[Review] Beholder #12; Funhouse

Happy newyear boys. Another year another review. All, or maybe some, issues of Beholder magazine carry a terrible curse. They must either have good articles or good adventures but never both at the same time, for the awesomeness would be too much for a mere mortal to endure. Monster Summoning: 5 entries of Fiend Folio … More [Review] Beholder #12; Funhouse


[Review] The Beholder #7 (AD&D): Changing of the Guard

The landmark ‘Monster Monster’ issue, containing not only the results of the monster design contest but also a review of the 1e Dungeon Master Guide. Interesting features are slowly starting to creep into the published adventures. Super Monster competition. An eclectic collection of beasties in the image of White Dwarf Magazine. Low on gygaxian naturalism, … More [Review] The Beholder #7 (AD&D): Changing of the Guard

[Review] The Queen of Spades (5e): Ren-Faire Prime

[Adventure]The Queen of Spades (2022)Artem Serebrennikov (DM’s Guild)Lvl 7 Disclaimer: Sponsored content. After what was apparently a sound thrashing on tenfootpole [1], mr. Serebrennikov contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to take a look at his doorstopper 5e high level murder mystery adventure. I’ll say this much, you’ve got guts. I’m … More [Review] The Queen of Spades (5e): Ren-Faire Prime

[Review] Beholder Magazine #3 (OD&D); Momentum

While I’m trying to polish off some long donations Beholder Magazine affords bite-sized chunks of RPG material for consideration. This issue is once again worse then the last, mainly because of the writings of a guest contributor, setting up a trend that I hope will be broken with their upcoming “super-monster issue”. Magic System. Spell … More [Review] Beholder Magazine #3 (OD&D); Momentum

[Review] Just A Stupid Dungeon (Lotfp); Rehab

[Adventure]Just a Stupid Dungeon (2022)James Edward Raggi IV (Lamentations of the Flame Princess Adventures)Lvl ??? (Probably 1-3) Today we mark a historical occasion. After a long silence, King James Edward Raggi IV of the OSR, ends his 3 year silence and has re-appeared, to make his mark upon the scene once more. The event itself … More [Review] Just A Stupid Dungeon (Lotfp); Rehab

[Review] X1 The Spider God’s Bride (5e); Specificity

[Adventure]X1 The Spider God’s Bride (2021)Morten Braten (Xoth Publishing)Lvl 2 – 3 Disclaimer: Sponsored content Mr. Braten seemed appreciative of my earlier reviews of his work and requested I check out some of his other entries also. Being a fan of S&S and fantasy adventure gaming in general, I acceded. Spider God’s Bride is a … More [Review] X1 The Spider God’s Bride (5e); Specificity

[Review] Demon Bone Sarcophagus (OSR); Catastrophe

[Adventure]Demon Bone SarcophagusPatrick Stuart & ScrapprincessGeneric OSR Level who the fuck cares anymore? It is my unenviable duty as a reviewer of oldschool games to occasionally step away from contemplating the pastoral beauty of the olden days and the idyllic works made in their image by earnest hobbyists and wade instead into the fetid sewers … More [Review] Demon Bone Sarcophagus (OSR); Catastrophe

[Review] RC2 The Brinkwood Thicket (RC 3PP); That is not dead which can forever lie…

[Adventure]RC2 The Brinkwood Thicket (2021)Matthew Evans (Mithgarthr Entertainment)Lvl 2 – 4 Disclaimer: Sponsored content Yet another part of a hopefully short lived series Against the Donation Cue, where I try to cull the clamouring hordes that have been piling up in my inbox to more manageable levels. Matthew Evans was a contestant for No-Artpunk 1, … More [Review] RC2 The Brinkwood Thicket (RC 3PP); That is not dead which can forever lie…

[Review] Chartreuse Shadows Pt. III (CDS); Maze Medusa Blues

The concluding part, and from Venger’s posts (Artpunk vs Jakeying? Sign me up hoss!) I glean that he may have sensed the direction the review was going to take. Writing a negative review for a person you like always sucks but unfortunately part of one’s duty as a reviewer is unfailing honesty. Chartreuse Shadows has … More [Review] Chartreuse Shadows Pt. III (CDS); Maze Medusa Blues