An overview of works that have been judged thus far. Grades are to be taken as an entirely objective estimation of quality and wholesomeness based on a platonic vision of elfgame perfection. Ordinal scale as follows;

0 – Storygames
1 – Abysmal
2 – Wretched
3 – Nauseating
4 – Dissapointing (or Carcosa)
5 – Mediocre
6 – Average/Acceptable
7  – Decent
8 – Good
9 – Exalted/Singular
10 – Platonic. The standard by which all others are judged.

Elfgames are categorized by genre, system and publisher:

That Which Comes Before Determines What Comes After (D&D, AD&D, D&D Basic et. al.):

Judges Guild (AD&D 3pp)

[Sandbox] Wilderlands of High Fantasy (Bob Bledsaw & Bill Owen); 8
[Adventure] Tegel Manor (Bob Bledsaw); 7

DnD Basic

[Adventure]  X2 – Castle Amber (Tom Moldvay); 8.5

The Glorious fruits of the One True Way (OSR)

Lamentations of the Flame Princess;

[Adventure] Better then Any Man (James Raggi); 9
[Adventure] Hammers of the God (James Raggi); 8
[Adventure] Tower of the Stargazer (James Raggi); 8
[Adventure/Side-trek] Tales of the Scarecrow (James Raggi): 8
[Adventure] Death Frost Doom [Revised] (James Raggi & Zak S); 7
[Adventure] The Doom-Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children (James Raggi); 7
[Adventure]  The God that Crawls (James Raggi); 6.5
[Adventure] The Grinding Gear (James Raggi); 6.5
[Adventure] Death Love Doom (James Raggi); 6
[Adventure] No Dignity in Death; The Three Brides (James Raggi); 5
[Adventure] Fuck for Satan (James Raggi); 4
[Sandbox] Weird New World (James Raggi); 4
[NPC/Toolkit] The Magnificent Joop van Ooms (James Raggi); 3
[Sourcebook/NPCs] No Dignity in Death; People of Pembrooktonshire (James Raggi); 3
[Adventure/Torture device for the modern age] The Monolith from Beyond Time and Space (James Raggi); 2.5

[Adventure/Side-trek] A Single, Small Cut (Michael Curtis); 8
[Sandbox] Qelong (Kenneth Hite); 7.5
[Sandbox/Investigative Adventure/Campaign Setting]  England Upturned (Barry Blatt); 8.5
[Adventure] The Squid, the Cabal & the Old Man (Barry Blatt); 7
[Adventure] The Idea From Space (Simon Carryer); 7.5
[Adventure] Forgive Us (Kelvin Green); 6.5
[Adventure] The Cursed Chateau (James Malesewski); 6.5
[Adventure] Lamentations of the Gingerbread Princess (Zzarchov Kowolski); 6
[Adventure] The Pale Lady (Zzarchov Kowolski); 7
[Adventure] Thulian Echoes (Zzarchov Kowolski); 8.5

[Sourcebook/Campaign Setting/Avant-garde art piece] Vornheim (Zak S); 7
[Campaign Setting/Avant-garde art piece] A Red and Pleasant Land (Zak S); 7.5
– Introduction
– Classes
– Monster Section
– Adventures
– Conclusion

[Bestest Setting Evar/Nambla] Carcosa (Geoffry Mckinney & Chris Robert); 4.5 (But 10 for Prince, additional Hex Descriptions by Robert 8)
– Introduction + Equipment
– Sorcery
– Bestiary + Setting
– In Depth look at Psionics
[Sandbox] Isle of the Unknown (Geoffry Mckinney); 5
[Adventure] Dungeon of the Unknown (Geoffry Mckinney): 4

Loftp Peasantry (3pp);

[Adventure/Avant-garde art piece] Deep Carbon Observatory (Patrick Stewart); 9
[Adventure] The Stygian Garden of Abelia Prem (Klint Krause); 6.5
[Megadungeon] Castle Gargantua (Kabuki Kaiser); 8

Labyrinth Lord;

[Sourcebook] Realms of Crawling Chaos (Dan Proctor); 6.5

Hill Cantons (Hydra Collective);

[Pointcrawl/Sandbox] Slumbering Ursine Dunes (Chris Kutalik); 9.5
[Citybook]  Fever-Dreaming Marlinko (Chris Kutalik); 9

John Tarnowski a.k.a RPGPundit a.k.a THE ENEMY;
[Campaign Setting/Historical Treatise]; Dark Albion (John Tarnowski & Dominique Crouzet); 5.5
– Opening Salvo
– Too much fucking text
– Pundit’s World
– I Have Won
– Currently Smoking
– Norway laments as Pundit Laughs
Bonus; Pundit Endorsement


The Hated works of the Usurper (AD&D 2e)

Monstrous Arcana series
[Fluffsplat] The Illithiad (Bruce Cordell): 7
[Adventure] A Darkness Gathering (Bruce Cordell); 3 
[Adventure] Masters of Eternal Night (Bruce Cordell); 8 
[Adventure] Dawn of the Overmind (Bruce Cordell); 9 

[Fluffsplat] The Sea Devils (Skip Williams): 3
[Adventure] Evil Tide (Bruce Cordell); 7
[Adventure] Night of the Shark (Bruce Cordell); 7.5
[Adventure] Sea of Blood (Bruce Cordell); 9.5

The Soulless Constructions of the Elfgame Technocracy (d20 3pp)

Horizon series (Fantasy Flight)
[Campaign Setting] Redline (Dobberpuhl, Hardy & Hindmarch); 8
[Campaign Setting] Grimm (Robert J Shwalb); 9.9
[Campaign Setting] Virtual (Rob Vaughn); 5
[Campaign Setting] Spellslinger (Kevin Wilson); 7
[Campaign Setting] Mechamorphosis (Lyse Kapp & Robb Vaughn); 3

Mongoose/Greasy Italians
[Sourcebook] Nephandum (Massimo Biachi & Mario Pasqualatto); 8.5

Avalanche Press (historical/mythical shit with tit covers)
[Campaign setting] All For One & One For All (Kessler & Phythyon); 6
[Campaign setting] Aztecs – Empire of the Dying Sun (Ree Soesbee); 3
[Campaign setting] Black Flag: Piracy in the Carribean (Bennighof & Phythyon); 5.5
[Campaign Setting] Celtic Age – Roleplaying the Myths, Heroes and Monsters of the Celts (Bennighof, Phythyon & Soesbee); 5.5
[Campaign Setting] I, Mordred: The Fall and Rise of Camelot (F.S Kessler & J.R Phython Jr.); 8.5
[Campaign Setting] Endless Sands (Ree Soesbee): 8
[Campaign Setting] Nile Empire – War in Heliopolis (Fred Landt & John R. Phythyon Jr.); 4
[Campaign Setting]  Twilight of Atlantis (Lai, Donovan & Phythyon); 5

The Deepest Chasms of Hell (Storygames)
[Storygame] Kingdom of Nothing (Jeff Himmelman); The most powerful antipathy that words can describe

Batting Averages (minimum sample size n = 3);
James Raggi; 5.8
Bruce Cordell; 7.3
Zzarchov Kowolski: 7.2
Zak S: 7.2
John R. Phythyon: 5.7
Ree Soesbee: 5.5
Geoffry Mckinney: 4.5

Assessment per author:

James Raggi – Raggi started out making fairly traditional dnd adventures with a twist of the weird and a defenite slant to the screwball side of the spectrum. As time progresses his works take on more and more aspects of ‘the weird’ as he describes it, with his last few adventures becoming increasingly silly. Raggi will prioritize gameplay above genre emulation or plausibility at almost every turn.

Raggi’s adventures are occasionally worth playing provided you are okay with the following things:
– Dungeoncrawling
– Adversarial GMing
– 17th century historical settings with elements leaning heavily on the weird
– High lethality
– Gore and poop-jokes

To do list in no particular order (subject to change at any time, like the whims of womankind);
– Moar Lotfp
– Harley Stroh’s DCC stuff/DCC stuff in general
– Tradition Book; Hollow Ones for Mage the Awakening (heaven help us)
– High level adventures for AD&D, 2nd edition and Basic (possiblity of d20 high level adventures not eliminated altogether)
– Dark Heresy and other masculine persuits
– The works of Gygax, Arneson & Jaquays and other old farts
– The works of the usurper Monte Cook & Bruce Cordell
– Yoon Suin
– the deeply troublesome works of Venger Satanis
– Stars Without Number and other works by the Last Prophet Kevin Crawford
– The artifices of the Frog Gods including their d20-era works.