[Review] THOT Audition (Alpha Blue); Ultratelluric Tarantino

[Adventure] THOT Audit (2018) Zoltar Khan Delgado (Kor’Thalis Publishing) Summary: (Reservoir Dogs + Pulp Fiction + From Dusk Till Dawn) * Alpha Blue Disclaimer: Sponsored Content To continue in the space-vein we picked up after Thief of Whispers considered doing an SWN-conversion of B2 in the previous post, which I think we can all agree … More [Review] THOT Audition (Alpha Blue); Ultratelluric Tarantino

[Review] Dusty Door (Blueholme); Redemption

[Adventure] Dusty Door (2018) Shane Ward (3 Toadstools Publishing) Level 3 Disclaimer: Sponsored Content A while back I reviewed Shane Ward’s The Mad God’s Jest and found it not to my taste. I was approached by him again very respectfully and asked whether I would consider reviewing another one out of the kindness of my dutch heart. Dusty … More [Review] Dusty Door (Blueholme); Redemption