: Valley of Trees(Len Bland & James Robert): **
[Setting] Dragons (Cory Glaberson); ***
Pt. I
Pt. II

White Dwarf Magazine
The famous british gaming magazine published by Games Workshop. While it is currently entirely devoted to the various incarnations of Warhammer 40k and it’s fantasy counterpart, early White Dwarf had articles about a variety of roleplaying games ranging from D&D, Runequest, Traveller, Stormbringer, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying, Call of Cthulhu & Judge Dredd. Overall adventures quality seems higher and more creative, perhaps free from almost a decade of soul-numbing official product.

White Dwarf 9 – Lichway: ****
White Dwarf 12 – Pool of Standing Stones; **
White Dwarf 18 – The Halls of Thizun Thane; *****
White Dwarf 20/21 – Grakt’s Crag/Tomb of the Maharadja; **
White Dwarf 22/23 – The Search for the Temple of the Golden Spire/Hive of the H’rrrl; ***
White Dwarf 24 – The Lair of Maldred the Mighty; **
White Dwarf 27 – Hell’s Portal; ***
White Dwarf 28 – Operation Counterstrike; **
White Dwarf 30/32 – The Curse of the Wildland/Chaos From Mount Dorren; ***
White Dwarf 34 – Trouble at Embertrees; **(**)
White Dwarf 37/38: City in the Swamp/Khazad Dum; **/***
White Dwarf 39/40: The Daughter of Danu/The Eagle Hunt; ***/****

Beholder Magazine
A british fanzine from the late 70s described as ‘middling’ in a review in the Dragon. There is nevertheless a trove of great material available, adventures are noted behind the issue number.
#1 – The Pyrus complex
#2 – The Vaults of Experimentation
#3 – The Villa of Menopolis
#4 – The Mines of Mentorr
#5 – The Legend of Leshy
#6 – Of Brae Land & Wold
#7 – The Goblin Complex
#8 – Rala’s Block
#9 – The Pagoda
#10 – The Curse of Cortex
#11 – Ring of Fire
#12 – Death Test
#13 – Trader’s Row
#14 – Gorge of the Afterlife
#15 – The Tunnels of Tungan
#16 – The Devils Quagmire
#17 – The Alchemist
#18 – The Dripping Chasm
#19 – Uggish & The Grimbnack
#20 – Shipwreck
#21 – A Christmas Dungeon

The Beholder Contracts (David Whiteland): *****

The Hated works of the Usurper (AD&D 2e)
Hyperbole, but some oldskoolers do feel as if AD&D 2e is where Dungeons & Dragons lost its way, putting it on the border of ‘oldskool.’ Boxed sets, simulationist gaming, five campaign settings, splatbooks filled with character options, 2e did it all. I might be biased since 2e is where I cut my teeth on D&D. That being said, there are still some good entries here, most notably by Bruce Cordell in the late 90s.

[Adventure] The Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga (Lisa Smedman); ****
[Adventure] The Shattered Circle (Bruce Cordell); ***

[Setting] College of Wizardry (Bruce Cordell); **

[Adventure] Return to the Tomb of Horrors (Bruce Cordell): ****
Pt. I
Pt. II

Monstrous Arcana series
[Fluffsplat] The Illithiad (Bruce Cordell): ***
[Adventure] A Darkness Gathering (Bruce Cordell); 3 
[Adventure] Masters of Eternal Night (Bruce Cordell); 8 
[Adventure] Dawn of the Overmind (Bruce Cordell); 9 

[Fluffsplat] The Sea Devils (Skip Williams): **
[Adventure] Evil Tide (Bruce Cordell); 7
[Adventure] Night of the Shark (Bruce Cordell); 7.5
[Adventure] Sea of Blood (Bruce Cordell); 9.5

[Adventure] Labyrinth of Madness (Monte Cook): ***

[Adventure] Vecna Lives (Zeb Cook): *

The Glorious fruits of the One True Way (OSR)
The real deal. Through the darkness of the D20 era and the time of the Two Thrones, some neckbeards kept the flame burning and never shelved their original Monster Manual. And thank Gygax for that, because now we have this. At its best, insanely ambitious material that no commercial entity would ever commission, at its worst, lazy shovelware conceived by the learning-disabled.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess;
Yes Please. One of the first major breakouts, Lamentations of the Flame Princess is a modified version of B/X DnD nominally set in 17th century Europe, and included in its DNA is a spicy whiff of WHFRPG. It’s quixotic roster of authors once consisted of some of the sharpest guys in the community, and its courting of constant drama and more controversial authors ensured that even if you didn’t like the games, everyone had an opinion on them. An acquired taste, but what a fucking ride.

Hagiography of James Raggi IV, the Founder of Lamentations of the Flame Princess and one-time King of the OSR.

[Adventure] Better then Any Man (James Raggi); *****
[Adventure] Tower of the Stargazer v2 (James Raggi); ***
[Adventure] Hammers of the God (James Raggi); ***
[Adventure/Side-trek] Tales of the Scarecrow (James Raggi): ****
[Adventure] Death Frost Doom [Revised] (James Raggi & Zak S); ****
[Adventure] The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children (James Raggi); ***
[Adventure]  The God that Crawls (James Raggi); ***
[Monster Manual] Slügs (James Raggi); ***
[Adventure] Death Love Doom (James Raggi); **
[Adventure] No Dignity in Death; The Three Brides (James Raggi); **
[Adventure] The Grinding Gear (James Raggi); **
[Adventure] Just a Stupid Dungeon (James Raggi): **
[Adventure] Fuck for Satan (James Raggi); *
[Sourcebook] Vaginas are Magic (James Raggi); **
[Sandbox] Weird New World (James Raggi); **
[NPC/Toolkit] The Magnificent Joop van Ooms (James Raggi); *
[Eventbook] Sounds of the Mushroom Kingdom (James Raggi); *
[Sourcebook/NPCs] No Dignity in Death; People of Pembrooktonshire (James Raggi); **
[Adventure/Torture device for the modern age] The Monolith from Beyond Time and Space (James Raggi); **
[Garbage] Eldritch Cock (James Raggi): No score

[Side-trek] Zak has Nothing to Do With This Book (Unknown); ***

[Adventure/GM-Helpbook] Broodmother Skyfortress (Jeff Rients); ****
[Sandbox/Investigative Adventure/Campaign Setting]  England Upturned (Barry Blatt); ***
[Adventure] Menagerie of Exiles (J.B. Murphy & T.L. Rose); ***
[Adventure] Obscene Serpent Religion 2 (Jeff Rients); *
[Adventure/Sandbox] Towers Two (David Brockie & Jobe Bittman); ****
[Adventure/Side-trek] A Single, Small Cut (Michael Curtis); ***
[Sandbox] Qelong (Kenneth Hite); ****
[Adventure] The Idea From Space (Simon Carryer); ***
[Adventure] In a Deadly Fashion (Courtney Campbell): ***
[Adventure] Wight Power (Alex Mayo): ***
[Adventure] The Squid, the Cabal & the Old Man (Andre Novoa); ***
[Adventure] Maze of the Minotaur (Kristopher Carosella): *

[Adventure] No Rest For the Wicked (Stuart Pate): *
[Adventure] More then Meets the Eye (Kelvin Green): **
[Adventure] Midvinter (Kelvin Green): **
[Adventure] Forgive Us (Kelvin Green); ***
[Adventure] Green Messiah (Kelvin Green): ***
[Adventure] Terror in the Streets (Kelvin Green); ***
[Adventure] Fish Fuckers (Kelvin Green); ***
[Adventure] Strict Time Records Must be Kept (Kelvin Green): ****
[Adventure] The Cursed Chateau (James Malesewski); ***
[Adventure] Blood in the Chocolate (Kiel Chenier); *
[Adventure] Big Puppet (Alucard Finch): **
[Adventure] No Salvation for Witches (Raphael Chandler); ***

[Adventure] Fermentvm Nigrvm Dei Sepvlti (Gord Sellar); ***

[Adventure] Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess (Zzarchov Kowolski); ***
[Adventure] Going through Forbidden Otherworlds (Zzzarchov Kowolski); ***
[Adventure] The Pale Lady (Zzarchov Kowolski); ***
[Adventure] Scenic Dunnsmouth (Zzarchov Kowolski); ****
[Adventure] Thulian Echoes (Zzarchov Kowolski); *****
[Adventure] The Punchline (Zzarchov Kowolski); ***
[Adventure] Barbarians of the Orange Boiling Sea (Zzarchov Kowolski): **

[Toolkit] The Seclusium of Orphone of the Three Visions (Vincent Baker); *

[Sourcebook] She Bleeds (Elizabeth Chaipraditkul); *

[Mapbook] The Staffordshire Trading Company (Glynn Seal): ****

[Sandbox] World of the Lost (Rafael Chandler): ***
– Introduction + City
– The Plateau
The Temple of Ages that are not

[Toolkit/Campaign setting/Avant-garde art piece] Vornheim (Zak S); **
[Campaign Setting/Avant-garde art piece] A Red and Pleasant Land (Zak S); **
[Hexcrawl/Avant-garde art piece] Frostbitten & Mutilated (Zak S); **

[Setting] Carcosa (Geoffrey McKinney) *****
[Sandbox] Isle of the Unknown (Geoffry Mckinney); **
[Adventure] Dungeon of the Unknown (Geoffry Mckinney): **

Veins of the Earth (Patrick Stuart): ***
Pt. I.
Pt. II

Loftp Peasantry (3pp);
With of the most rabid, and weird fanbases comes a lot of inspiration, good and bad. The end result is clear to see, as Lotfp has had its share of great 3rd party entries, from the likes of Patrick Stuart and Kaiser Kabuki as well as complete unknowns, and though it is nowhere near as popular as it was, its fans continue to put out good stuff. 

[Adventure/Avant-garde art piece] Deep Carbon Observatory (Patrick Stewart); ****

[Adventure] Wizard’s Vengeance (Filip Gruszczyński); **** 
[Adventure] The Atheneum of Yearning (Steven Oswalt); ***
[Adventure] The Stygian Garden of Abelia Prem (Klint Krause); ***
[Adventure] Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine (Logan Knight); ***
[Adventure] The Unseen Vaults of the Optic Experiment (Johan Nohr); ***
[Adventure/avant-garde art piece] The Ruinous Palace of the Metegorgos (Evey Lockhart); **
[Adventure] Wizard’s Vengeance (Filip Gruszczyński): ****
[Adventure] The Saint of Bruckstadt (Markus Schauta): ****
[Adventure] Fever Swamp (Luke Gearing): **

[Megadungeon generator] Castle Gargantua (Kabuki Kaiser); ****
[Monster Manual/Avant-garde Art Piece] Fire on the Velvet Horizon (Stuart & Scrapprincess); ***
[Campaign setting/Avant-garde art piece] On the Shoulders of Giants (Chance Philips); *
[Megadungeon generator] The Gardens of Ynn (Emmy Allen); *****
[Avant Garde Art Piece/Megadungeon]: Maze of the Blue Medusa (Zak S & Patrick Stuart): **

-Follow up

Knight Owl Publishing
Originally a publisher of weird gonzo 3rd party Lotfp material (I mean weird for the standards of even Lotfp), they have since switched to the B/X clone OSE. I have ordered them here because where the fuck else do these guys go?!?

[Campaign Setting] The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia (Wind Lothamer & Ahimsa Kerp); ***
[Campaign Setting] The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia v2 (Ahimsa Kerp & Wind Lothamer): ***
[Campaign Setting] Wormwitch – The Life and Death of Belinda Blood (Ahimsa Kerp & Wind Lothamer); ***
[Adventure] Black Blade of the Demon King (Wind Lothamer & Ahimsa Kerp): ****
[Campaign Setting] Scourge of the Scorn Lords (Ahimsa Kerp & Wind Lothamer); ***

Neo-Classical Greek Revival
The inimitable Zzarchov Kowolski’s homebrew system and a vehicle for the bulk of his publications, it always struck me as a bit too divergent from mainstream D&D for my tastes, but thankfully Kowolski provides OSR conversions in nearly all of his publications.

[Adventure] Under the Waterless Sea (Zzarchov Kowolski): ****
[Adventure] A Thousand Dead Babies (Zzarchov Kowolski): ****
[Adventure] The Gnomes of Levnec (Zzarchov Kowolski): ****
[Adventure] Scourge of the Tikbalang (Zzarchov Kowolski): **
[Adventure] Temple of Lies (Zzarchov Kowolski): ***
[Adventure] The Trail of Stone & Sorrow/The Gem Prison of Zardax (Zzarchov Kowolski): ***/****
[Adventure] Birds of a Feather (Zzarchov Kowolski): ***
[Adventure] The Ghoul Prince (Zzarchov Kowolski): ***
[Adventure] Shadows of Forgotten Kings (Zzarchov Kowolski): **** 

[Toolkit] The Price of Evil (Zzarchov Kowolski): ****

Everything is B/X in the fucking OSR. The most widely played, cloned, and published for system. I wrote Palace of Unquiet Repose for this system.

Labyrinth Lord;

One of the oldest retro-clones, Labyrinth Lord is a straight up clone of the Moldvay Basic/Expert set that still enjoys a lot of support today.

[Sourcebook] Realms of Crawling Chaos (Dan Proctor); ***
[Adventure/Hex crawl generator] Monkey Business (Jens Durke); **
[Adventure/Event setting/Sandbox] Flower Liches of the Dragonboat Festival (Kabuki Kaiser); ***
[Adventure] The Purple Worm Graveyard (Tony Dowler); ***
[Adventure] Shadowbrook Manor (Patrick Kennedy); ***
[Adventure] The Mad God’s Jest (Shane Ward); **
[Adventure] The Black Maw 1 (Craig Pike); ***

[Campaign Setting] Chronicles of Ahmerth (Peter C Spahn); ***
[Adventure] Blood Moon Rising (Peter C Spahn); ****
[Adventure] The Inn of Lost Heroes (Peter C Spahn); ****
[Adventure] Pyramid of the Dragon (Peter C Spahn); ***
[Adventure] Atarin’s Delve (Peter C Spahn); **
[Adventure] The Stealer of Children (Peter C. Spahn); ****
[Gazetteer] Ghoul Keep and the Ghoul Lands (Peter C Spahn); ***
[Adventure] The Shrine of St. Aleena (Peter C. Spahn); **
[Adventure] Oak Grove Whispers (Peter C Spahn); ***

[Pointcrawl/Sandbox] Slumbering Ursine Dunes (Chris Kutalik); ****
[Citybook]  Fever-Dreaming Marlinko (Chris Kutalik); ****

[Adventure] The Black Gem (Jeff Sparks); ***
[Adventure] Skull Mountain (Jeff Sparks); ***
[Adventure] The Hidden Serpent (Jeff Sparks): **
[Adventure] Wheel of Evil (Jeff Sparks & Joe Sparks): ****
[Adventure] In The Vine’s Eye (Jeff Sparks): ***
[Adventure] Wrack & Ruin (Jeff Sparks); ****

[Adventure] Tomb of the Lovelorn (M.Greis): ****
[Adventure] Grave of the Heartless (M. Greis): ***
[Adventure] Tomb of the Dragon’s Heart (M. Greis): ****
[Adventure] Flooded Temple (M.Greis): ****

[Megadungeon] StoneHell (Michael Curtis): *****
Pt. I
Pt. II

[Megadungeon] The Complete Barrowmaze (Greg Gillespie): ***
Pt. I
Pt. II

[Adventure] Floaters in the Mozz Caves (Unbalanced Dice Games): ***
[Adventure] Card Dungeon (Unbalanced Dice Games): **
[Adventure] The Destruction Kontraption (Unbalanced Dice Games): ****
[Adventure] Broken God’s Pain (Unbalanced Dice Games): ***
[Adventure] Eructation of the Goblin Troll (Unbalanced Dice Games): ****
[Adventure] The Dying Sword (Unbalanced Dice Games); ***
[Adventure] What’s wrong with the Woonder Well (Unbalanced Dice Games); ***
[Adventure] Ruined Tower Giant (Unbalanced Dice Games); **
[Adventure] No Sun for a Wicked Moon (Unbalanced Dice Games); *****
[Adventure] Ud (Unbalanced Dice Games): ***

[Campaign] Dreams of Ruin (Geoffrey C. Grabowski): **

B/X Essentials/ OSE Essentials
[Adventure] Winter’s Daughter (Gavin Norman): ****
[Adventure] Halls of the Blood King (Diogo Noguiera): **
[Adventure] Hole in the Oak (Gavin Norman): ***
[Adventure] Holy Mountain Shaker (Luka Rejec): **

OSE 3pp
[Adventure] Peril in Olden Wood (Ray Chambers); *****
[Adventure] The Gemeria Code (David Maynard): ***
[Setting] Scourge of the Scorn Lords (Ahimsa Kerp & Wind Lothamer): ***


[Adventure] Dusty Door (Shane Ward); ***
[Adventure] An Invitation from the Blue Baron ( various, edited by Shane Ward); **
[Adventure] The Return of the Blue Baron (edited by Shane Ward); ***
[Adventure] The Necropolis of Nuromen (Justin Becker): ***

Rules Compendium
[Adventure] RC2 The Brinkwood Thicket (Matthew Evans); **
[Adventure] RC1 The Valley of Karacia (Matthew Evans): Submitted to No Artpunk Vol. 1.

Troika: Numinous Edition (Daniel Sell): **

Swords & Wizardry

[Adventure] IW1 Journey to the Inside Out (Christian Toft Madsen); ***
[Adventure] Beyond the Ice-Fall (J.D. Salvador): ***
[Adventure] Creeping Cold (Ian McGarty & Jason Gartner); *

[Sourcebook] By This Axe (Alexander Macris); ***

[Campaign Setting/Historical Treatise]; Dark Albion (RPGPundit & Dominique Crouzet); 5.5
– Opening Salvo
– Too much fucking text
– Pundit’s World
– I Have Won
– Currently Smoking
– Norway laments as Pundit Laughs
Bonus; Pundit Endorsement

For Gold & Glory (2e)
[Adventure] The Chest (Aaron Fairbrook): ***

Astonishing Sorcerers & Swordsmen of Hyperborea:
[Adventure] The Lost Treasure of Atlantis (Chainsaw): ****

OSRIC (or AD&D 1e):

[Adventure] AA2 The Red Mausoleum (James C. Boney): ***
[Adventure] AA8 The Seven Shrines of Nav’Qar (James C. Boney): **
[Adventure] AA11 The Conqueror Worm (Alphonso Warden): **

[Adventure] F3 Many Gates of the Gann (Guy Fullerton); *****

[Adventure] Night Wolf Inn (Anthony Huso): *****

Misc. games (OSR)
[Core game] Into the Odd (Chris McDowall); 7 out of 10

[Campaign Setting] Comes Chaos (Jonathan Becker): ***

[Toolkit] Ashen Void (Albert Rakowski): ****

[Core game] Dark Fantasy Basic (Eric Diaz); *

[Adventure] Hyqueous Vaults (many); ****
[Adventure] Gone Fishin (Atherton); ****
[Adventure] Tomb of the Serpent Kings (Skerples): **
[Adventure] Cistern of the Three-Eyed Dwarves (Grützi): ***
[Adventure] Crypts of Indormancy (Ezra Claverie): *
[Adventure] A Fool’s Errand (Shane Ward): **

[Adventure] In the Name of the Principle! (Gabor Lux); *****
[Adventure] The Garden of Al-Astorion (Gabor Lux): ****
[Adventure] Tomb of the Barbarian King (Gabor Lux): ****
[Adventure] Strabonus (Gabor Lux): ****

[Adventure] Feast on Titan Head (Brayden Turenne): **
[Adventure] Mystery of the Mantle’s Pockets (Ransvind): ***

[Adventure] Praise the Fallen (Graphite Prime): ***

[Adventure] Demon Bone Sarcophagus (Patrick Stuart & Scrapprincess): ** 

[Core Game] Mehliu (Marcelo Paschoalin); *

[Adventure] The Magician’s House (Ray Chambers); ****

Kor’Thalis Publishing (O5R)

[Hexcrawl] The Islands of Purple-haunted Putrescence (Venger As’Nas Satanis); ****
[Adventure] Liberation of the Demon Slayer (Venger Satanis); ***
[Adventure/Session-Zero] Dead God Excavation (Venger As’Nas Satanis); **
[Adventure-like Object] Battle for the Purple Islands (Venger Satanis); *

[Megadungeon] Cha’alt (Venger Satanis): [I CONSULTED ON THIS]
Pt. I
Pt. II

[Anthology] Cha’alt II (Venger Satanis);
Pt. I
Pt. II

[Megadungeon] Cha’alt III Chartreuse Shadows (Venger Satanis)
Pt. I
Pt. II

Alpha Blue (Sleazy Sci-fi)
[Core game] Alpha Blue (Venger Satanis); ***
[Adventure] THOT Audition (Zoltar Khan Delgado); ***
[Sourcebook] Girls Gone Rogue (Venger As’Nas Satanis); ***
[Sourcebook] Universal Exploits (Venger Satanis): **

The Soulless Constructions of the Elfgame Technocracy (D20 & Pathfinder)

Horizon series (Fantasy Flight)
[Campaign Setting] Redline (Dobberpuhl, Hardy & Hindmarch); 8
[Campaign Setting] Grimm (Robert J Shwalb); 9.9
[Campaign Setting] Virtual (Rob Vaughn); 5
[Campaign Setting] Spellslinger (Kevin Wilson); 7
[Campaign Setting] Mechamorphosis (Lyse Kapp & Robb Vaughn); 3

Mongoose/Greasy Italians
[Sourcebook] Nephandum (Massimo Biachi & Mario Pasqualatto); 8.5

Avalanche Press (historical/mythical shit with tit covers)
[Campaign setting] All For One & One For All (Kessler & Phythyon); **
[Campaign setting] Aztecs – Empire of the Dying Sun (Ree Soesbee); *
[Campaign setting] Black Flag: Piracy in the Carribean (Bennighof & Phythyon); **
[Campaign Setting] Celtic Age – Roleplaying the Myths, Heroes and Monsters of the Celts (Bennighof, Phythyon & Soesbee); **
[Campaign Setting] I, Mordred: The Fall and Rise of Camelot (F.S Kessler & J.R Phythyon Jr.); ****
[Campaign Setting] Endless Sands (Ree Soesbee): ***
[Campaign Setting] Nile Empire – War in Heliopolis (Fred Landt & John R. Phythyon Jr.); *
[Campaign Setting]  Twilight of Atlantis (Lai, Donovan & Phythyon); **
[Campaing Setting] Ragnarok (William Sariego); ***
[Adventure/Supplement] Doom of Odin – Tales of the Norse Gods (John R. Phythyon); ***
[Campaign Setting] Jade & Steel – Roleplaying in Mythic China (Jim Lai); **
[Sourcebook]  Noble Knights (Ree Soesbee); **

Damn Fine historical fantasy trilogy
[Adventure] The Last Days of Constantinople (Mike Benninghof); ***
[Adventure] Greenland Saga – The Lost Norse Colony (Mike Benninghof); ***
[Adventure] Vlad the Impaler – Blood Prince of Wallachia (Mike Benninghof & J.R. Phythyon Jr.); ***

Xoth Publishing
[Adventure] The Land of the Silver Lotus (Morten Braten): ****
[Adventure] Song of the Beast Gods (Morten Braten): ***


[Adventure] Mines, Claws & Princesses (Steven Oswald); *****
[Adventure] Horror at Milltown (Donald MacVittie); *
[Adventure] Saving Saxham (Joseph Robert Lewis); ***
[Adventure] The Obsidean Keep (Joseph Robert Lewis); ***
[Adventure] Star Dragon Rage (Joseph Robert Lewis): **
[Adventure] On the Crimson Trail (Andy Marielis): **
[Adventure] Six Faces of Death (Jason Bradley Thomson): ****
[Bestiary] Beings From Beyond (Ben Evans): *****
Pt. I.
Pt. II.

[Adventure] Wild Men in Casimir’s Mill (Ben Gibson): **
[Adventure] The Outsider’s Doom (Ben Gibson): ***

Mists of Akuma

[Campaign Setting] Mists of Akuma (Mike Myler): **
[Sandbox] Imperial Matchmaker (Mike Tyler): **
Pt. I
Pt. II

[Adventure] The Queen of Spades (Artem Sebrenikov): **

[Setting] The High Moors (Stephen J. Jones); ***

[Setting] Oblivium (Thomas Alexander); ***

Xoth publishing
[Adventure] Throne of Gondira (Morten Braten): ****
[Adventure] Trials of Ngura (Morten Braten): ***
[Adventure] The Spider God’s Bride (Morten Braten): **

Neckbeards quibble while the Gods Laugh (WFRP)

[Core game] Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition (Richard Halliwell, Rick Priestley, Graeme Davis, Jim Bambra, Phil Gallagher): 7.5 out of 10.
– Pt. I: Introduction
– Pt. II: System
– Pt III: Combat
– Pt. IV: Magic
– Pt. V: Religion
– Pt. VI: Bestiary
– Pt. VII; Setting
Pt. VIII; Adventure and Conclusion

The Enemy Within campaign
[Adventure] The Enemy Within (Jim Bambra, Phil Gallagher & Graeme Davis); 7
[Adventure] Shadows over Bögenhafen (Graeme Davis, Jim Bambra & Phil Gallagher); 8.5

[Core Game] Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition (Chris Pramas, numerous other contributors for in game flavour-text/material): 7 out of 10
– Pt. I : Character Creation
– Pt. II: Grim-dark adventure
– Pt. III: Equipment and Combat
Pt. IV: Magic
Pt. V: Religion
Pt. VI: GM section
Pt. VII: Setting, Bestiary, Adventure & Conclusion

[Core Game Retroclone] Zweihander (Daniel Fox & Tanner Yea); 8.5
– Pt. I: Introduction
Pt. II: Character Creation
– Pt. III: Classes
– Pt. IV: Skills & Talents
– Pt. V: Combat & Injury
– Pt. VI: Magic (1)
– Pt. VII: Magic (2)
– Pt. VIII: GM Section
– Pt. IX: Bestiary
– Pt. X: Adventure

Misc. Games

[Core Game] Sorcerer (Ron Edwards); 6 out of 10

[Core Game] Xas Irkalla (James Vail); 7 out of 10
– Mechanics
– Setting
– Conclusion

White Wolf Hell (World of Darkness stuff)

Giovanni Chronicles
[Adventure] The Last Supper (Daniel Greenberg); 2
[Adventure] Blood and Fire (Dansky, Summers & Howard); 1
[Adventure] The Sun has Set (Christopher Howard): 5
– Act I
– Act II
[Adventure] Nuovo Malattia (Heather Grove & Matthew McFarland); 0

The Deepest Chasms of Hell (Storygames); that they may dwell in darkness and languish in perpetuity

[Storygame] Kingdom of Nothing (Jeff Himmelman); The most powerful antipathy that words can describe
[Storygame] Polaris (Ben Lehman):

[Storygame] Triumph of Death (Karl Larsson); Mildly unpleasant

Rules lites
Cairn (Yochai gal): *

To do list in no particular order (subject to change at any time, like the whims of womankind);

– Monte Cook/Bruce Cordell stuff
– Transylvania Chronicles (VtD)
– Dead Planet
– Lahnkmar (DCC)
– UK series (AD&D) – With emphasis
– Tomb of Abystor
– Paul Jaquays
– Anthony Huso

– Stoneheart Valley
– Lost Tomb of Martek
– Tomb of the Iron God
– I3 – I5

In any order:
– The works of Gygax, Arneson & Jaquays and other old farts
– Guy Fullerton Stuff
– Chris Kutalik Stuff
– John M. Stater Stuff
– Patrick Stuart Stuff
– Harley Stroh’s DCC stuff/DCC stuff in general
– Tradition Book; Hollow Ones for Mage the Awakening (heaven help us)
– High level adventures for AD&D, 2nd edition and Basic
– Dark Heresy and other masculine pursuits
– The works of the usurper Monte Cook & Bruce Cordell
– Yoon Suin
– Stars Without Number and other works by the Last Prophet Kevin Crawford
– Frog God stuff