[Review] Cairn (Core rules): Karen

[Core rules]Cairn (2020?)Yochai Gal With my palette getting gradually spoiled by all of the efforts put out by enthusiastic amateurs and my current donation clocking in at a brobdignagian 400+ pages, I have been missing out on genuinely terrible material to laugh at. My edge grows dull and my body grows fat. Thankfully, the spirit … More [Review] Cairn (Core rules): Karen


[Review] The Beholder Contracts (AD&D); Railway to Heaven

[Adventure]The Beholder Contracts (1986) – Reprint 2018David Whiteland (DWK Games)Lvl 1 – 3 A recommendation by the Kent. A re-formatted edition of the adventure from the obscure Fantasy Chronicles magazine #3. Is it pretentious litwankery? Or is it the greatest thing since sliced bread? Yes. Published well into the bronze age of AD&D, The Beholder … More [Review] The Beholder Contracts (AD&D); Railway to Heaven

[Actual Play] B2 Keep on the Borderlands (LL) Pt. XXIV: Dogs

And so it was our heroes continued their war against Chaos. This time around they were but 3 who ventured out for the second expedition. Snorri the Dwarf had grown queer of thought, never taking off the strange dragon helm they had found, and refused all entreaties to join the expedition. Skeines was lost in … More [Actual Play] B2 Keep on the Borderlands (LL) Pt. XXIV: Dogs

[Review] The Beholder #7 (AD&D): Changing of the Guard

The landmark ‘Monster Monster’ issue, containing not only the results of the monster design contest but also a review of the 1e Dungeon Master Guide. Interesting features are slowly starting to creep into the published adventures. Super Monster competition. An eclectic collection of beasties in the image of White Dwarf Magazine. Low on gygaxian naturalism, … More [Review] The Beholder #7 (AD&D): Changing of the Guard

[Booktalk] Necromancy in Nilztiria by D.M.Ritzlin

Its about time for another one of these. The Godsblade was not the only DMR title I purchased. The other one was Necromancy in Nilztiria, by none other then this year’s NAP finalist D.M.Ritzlin! With the mainstream publishing industry suffering a slow, drawn-out collapse as a result of archaic business models, political co-option and assorted … More [Booktalk] Necromancy in Nilztiria by D.M.Ritzlin

[Review] The Queen of Spades (5e): Ren-Faire Prime

[Adventure]The Queen of Spades (2022)Artem Serebrennikov (DM’s Guild)Lvl 7 Disclaimer: Sponsored content. After what was apparently a sound thrashing on tenfootpole [1], mr. Serebrennikov contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to take a look at his doorstopper 5e high level murder mystery adventure. I’ll say this much, you’ve got guts. I’m … More [Review] The Queen of Spades (5e): Ren-Faire Prime

[Actual play] B2 Keep on the Borderlands Pt. XXIII (LL); Shrine of Evil Chaos

At long last, our heroes began their war against the Cult of Chaos, who formed the beating heart of the throngs of beastmen who had gathered in the Caverns, and sought to bend them to their malign will. Snorri, recovered from his wounds, set out to cleanse these in the Castellan’s honor, bringing with him … More [Actual play] B2 Keep on the Borderlands Pt. XXIII (LL); Shrine of Evil Chaos

[Review] Beholder Magazine #3 (OD&D); Momentum

While I’m trying to polish off some long donations Beholder Magazine affords bite-sized chunks of RPG material for consideration. This issue is once again worse then the last, mainly because of the writings of a guest contributor, setting up a trend that I hope will be broken with their upcoming “super-monster issue”. Magic System. Spell … More [Review] Beholder Magazine #3 (OD&D); Momentum