[Review] Ashen Void (OSR); Unbearable Burning Light

[Toolbox]Ashen Void (2022)Albert Rakowski (Underworld Kingdom) Disclaimer: Sponsored content There are two things in the OSR that I distrust the most; Setting neutral supplements and Toolboxes. Albert R., the author of the nonpareil World of Ortix Blog, has set out to prove me wrong. I harbor a deep mistrust for toolboxes. I think the format … More [Review] Ashen Void (OSR); Unbearable Burning Light

[(P)Review] By This Axe (ACKS); Give a Dwarf an Ale…

[Sourcebook]By This Axe (2022)Alexander Macris (with additional work by D.Hicks, M. Jarmack, D. McGrane & D. Wheeler) Disclaimer: Sponsored content Alexander Macris reached out to me and asked me if I was interested in doing a sort of sneak-(p)review of his upcoming Kickstarter Dwarfbook By This Axe for the Adventurer Conqueror King system. Offering my … More [(P)Review] By This Axe (ACKS); Give a Dwarf an Ale…

[Review] Temple of Lies (NGR/OSR); On Par

[Adventure]Temple of Lies (2016)Zzarchov KowolskiLvl 1-2 Disclaimer: Sponsorish content Another entry in the currently lamentably unavailable Kowolski Omnibus Vol 1., Temple of Lies took all of 4 days to produce and was part of the Lotfp Bundle of Holding charity drive. The adventure is seasoned lightly with S&S elements and involves a delve into a … More [Review] Temple of Lies (NGR/OSR); On Par

[Review] Maze of the Blue Medusa (OSR); Sadhouse Dungeon

[Megadungeon]Maze of the Blue Medusa (2016)Zak Sabbath & Patrick StuartLevels 1 – 10 If I am to argue against Artpunk, as is my solemn duty, it is vital that in doing so we reach not only for low-hanging fruit, but to examine it’s most critical darlings. When Maze of the Blue Medusa hit the scene … More [Review] Maze of the Blue Medusa (OSR); Sadhouse Dungeon

[Review] Mystery of the Mantle’s Pockets (OSR); In Russia Module Crushes You!

[Adventure]Mystery of the Mantle’s Pockets (2020)Ransvind (self-published)Lvl ??? (low) This spot was hit by a fireball explosion. The charred plot of caked dust looks as if the Allfather himself has put out his cigarette here. Occasional pieces of wood are marked by tiny inextinguishable flames, however, they don’t burn down and barely give off any … More [Review] Mystery of the Mantle’s Pockets (OSR); In Russia Module Crushes You!

[Review] Feast on Titanhead (OSR); An Artpunk Review

[Adventure]Feast on Titanhead (2021)Brayden “Doomscribe” Turenne (Games Omnivorous)Lvl ??? In the Artpunk lands…something stirs. It is not like these others. It smells different. How do I proceed? Defer to Over-Prince 8. FIND IT. Diverting additional cognitive capacity to Ludological Sensory Apparati. Gestate Type II Sub-Prince to investigate. 31-pages. Module. Sub-genus: Delve Into Skull of Proto-Deity. … More [Review] Feast on Titanhead (OSR); An Artpunk Review

[Review] Mörk Borg (Core Game): Tünnels & Trölls

[Core Game]Mörk Borg (2019)Pelle Nilson (art by Johan Nohr)Creative Consulation by Patrick Stuart If your favorite game is Mörk Borg, I like you, but I do not respect you. Mörk Borg is the latest ultra-lite Nu-SR game to contend for the throne of the Artpunk OSR in the wake of the fall of Lotfp. Dragged … More [Review] Mörk Borg (Core Game): Tünnels & Trölls

[Review] A Fool’s Errand (OSR); Skill Curve

[Adventure]Fool’s Errand (2020)Shane Ward (3toadstool Publishing)Lvl 3 Disclaimer: Sponsored Content. Humble adventure cobbler Shane Ward tried to get me to take his submission with the tagline ‘Feel like ripping me a new one?’ and at the promise of some of the ole’ rip & tear I could not, in good conscience, refuse. The damage is … More [Review] A Fool’s Errand (OSR); Skill Curve

[Review] The Obsidean Keep (OSR); Beacons of Hope

[Adventure]The Obsidean Keep (2020)Joseph Robert Louis (Dungeon Age)Lvl 1 – 3 Disclaimer: Sponsored Content I say unto you the Old Ways are Forever. While the tents of fickle pilgrims lie empty as they wander from our hearth into a trackless waste without shape or form, a desert that swallows men and that is named 5e, … More [Review] The Obsidean Keep (OSR); Beacons of Hope