Lost on Carcosa Pt. XVI; To the Ice Wastes

Forsooth it was, that our brave companions did wrest from the accursed Citadel that Waits a Prize most pleasing to the eye and soothing to the greed that burns eternally in the souls of men. A great prize they took, but assuaged their hunger was not. Once more they delved into the Citadel, searching for riches undreamt of, and doom they found instead. It was Ythrak, who had sequestered himself upon the Great Idol within the Throne room that held a gem whose removal could bring the collapse of the Upper lairs themselves.

Greedily they eyed the Gem, yet doom they encountered instead. Onward came the Diseased Guardians, two dozen in number. Exchanging blows they retreated, felling many, Sago the Red infected with the slow death that is the mark of the diseased guardian. Onto the stairwell went Sago and Ythrak, felling many as they clambered across the chasm within the stairs. They drove them back and laid waste to many of them.

Retreating into the courtyard and unto the walls, the rest prepared to make their last stand. As diseased husks poured across the courtyard, many falling by arrows, spear and burning oil, the gates opened to reveal a new companion. Ko was his name, and Red was his face, a warrior cloathed in garments of feathers and skulls, with two swords to call his own and mercy towards none who live under sky or sea. A great winnowing took place, and all who stood before them were laid to rest.

Laiden with spoils, they returned, the warrior Ko boasting of his bloodlust and pleding a thousand souls to the Old Ones that rule Carcosa. To the village of the friendly purple cannibals they reparted, leaving behind the Captain of the time-displaced Ulfire men and pledging a swift return, servants of the accursed city of Carcosa, wishing him well and pledging a swift return with more men and carts to carry off the bounty that lay within the Citadel. A purple guide joined them. And onward they travelled thus to the Aerie of the Jale men, to sell of their hard won earnings to garb themselves in steel. Puddings and oozes could not stop them, for they had stocked up on burning oil, and on Carcosa, burning oil is life.

On the edges of the desert, they came upon an area of unnatural chill with a strange frost-bound monolith in its centre. They travelled around it and came upon the Aerie. It was here that Satiros spent time studying the healing arts with one of the masters of the Aerie, while the rest purchased a great wagon laden with supplies. Satiros also hired the warrior quadruplets known as the Four Who Are One, red men of great daring and moribund spirit, to protect him. The Nameless archer stayed behind with Satiros, for he was weary of his travels.

Well supplied and armoured in plate, they returned for the Citadel, this time detouring to inspect the idol in the heart of the cold region. Investigate it they did, and it was Ko who first laid hands upon it and promptly vanished without a trace. The rest took a long time to deliberate their next action, losing the guide in fruitless experimentation before finally settling to touch the idol themselves.

Icy winds had swept them up and carried them between the spaces to arrive upon the Cold wastes, many miles to the east. Fortunately they were equipped with winter cloathing from their sojourn to the valley of the master. Ko arrived first within an eerie field of basalt monoliths, and was immediately hunted by the hideous spawn of shub-niggurath that called the place its home. One on one they squared off, predator and prey, the creature cackling as it circled around valiant Ko. He braced his spear for the creature’s charge and fortune favoured him that day, for the creature was impaled moments before it could take his face off.

As the body was still cooling the rest of our heroes appeared, befuddled and vexed, for they had no conception of where they were nor how to get back. Investigation of the area revealed the body of a dead space alien, as well as numerous frozen corpses of men, picked clean of equipment. A single sphere with a timer (one might hypothesize it was a bomb) was among them, and promptly confiscated by our noble heroes.

It was unfortunate this did not slake the thirst of Ko, who started digging among the obelisks, having figured out they were gravestones. He uncovered a body of one of the lost Primordial Ones, interred along with a collection of strange ceramic disks and a hideous organic looking rifle.

T’was unfortunate that his raiding attracted the attention of the Primordial Ones that yet lived in the great basalt holdfasts atop the highest peaks of the plateau, in realms devoid of air and heat, where men cannot readily go. Our heroes huddled in the dust whilst the creatures examined him, gesturing menacingly. Great Ko quickly reburied  the objects, hoping to avert the wrath of the Primordial Ones, but they were not easily placated. Raising a strange organic looking device, they twisted his flesh so his mouth was grotesquely disfigured, his skin transparent and his legs fused together into a worm-like body. Only then did the creatures depart for the higher peaks.

Our party travelled on regardless, making but slow progress in the mountainous region, and bereft of firewood and flint and steel they could not readily make fire. Slowly sapped by cold and exhaustion, sick from the thin air, they crawled on, hoping they had spotted a settlement in the distance. During the nights they could do little more but huddle in sheltered locations, hiding in the shadow of their single and tiny tent.

An ancient iron pillar they did come across, and from it Sago harvested 7 of the strange metal plates, instinctively sensing them to be of some significance. The cold took the purple carrier, and the horrid mutant Ko feasted well on his innards.

Half-dead, starving and having left behind most of their gear, including their plate armour, they arrived at a fortress of rock crewed by degenerate Yellow men and worshippers of Ithaqua. When the yellow men treated their attempts at diplomacy with hostility Ythrak was wroth and raised the device above his head, threatening that any hostile acts against them would be met by detonating it. Somewhat intimidated, the degenerate yellow men agreed to provide them with food in exchange for gold. Their master, a Sorcerer of not inconsiderable ability, offered them a way off the plateau if they would concede to attack a citadel of the White men, invaders and interlopers upon the plateau. Though the sorcerer was clearly mad and not to be trusted, our heroes were bereft of options and much in need of food. After resting for long days and spending hundreds of coins and many small gemstones, they marched west for the fortress with a party of their newfound friends, to lay waste to their Citadel that guarded an ancient elevator that went down.

Death toll: 20
[A] Rohnan (Specialist 1): Eaten by giant spiders
[B] Jaxxon Windwaker (Ftr 1) :  Impaled by Spawn of Shub-Niggurath
[C] Mongo the Red (Sor 1) :  Impaled by Spawn of Shub-Niggurath
[B] Klak (Specialist 1) : Skull crushed by Animate Snake-man statue
[B] Kristal (Ftr 1): Drowned in Quicksand
[D] Kakarot (Sor 1): Beheaded by Jale Berserker
[A] Midros (Sor 1): Bissected by Jale chieftain
[E] T’Click (Spec 1): Butchered by treacherous Ulfire men
[B] Kris (Spec 1): Gutted by Elite Yellow Temple Guardian
[D] Rake (Ftr 1): Devoured by Dolm Worm
[A] Sayeed (Ftr 1): Drowned in the Great River to be food for the creatures below
[A] Ronaan (Spec 1): Beheaded by the mighty Bone man champion in honourable single combat
[B] Jahlin (Spec 1): Taken by the invisble horror of the Great Canyon
[A] Menon (Spec 1) : Cut down by the vile and contemptible Ulfire Slavers
[B] Sarumon (Ftr 1): Mind-wiped by alien technology and imprinted with memory and personality of the Master.
[E] Speaker to Animals (Sor 1): Mind-wiped by alien technology and imprinted with memory and personality of the Master. Body Slain by Tellurium Beam Weapon.
[B] Hannibal (Ftr 1): Perished by the harsh clime and dangerous climb of the Tsaggasoth Peaks.
[D] Asuz (Ftr 2): Slain by the Gaze of the Sartoom
[B] Mordak (Ftr 1); Consumed by the Guardian
[A] Ragnar (Sor 1); Struck down by the Ninefold Banes of Uyu-Jadh Mogh

Compatriots & Henchmen: 5
Burlap – Cut down by the Master of the Valley.
Sextus (the name of the Green Man) – Dissolved by Dolm Ooze (or Pudding).
Silent One (purple man) – Devoured by the Guardian
Hannibal (ulfire man) – Struck down by the Ninefold Banes of Uyu-Jadhmogh
Unnamed Purple man – Frozen to death. Eaten by his erstwhile companions
Desertions and betrayals;
4 Brown Men – Deserted because of poor morale and abhorrent treatment.




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