[Review] Shadows of Evil (AD&D 1e 3PP); Diablo’s Dad

[Adventure] Shadows of Evil (1984) Stephen R. Bourne (Mayfair Games) Levels 4 – 7 Practice makes perfect. You can fail a hundred times, if you keep at something, you will improve. Case in point, Stephen R. Bourne, purveyor of the sub-par Role Aids modules Evil Ruins and The Throne of Evil returns for a third installment that rocks your … More [Review] Shadows of Evil (AD&D 1e 3PP); Diablo’s Dad

[Review] Nephandum (d20 3pp); Warhammer Fantasy d20

[Campaign Setting] Nephandum (2007) Massimo Bianchini & Mario Pasqualotto (Mongoose Publishing) Summary: D&D + WHF 3e is a divisive creature. On the one hand it was DnD’s salvation, rescuing it from the withered death-grasp of Loraine Williams as she fell into the gaping abyss of Rpg history, there to languish for all eternity (praise Arneson … More [Review] Nephandum (d20 3pp); Warhammer Fantasy d20