[Review] Praise the Fallen (OSR); Aspiring Champion

[Adventure]Praise the Fallen (2018)Graphite Prime (Graphite Prime Studios)OSR Lvl ??? (4-6) Prince prince prince review actual OSR. You can’t do magazines and interminable magical kung fu game reviews all year. Fine. Graphite prime has been on my radar for a while so now might be a good time to check him out. There’s only one … More [Review] Praise the Fallen (OSR); Aspiring Champion


[Review] The Beholder #15; Fresh Air in the Tunnels

We’ve past the halfway marker boys. Very fresh issue. The covers keep improving. Rolling NPCs: Curious table for the generation of NPCs for classes with ability score minimums using only d100s. In an age of abundant random generation methodology this is quaint but one can imagine this would have saved some GMs a couple of … More [Review] The Beholder #15; Fresh Air in the Tunnels

[Review] The Beholder #14; Holding Pattern

Written under the spell of the bard. By now there are few surprises, you know what you are getting into. The gameable bits are very solid this issue. Consistently good tricks, items and monsters. Amazons: A fighter sub-class. The idea of creating a seperate always chaotic warrior-woman class is awesome, and bravo for recognizing the … More [Review] The Beholder #14; Holding Pattern

[Actual Play] B2 Beyond the Borderlands (LL); Nuroman

And so it was that our heroes set out to ransack the domain of Nuromen. Snorri was conspicuously absent, as was Zoltan, and Isildoro was lost in his cups, alongside Gaius Manus. It fell to Beorn, Son of Dalric, to lead the expedition. With him were the wizard Barrin, the priest Dereck, the savage hunter … More [Actual Play] B2 Beyond the Borderlands (LL); Nuroman

[Review] Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate Pt. IV; Finishing Touches

Last time we covered the intricate world of martial arts in WhoOG. At the end of it we had created the following character. Race: Human Combat Leg Strikes – 3Grapple – 2Throw – 1Arm Strikes – 1 DefencesHardiness – 3Parry – 2Evade – 1Stealth – 1Resolve – 1 SpecialistMeditation – 3Survival (Wilderness) – 1Talent (Snake … More [Review] Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate Pt. IV; Finishing Touches

[Review] The Beholder #13; Traders Row

Beholder is starting to stabilize but shows no signs of stagnation. Innovation is attempted and articles and topics remain fresh. Unfortunately for us, the fruits of innovation are failure, more often then success. Life After Death (Graham Staplehurst): An intriguing concept that is really much broader then its allotted 3 pages allows for. The possibility … More [Review] The Beholder #13; Traders Row

[Actual Play] B2 Keep on the Borderlands Pt. XXIX (LL); Elfin Crown

After the razing of the Shrine of Evil Chaos, our heroes turned to the Necropolis of Nuromen. Beorn the northron had returned from a wedding of his kinsmen, and took with him Gaius Manlius, a heartland colonist turned fighting man. They met up with Nicodemus and Dereck, and enlisted also the aid of Zoltan the … More [Actual Play] B2 Keep on the Borderlands Pt. XXIX (LL); Elfin Crown

On No Artpunk II

With the morning of NAP II hovering above 700 downloads and more then that in donations (my thanks to all of you for your generosity), it might be a good thing to offer some additional context to dispel any confusion resulting from the various takes floating around the internet. Why the contest? Over the years … More On No Artpunk II