[Review] Blood Moon Rising (LL OSR); Seamless

Last post I checked out Chronicles of Ahmerth by Peter C Spahn and I commented on its label of ‘dark fantasy,’ noting that the way CoA was written, it did not seem to differ overmuch from regular fantasy (which is certainly not without its share of horrific inhabitants). With Blood Moon Rising, the first adventure for Chronicles … More [Review] Blood Moon Rising (LL OSR); Seamless

[Review] Nephandum (d20 3pp); Warhammer Fantasy d20

3e is a divisive creature. On the one hand it was DnD’s salvation, rescuing it from the withered death-grasp of Loraine Williams as she fell into the gaping abyss of Rpg history, there to languish for all eternity praise Arneson praise Gygax. On the other hand it gradually became a hot mess of power-gaming and … More [Review] Nephandum (d20 3pp); Warhammer Fantasy d20