[Review] The Beholder #20; Worst of the Best

Hopefully the worst issue of Beholder. Instead of delicious Gygaxian building blocks that can be pitched immediately into one’s game the first heralds of the Black Age of Trad gaming are upon us. Sick cover though. Developing Campaign Peoples (Will Stephenson): Well intentioned article that functions as a checklist, giving you a list of attributes … More [Review] The Beholder #20; Worst of the Best

[Review] The Beholder #19; In which the ‘are orcs racist’ debate is decisively settled

A panacea. A titillation to the old school sensibilities. An invigorating fire. Beholder, my recourse my strength! Aid me now! Chests: Clickbaity mini-article with 10 tricks and traps to put in or on chests. I like the infinite monster one or having the chest be a giant decanter of endless water but most of these … More [Review] The Beholder #19; In which the ‘are orcs racist’ debate is decisively settled

[Review] The Beholder #17; Sub-surface

Another day another Beholder Review. A regrettable lack of Magic Jar and few monsters, but interesting observations in some of the articles and results from polls of the readership. Blank spaces and reviews galore. A little aenemic compared to the usual. Don’t Panic (Graham Staplehurst): Additional Aliens for The Cosmic Encounter Board game with a … More [Review] The Beholder #17; Sub-surface

[Review] The Beholder #15; Fresh Air in the Tunnels

We’ve past the halfway marker boys. Very fresh issue. The covers keep improving. Rolling NPCs: Curious table for the generation of NPCs for classes with ability score minimums using only d100s. In an age of abundant random generation methodology this is quaint but one can imagine this would have saved some GMs a couple of … More [Review] The Beholder #15; Fresh Air in the Tunnels

[Review] The Beholder #14; Holding Pattern

Written under the spell of the bard. By now there are few surprises, you know what you are getting into. The gameable bits are very solid this issue. Consistently good tricks, items and monsters. Amazons: A fighter sub-class. The idea of creating a seperate always chaotic warrior-woman class is awesome, and bravo for recognizing the … More [Review] The Beholder #14; Holding Pattern

[Review] The Beholder #13; Traders Row

Beholder is starting to stabilize but shows no signs of stagnation. Innovation is attempted and articles and topics remain fresh. Unfortunately for us, the fruits of innovation are failure, more often then success. Life After Death (Graham Staplehurst): An intriguing concept that is really much broader then its allotted 3 pages allows for. The possibility … More [Review] The Beholder #13; Traders Row