Not all bad; Anna Kreider a.k.a Wundergeek finally speaks out against gay killings on behalf of ISIS.

Oh Halycon 2016. Though thou art surely a harbinger of horrid (albeit cathartic) violence to come, thou doth provide us with a plentitude of soft targets in the meantime. Case in point, crazy cat-lady and rabid feminst loon (scheduled to be one of the speakers at Gencon 2016, largest tabletop gaming convention in america, because why wouldn’t she be) has important thoughts to share on on gaming in the wake of the horrific Orlando muslim terrorist attack.
Let us not delve too deeply into the sordid histories of poor Anna, the knowing perpetuation of false accusations of bigotry, the tin-foil hat pouring over DnD art in search of mysoginy, the concocting of bizarre conspiracy theories where humanoids are used as a stand in for racist violence against minorities and so on and so forth. One need but consult with the esteemed RAPL-designer Zak S and the less-esteemed-but-not-entirely-reviled RPGPundit (well-known for endorsing Age of Dusk as the #1 place to go for all Dark Albion related reviews) and look upon their tear-stricken, horribly deformed faces to see the evidence of her sordid misdeeds.

Since talking overly long is for spindly-armed girls, I give the mike over to you Anna. Take it away you batshit diamond!

You would have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the mass shooting at The Pulse – an Orlando LGBT club, which was the largest mass shooting in US history since Wounded Knee. Some great things have been said by some great people. Chuck Wendig’s recipe for a mass shooting is fucking chilling and amazing, as is John Scalzi’s look at the complete and total copout of offering thoughts and prayerswithout doing anything further.

Ah yes, what better way to herald in slacktivism then by linking to a lungfishman condemning slacktivism? Is there anyone who is not a sociopath offended by people feeling powerless in the wake of a tragedy and simply offering condolences?

(Yes I realize it’s a bit sketchy to link to two cishet white guys after a tragedy affecting mostly queer brown people, but both of these pieces are about cishet white guys speaking hard truths to other cishet white dudes.)

Needs no further commentary since the insane obsessive racism speaks for itself. But, for the sake of amusement.

(Yes I realize it’s a bit sketchy to link to two jews after a tragedy affecting mostly ethnic german women, but both of these pieces are about jews speaking hard truths to other jews.)

(Ya I realize its ein bit sketzchy to link to tzo joos after ein vicious tragedy has befallen ze Master-race aber both of zese peeces ar about ze jew speaking hard truuffs to ze oder Jew.)

And as someone who feels queer-adjacent without actually owning the identity of being queer (at least at present – since I very much present as cishet and 100% benefit from that privilege), I’m conscious of not wanting to take up space that should be claimed by queer voices speaking out on their own behalf. However. There’s a thing that I feel needs saying, and since I haven’t seen anyone else saying it…



One of the biggest ways that trolls try to silence me is to say that what I write here isn’t important. Who cares about what I think? After all, it’s just games. It’s not like it’s a matter of life and death, right? It’s all just pixels on a screen / images in a book/board game/card game – right? RIGHT?

This presents an interesting dilemma. On the one hand Kreider is right, her lack of talent and obvious insanity will never allow her to rise to more then a peripheral position within the gaming community and since the victim-train has reached more then 50% of its stops and is going to be slowing down as more people attempt to get on she is unlikely to get more out of this but C’mon there Anna, don’t sell yourself short. You made it to Gencon 2016.
Granted in the grand scheme of things your rabid pseudoactivism will not improve the lives of women in the Middle east/Africa/Barsoom or indeed even in the West since it outlines very clearly just how deranged, petty and morally fucking bankrupt 3rd wave feminism is and your games are of interest only to the morbidly curious but still, Gencon!


Elfgames are serious buisness ™.

[“Boo hoo they make women look sexy and/or hopeless in some video games.” Get over it.]

Truer words were never spoken.

If you’re someone who calls yourself a gamer, or are someone who would say that playing games is a primary hobby, how many hours per week do you spend playing games? All types of games? Seriously. Think about it and come up with an average number of hours per week.

On average? 6 in tabletop if you discount prep, reading, reviewing, blogging and so on and so forth. Add maybe a few extra hours playing the odd video game.

Now think about that as a percentage of your life. How does that number compare to the time you spend, say, at work? Doing housework or other chores? I know that personally, I spend about as much time per week playing games as I do parenting my kid – and I know that I don’t have time to play as many games as a lot of my friends do.

Hahahaha that poor kid is going to end up selling his ass on the streets. Then again, with half of Wundergeek’s protoplasmic shoggoth-DNA-analogue its not like the deck is not already stacked against him/her/xe/it.

[Find something else to do with your time]

Like parenting your kid. Has someone informed child protective services?

Now think about the kind of reasoning behind saying that writing about feminism and games is a waste of time because “it’s just a game”. How does that work exactly? If you casually throw around the term “fag” and use the specter of homosexuality and queerness as something to shame the men around you into falling in line with narrow definitions of “acceptable” masculinity? How does being part of a game make expressions of hatred for queerness and queer people somehow magically acceptable?

Very well, I shall explain. The reason people say that you are wasting your time is because while you are out there pouring over DnD 5e to find miniscule irregularities in the ratio of men to women (taking into account, of course, historical data on the sex and orientation of dragonslayers and wizards), women are getting splashed with acid, forced into marriage at 8, killed for adultery, surgically mutilated or sold off as slaves in savage countries. As you bitch and moan about normal human healthy males calling eachother “faggot” as a natural part of the male bonding process, gays are thrown off rooftops or killed by law in any country that has adopted Sharia-law (or the bulk, whatever). You seek to prevent pickpocketing whilst the Orcs rampage across Minas-Tirith if you will, though I suspect you may not have read Lord of the Rings, it being written by a hated straight white male after all.

Even if you’re not someone who engages in hateful speech or behavior – you don’t call other guys “gay” as an insult, you don’t tell women to shut up and get you a sandwich, any of that stuff. Being prepared to accept hate because “it’s a game” frankly isn’t much better. If you spend half (or more, even) of your leisure hours not “rocking the boat” in the name of “just having fun”, what makes you think you’re going to magically be any better at it when you find yourself around people using gendered/racist/anti-queer slurs outside of the context of games? What makes you think you’re even going to notice, when you’re spending such a huge percentage of your life learning to not see your friends engaging in hate?

Nice assumption there adolf. Clearly only white men can be racist. For a mysterious reason, I would say 95% of people that have not been morally lobotomized in nonsensical gender-studies classes manage to somehow miss their friends constantly engaging in hate. If we need a magical propaganda course to somehow suddenly notice the hateful horrors that permeate every nano-angstrom of western society it makes you wonder how bad that hate really is in the first place. Getting murdered over homosexuality is, however, a very noticable fact. Also, shut up and make me a sandwich.

What we do in our leisure time MATTERS, because our leisure is a huge part of our lives. And for most people, at least for just about all the Millennials I know, our leisure defines us far more than our shitty, dead-end, low-wage, soul sucking jobs.

Perhaps if they had not taken gender studies courses and cultivated a sane and mentally balanced lifestyle/taken a real education they would not have ended up in said shitty, dead-end, low-wage, soul sucking jobs. What you do in your leisure time is irrelevant to the rest of the universe. Deal with it.

[Well done… I thought games were suppose to be fun, i am almost sure they’re not political. Because you know why? THEY’RE GAMES! They are pixels on the screen that doesn’t hurt anyone]

An error of thinking by said troll comment. Everything is political to the lungfishman. They breathe it. Their pattern recognition has been hyper-stimulated to search for subtle signs of bigotry or racism anywhere, not unlike the conspiracy theories one sees often in the paranoid schizophrenic or the religious zealot who sees the hand of god in every rainbow. I do not know if the actual studies course drives people insane or if it is merely a magnet for troglodytes and lungfishmen but it would be interesting to write papers about that after it has all collapsed under the weight of its own insanity.

I have spent a large portion of the last five years writing honestly about my experiences – my thoughts and feelings about the sexism I experience and why that matters. And yet, the thing that gets thrown at me over and over again is who cares. Who cares? WHO CARES?

One thing I have noticed about these people is how self-absorbed and narcissistic they are. For them the pet cause is merely something to be outraged about, since they generally lead empty and meaningless lives bereft of challenge, adversity or joy. Nothing like basking in glorified victimhood.

I care, and you should too. 49 people are dead and 53 are injured because of our culture of homophobia and intolerance. The shooter wasn’t an entirely unique phenomenon formed out of the ether. He was informed by a culture of white supremacist patriarchy that told him that his rights were paramount. That being gay is un-masculine. That people who are women and queer and brown are less and other, and that their feelings and lives don’t matter – not the way men’s do.

While I am glad Kreider finally admits to her own sociopathic prejudices and allegiance to Islamic State, she draws a somewhat baffling link with white supremacy. The perpetrator, a gay muslim who performed the shooting in the name of Allah and ISIS based on precepts stated in the Koran, was of Afghan descent and had not a drop of white in him (although considering his orientation, that last conclusion might be in dispute). Note also that there was at least 1 white gay man among the victims, but since Wundergeek would like all white people to be put in camps and gassed she instead performs the unpardonable sin of brown-facing. How dare you Wundergeek! How dare you pretend that white man was brown! The grief and outrage is reserved for brown queers only!

[While I agree with some of your analysis, I also think you sometimes take your analysis to the extreme side finding bias where it might only exist in the mind of the viewing.]

What part of her analysis made any sense second troll comment? There genuinely is no hope for you. Nine bucks says she will dodge the obvious criticism.

Our culture told the shooter that only his thoughts mattered. That his FEELINGS of disgust were more important than the victims’ LIVES.

Very laudable. It is about time someone in ISIS speaks up about its abhorrent treatment of people (I was going to say Fags but in truth ISIS generally treats people somewhat poorly). I’m glad Kreider has not led her commitment to Jihad and Dar-al-Islam get in the way of compassion for her fellow man.

[Do you ever get tired of being unhappy with entertainment? Have you considered seeking out entertainment that is geared toward women more?]

A hard-earned life lesson for you younglings. Some people are naturally depressed. No matter what activities they persue, how their life is going or how you treat them, they will feel like shit. You can work to make them more positive, but don’t expect that to ever go away. In the case of Wundergeek it is of course, imperative that we join forces and do the exact opposite since she is a terrible person that makes life objectively worse for everyone.

Who cares?

Fuck you. Instead the question should be why DON’T you care? Why are you so prepared to disclaim the hurt of a fellow human being? Why are you okay with drawing lines around what is and is not acceptable for someone to feel hurt by?

Because you are an awful human being and in general not very likeable Anna. And you are fat. Let us never forget you are fat.
And despite the fact you live in one of the safest, kindest, warmest places for women on the planet, you constantly harangue and whine that you feel offended and call people racist to mask your own sick sociopathic bigotry.

 [for someone who’s not being heard that sure is a lot of words, fatty]


It’s just a game?

It’s not a game when the games we play reinforce the stereotypes that caused the Orlando shooter to think it was okay to end the lives of people who don’t meet his narrow definitions of acceptable performance of gender and sexuality.

Well duh. Everyone knows elfgames cause religiously motivated terrorism. That’s why I like them.

It’s not a game when the games we play reinforce the culture that teaches men that their masculinity has to fit the narrowest confines possible, that they have to mutilate themselves emotionally in order to be acceptably masculine, that teaches them that empathy is a weakness not a strength.

Uh, Anna, those differences are for a large part attributable to biology and if we get too empathic you flood our country with 3rd world savages and call for our extermination and call us rapists and racists.
You have turned our brethren into whiny crybabies, cucks and effete waifs and now you cry that no one will come save you. Womenkind will not be left to the wolves, but you, you must sleep in the bed you made.

It’s not a game when the games we play reinforce the idea that we as a community don’t care about the suffering of those who are not cishet white men.

Like those christians not offering prayers and sympathy for the gay latinos that were murdered you mean?  Cry on Anna. No one is coming.

[I think whoever wrote this has too much time on their hands and needs to get laid]

I shudder to contemplate the amount of alcohol that would be involved in such a heroic endaevour. Jesus christ Wundergeek, you are not a looker to start with but goddamn you could lose some weight.

It’s not a game because REAL PEOPLE ARE DEAD. They are dead for realsies. They won’t get to call pause for a bio break or a snack run, they won’t get to say brb – kid. They’re DEAD.

Tell me about it, that last session of Carcosa was fucking brutal. (I should write that one up btw).

[Also, I realize when you read this rude comment it will set you off and you will rant on twitter. Maybe you should focus on things that actually matter.]

No no no no. One does not offer help to those beyond redemption. One laughs because one is secure in the knowledge that the ranting will take place.

It’s not a game because real people are afraid to go to the bathroom in public. To go to work. To leave their goddamn homes. They don’t get to call pause on the hatred, on the wondering if some violent asshole “standing guard” over a public washroom is going to make them a statistic.

Finally, an admission that ISIS is not a good game. I hated Al-Nushra; Death to the Infidel but I thought the Boko-haram; Taqqiya in the Dar-Al-Harb expansion did some nice things with the rape-as-a-weapon-of-war rules.

It’s not a game because people like the shooter don’t come from a magical thought vacuum. They are created by a toxic culture of hatred, and culture is something that we all create.

So why do I care? Because I can’t not. There’s just too much at stake.

Wundergeek should be applauded for speaking out against ISIS, even though she considers herself a member of it. Those dudes are not okay. You tell em girlfriend. Wanting to create a Caliphate were women are property and infidels are murdered is no excuse for bigotry.


4 thoughts on “Not all bad; Anna Kreider a.k.a Wundergeek finally speaks out against gay killings on behalf of ISIS.

  1. This is definitely like shooting fish in a barrel. I am sympathetic to inequality in society, but it is in reality nowhere near the extent that she claims. She focuses on a few alpha males and equates all of reality with it – the all-pervasive Patriarchy, and its evil Male Gaze! It is a classic case of the Other. As is so often the case, she has become exactly what she (supposedly) hates.

    But it is also kinda troubling – she really does have a mental problem, maybe even genuine insanity. And all her circle jerk Patreon supporters are nothing more than enablers. She really fucking needs mental help.


    I believe this strange paragraph is her prelude to coming out as a lesbian. Not necessarily because she is sexually attracted to women, but her sense of victimhood is so powerful, so much the core of her identity, that she cannot stand NOT to be gay.


    1. That’s what always strikes me. The sheer counter-productivity of it. Is there any doubt this shit will continue until the words racist, bigotry, mysoginist, rapist and so on and so forth will become entirely meaningless (as they are largely right now)? How then will we name it when it actually happens? This over-sensitivity actually selects FOR genuine racists/furryphobes/and so on since anyone who is not a racist will be so ashamed of being called a racist that they are quickly weeded out of the public discourse whilst anyone who is less sympathetic or simply does not care will shrug it off. The revolution devours its own.

      [mentally ill]

      Yeah it’s not hyperbole when people call her a loon, but I don’t think we can ignore the strain of living your life with this ideology. Imagine seeing horrific evil and injustice in every subtle gesture, on every subway, on tv, everywhere. Imagine if you believed that all those tiny things are the direct cause of the actual hate-crimes and injustice taking place. And no one believes you. Because you cannot explain it to them via logic, since you are no longer really capable of it (since it makes no sense, and logic and skepticism must go before you take up the banner with this much dedication in the first place). Fucking frightening.


      She is probably disgusted at the thought of salad-tossing another blue-haired girlwalrus but being straight is so offensive and oppressive to queers it is really the only moral thing to do.


  2. I am not prepared to speculate on the sexuality of the lady in question, but I will note that in media fandom of yesteryear (from whence many Problem-Finders of a certain age acquired their training in the Arts Critical and the signalling of virtues) there was a certain social cachet to be gained from bisexuality – specifically, being straight enough to find men attractive and write pornographic fiction about them which may or may not have explored the relationship politics of gay womanhood by proxy, BUT also gay enough to be beyond the reach of actual men (understandable, given the state of dudes in media fandom) and have a personal stake in the societal politics of gay womanhood. At least that’s how it looked to me, and lest this comment be taken ill it must be noted that I didn’t enter media fandom expecting to get laid. (Quite the opposite, really: I started paying attention to it because I was dating a hardcore fangirl and I wanted to understand more than a tenth of what she was on about.)


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